Random thought

When it comes to newspapers, we know that they have audiences they appeal to and they also have political sides that they like to take. It helps to explain why you see so many of the same kinds of people reading them, I don’t have a problem with that because being completely objective is impossible in my opinion. I do have an issue with the way that journalists write for a paper and what they’re willing to do in order to fit in with the narrative. The media is powerful and people who are involved in the media definitely understand the kind of power that they wield in their hands, I think anyone who gets involved in that industry realises that there’s a degree of power that they’re given and it doesn’t seem to matter as to whether you’re fair with your use of it or not.

If you know about the Daily Mail, then you know that they like certain kinds of people and there are others that they’re extremely willing to demonise. One person that the Daily Mail likes to point its gun at is Stormzy, a well known grime MC who’s not afraid to speak his mind. It goes further than that though, it’s not only the fact that they paint him in a bad light when he’s the focus of their articles but when it comes to people that he’s worked with who get in trouble, they’re very quick to mention his name as if he’s involved and that only helps to make him look worse. I doubt that the Daily Mail are going to stop but it got me thinking about how journalists don’t seem to feel any kind of way about tarnishing somebody else’s name just because it puts money in their pockets.

Daily Mail journalists when they get a chance to ruin someone’s name

I get that in a professional environment, you have to put your personal feelings aside but when it comes to journalism it almost seems as if there’s a vendetta when journalists write about people on behalf of their paper. I kind of get that their hands are tied but if I’m being honest, I can’t respect it at all; I don’t like the whole idea of talking badly about someone that you personally have no problem with and the refusal to hold back when doing it, there’s such a lack of integrity in it. It can also have a deep effect on the subject of the article and the thing is that said person is the one who has to deal with the fall out whilst the journalist goes on living their life.

Wishing for just journalism is a dream, I don’t think it’s in the nature of it but I still feel like the reasons to practically take the identity of your paper to speak in a certain way of someone who might not even bother you aren’t really justified.


Quick question time


Quick question time

Do you ever think that there’s a point in life where you’ll stop asking questions? As in you eventually come to a point in life where you feel that you’ve seen it all or maybe the experiences that you’ve had put you on an island where you feel like you don’t have to engage with anything.

I’ve always thought that asking questions was one of the many things that we’re naturally inclined to do, because that’s how we can push ourselves and churn out products that help people to progress. There’s so much information that is available to people and it becomes easier to access with each passing day, there are apps for your phones/tablets (or phablets because apparently that’s a thing) that can tell you random bits of information without you having to put in effort to find it.

People grow and with growth there’s always learning (I heard that experience is the best teacher), learning is essential but does the amount you learn slow down over time to the point it’s crawling. The experiences we have will usually help to shape our thoughts and before we know it, we’re seeing things that confirm what we believe because we’ve seen it so many times. Life isn’t something that can be mastered (I’m still going to do it though) and maybe that’s frustrating because so many nonsensical curves are thrown in the way and for some it might just make them think ‘fuck it’ and take life as it goes.

Anyway let me ask again, do you ever think that there’s a point in life where you’ll stop asking questions?


In recent days, I’ve seen some weirdness on social media which has got me thinking about how life just is what it is. The perception that people have of you without having met you can be so unjustified to the point that it’s ridiculous and the worst part of it all is that you can’t do anything to change it for some people. When it comes down to people, they’ll hate you because they want to hate you, they’ll never have a reason for doing so and anything that you do which goes against their perception of you will be disregarded or even worse, twisted in a way to match the perception that said person has of you.

You can’t win with everybody. There are lessons out there that people learn and I love how watching something from the sidelines will reinforce that lesson almost as if it’s a new experience. It’s a shame that people want to think of others in a negative way without actually knowing the person (maybe it’s their aura) but that’s a part of life and that contributes to how mysterious life is. I see why so many people choose to focus on themselves and this is something which screams to me that looking for external validation is dangerous because you never know of the kinds of people that you’re searching for validation from.

Quick question time


Quick question time

If you were given a chance to erase your reality and be placed in a new one so you couldn’t make the make the mistakes that you made this time around would you? You would be allowed to keep the memories from the last reality so that the chance of you making the same mistakes are minimised and nobody else would have knowledge of any of this. That sounds like a great deal doesn’t it?

Personally, I wouldn’t take it. I think there are too many variables, I couldn’t imagine restarting life, getting to the age of 10 and for some reason I have memories of the things I regret doing (and not doing) at 21. I think that would mess me up because I’d have no idea how to process them and that might lead to me making even greater mistakes. I also don’t know if the reality that I’m placed in would be ideal, I could be in a war torn country, where my main priority is being alive let alone trying to make something of it. A farfetched thought comes to mind where I feel that there would almost certainly be a catch to me keeping all of my memories, if I was placed in a reality that wasn’t of my choosing which was great and I kept the memories to make it almost perfect then I think there would be someone pulling the strings who’d eventually blackmail me into doing some bullshit, it could be a thing.

