Quick question time!

Question time

I’ve got another question today! How would you feel about the afterlife if it was a situation where we had our consciousness uploaded into a cloud which was based on a paid subscription?  You could get a gold package or something similar where you enter the cloud rich and live a good life, more opportunities are given to you which makes it easier to stay with the package and you’re one of the first people to get choices like tickets to prestigious events, or general luxury stuff. Of course for this, you’d have to die with a lot of money in your bank account. There would be other packages as well which depend on the subscription your consciousness chooses once you die.

This basically means life version 2 which sounds great in a way (possibly). From your perspective would you consider it a good thing? Would this kind of life give you some incentive to work harder to live well in the afterlife? Does this scenario seem like some freshly pressed bullshit to you? I ask these questions because a few years ago, I watched a video that was along the lines of this subject and I didn’t know what to think. I then thought about it a while ago and concluded that this concept sucks in my personal opinion.

I know I said that life version 2 sounds great in a way, because there’s a lot to enjoy about life but it also means in that situation, I’m probably going to have to go through a lot of the same nonsense I’ve gone through and will go through in my lifetime. There might be a chance for me to live well but there might also be a chance that I’ll live terribly and Lord knows that I’m not going to be stuck in the afterlife, working a job that I don’t want, getting paid barely enough to keep a low level subscription running and having what might turn out to be ultimately useless worries in the pursuit for a better subscription package. I know I’m going to die one day and something like this doesn’t make the idea more comforting for me, if I’m honest, I might as well be dead for good if I’m going to have to go through something like that.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while then I’m sure you know, I like things easy and I’m lazy. I personally wouldn’t consider going through life twice if it didn’t get easier the second time without me having to do anything. That’s just me though, if you were in that situation, would you