I know that these thoughts sound like shit that someone would come up with when they take the drugs but there is a possibility for anything to happen. To be honest, challenges in life are meant to be overcome and nothing is forever, so in most cases there’s a good chance that what troubles someone now won’t be troubling said person two or three years down the line. There’s a corny saying to support my point of view that I can’t remember but I’m sure I’ve made my point clear enough.

So, I ask again, if you were given a chance to erase your reality and be placed in a new one so you couldn’t make the make the mistakes that you made this time around would you?

A question on manga/anime

Visual representation of a reader before and when the story loses them

This post contains spoilers

Have you ever watched an anime or read a manga and looked at a particular arc only to think, damn they shouldn’t have done it this way? I know I have. As a fan, I don’t have any right to dictate the way a story goes but sometimes I look at a series and ask myself what the reception would have been if it went in the direction that I wanted (or expected). I feel that some series are ruined for viewers when they try to get a bit too experimental or they take a dive in areas that don’t seem to fit in with the overall vibe of the story and I know that I’m not the only one.

I think it’s very easy to expect something from a series once it sets into a tone that you find familiar, and whilst being kept on your feet is something that is appreciated, there’s definitely a way to go about it. I wouldn’t really have a problem of seeing a story start off where the stakes only seem to involve the immediate group but then escalate to involve the universe as long as I could see it coming, or it happens in a way that makes a lot of sense. Once the series jumps from fighting humans to fighting next dimensional beings and it just gets thrown into the story that jumping between dimensions is a thing, my mind is going to start running wild with ways that it should have happened. One other thing I’d say is sometimes a series doesn’t need to overstay its welcome.

Carrying on from the last sentence, an example that I have for this is Bleach. Man… Bleach is an anime that’s significant to me but that’s for another day; when I watched Bleach and I saw Ichigo go to Hueco Mundo with the shinigami to fight Aizen and the Espada, I realised that I was right to have developed an interest in anime. There were some things that I might have done differently but if I’m keeping it honest, I appreciated the hell out of this storyline (I used to read the manga in school rather than doing work… oh well), the thing that made me so sweet on it was the ending *spoiler warning* when Ichigo faced off against Aizen and used the final getsuga tenshou before losing his shinigami abilities. I felt this ending was perfect, given that Ichigo was a guy who didn’t really find himself getting into situations but rather situations happened to him (if that makes sense). He was finally able to go back to living a normal life and soul society was safe. Then Bleach decided to make two more arcs… two arcs that the story didn’t need, two arcs that really did a lot of damage to series in my opinion.

Me secretly hoping you ignored my two spoiler warnings

At the end of the day, the way that the author decides for the story to go is the right way. There’s not really any way to argue against that but it’s interesting wonder what could have happened.

Quick question time


Have you ever just decided to do something wild? Something like having sex with your best friend’s partner or on sighted someone just because you don’t like them? If so what was the motivation? In terms of the things that you might have done, that’s up to you if you want to share, I’m more interested in what made you do those things. Everybody has their own way of processing things but what happens before someone says “fuck it!” and forgets about the potential consequences of an action?

Sometimes you’ve just got to live life on the wild side and embrace what’s going to happen, it’s not going to be pretty but that’s life right? I have my thoughts on people when they do questionable things but I rarely ever think about what they were going through when doing so and because of that, I’m not looking at the situation in the way I should be. There’s got to be some kind of trigger to these things, I doubt that most people make the kind of wild decisions I’m asking about on whim and I’ve never been able to figure it out. Does it happen for everyone, or does it take someone with a particular mindset, someone who’s not very bothered about danger and bad consequences.

If you’ve ever been in a situation that’s made you do something wild, what was the motivation?

Quick thoughts about brand loyalty


Games were probably the first encounter that I had with brand loyalty, I thought about it the other day and I realised that I’ve been a hypocrite when it comes to that stuff for a long time. When I see people say they’re part of team iPhone, team android, team Xbox and other nonsense like that, I tend to think they’re fucking losers. I reckon a lot of people have realised that brand loyalty can stem from anywhere, it doesn’t have to be shouted out or anything like that, it’s all about returning and continuing to invest in something despite the fact that you know it’s not going to be much different from the previous product.

Have you ever brought a game and then brought the sequel only to find out that it’s the same game? If you’ve done this, have you ever refused to return the sequel on the grounds that it’s part of the franchise and you want to keep it just to help make up the collection? I know for a fact that a lot of people do this, ask anyone who religiously plays FIFA, it’s so bad that they’ll convince you FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 aren’t the same game (they’re the same game). It’s crazy to think about it, the way that games can draw you in, so much so that it can lead to some people buying another game just because it’s been developed by the same company.

I may not speak about brands out loud or the love I have for them with other but I know that there are certain game franchises out there (SSX) which will release something and no matter the quality of the product I’ll buy it. If I’m being honest, I do the whole brand loyalty thing without  actually announcing it, there are so many other snowboarding games I refuse to touch just because, and in my head I’ll say “the only snowboarding game I acknowledge is SSX.” I’ve been like that for as long as remember and why it strikes a chord with me when it comes to games/gaming is because that’s about the only example that I can think of where my brand senses start tingling and I almost become like the fanboys/girls out there.

Me when I finally see a new SSX on sale

My thoughts concerning brand loyalty have been one of realisation to be honest. Every time I saw people describing the brands that they had so much love for, I always rolled my eyes, dismissing the situation as nonsense. I always thought that I was above all of the conversations because I tried to employ the mindset that if I liked something, I’d buy it regardless of the brand. When thinking about it, I still feel like it’s a silly conversation to have, I just don’t understand how we get to a point where we represent so much for one brand that we have to oppose others but as I said before I can’t deny that I’ve been loyal to a brand.

I want to say that I’ve learned from my past mistake and brand loyalty is now a beautiful thing but that’s not true. Just acknowledging my position in relation to this subject can put me on the path to truly not caring.


How do you deal with structure? I used to think that I was good at it because I could get up at 6am to go to School and I managed to have very good attendance in college (because I was getting paid). The structure of my days got way worse when I went to university and I was paid before I even stepped into the classroom, and I won’t go into how much I fucked up when I started taking the drugs. My point here is that I can’t structure a day for shit, I could plan to spend a day watching Arrow, Jessica Jones and Nick Cannon’s Wild n’ Out specifically and I’d still procrastinate and not watch those shows.

I’d give anything for my structure to be like this at the moment

The older I get, the more I realise that some people are built for structure and others aren’t and it sucks. Structure is a positive thing, because it helps you have all your affairs in order, it’s not to say that you can’t survive without it but it’s so easy to get to a point where you’re thinking about the things that you should have done throughout the day if you don’t have any structure. I saw a video online where somebody was talking about being creative and they said they go with the flow because structure doesn’t work for them. I want to admire the idea but I just can’t, despite the fact that I struggle with doing things when I’m supposed to, I really feel that I can’t trust the ‘flow’ to help me because what’s to say that I won’t end up on Twitter doing some bullshit.

Life is one of those things that you can’t plan for but in a sense you can, you can micromanage some things to make sure that things look up for you, such as when you study and do well in school. It’s true that life will throw some bullshit at you, followed by some bull and then more shit but I feel like planning ahead is what helps you dust off quickly and continue on your path. The habits that we have once we become a little independent go a long way towards helping us tackle life and if you’re someone who’s structured in the things that you do then I feel you’re in a better position.

The only thing I can say against structure is that it’s boring, if you structure your day then you know what you’re getting. Something may be able to take you by surprise but that’s highly dependent on the time that you step into a situation and the type of situation itself. Even then that’s not a completely bad thing, foresight is a seriously underrated ability.

I’m slowly accepting that structure is not for me and I’m just going to have to find a way to make the best out of it. There are probably loads of people who are extremely successful and just go with the flow, I just don’t know any.


Me looking at people getting verified

At one point, I wanted a blue tick beside my name on Twitter. I used to tweet about it, occasionally telling myself how I would be verified along with all of my friends and all of the great things life has to offer would follow. I don’t know why I thought that being verified was the shit, I just did but somewhere along the line, I learned ‘that ain’t it y’all’ (all credit to Charlamagne the God for that one). A blue tick next to your name isn’t really worth anything, it should be an acknowledgement of the work you’ve done but anyone can apply for one so you have people out there who aren’t really known being verified because they asked.

Clout means a lot these days and whilst it doesn’t mean a lot to everybody, it means a lot to enough people. Blue ticks = clout which is probably part of why so many people get excited when they get that tick by their name. Honestly, I’ve seen a lot of nobodies with the blue tick, nobodies in the sense that when I go to do research on them, I can’t find shit. The weirdest part is that these guys can tweet and get RT’s upon RT’s whilst not actually saying anything of relevance (and they usually have a paypal link in their bio).

I thought that people who were verified were living well, because they had been rewarded with recognition from moving so far forward with their craft but it’s far from. There’s a serious possibility that somebody who is verified is struggling for the things that you casually buy, I mean don’t get it wrong, they’ve got clout right? Clout doesn’t pay the bills. I wish I could say that life took me on a mad journey to realise that this verified stuff is nonsense but honestly people end up revealing themselves. If you pay just a bit of attention, you’ll see that people selling flat tummy teas and promoting jewellery don’t make enough money and aren’t doing anything that truly warrants a blue tick and that’s when the paypal donation requests start becoming common. The way that I see the blue tick, it seems like it’s a brass ring which isn’t worth grabbing.

I still have a lot of respect for those who go for the blue tick, I just hope that most people who get them are getting it as an acknowledgement of their hard work.



Me in bed the night I get verified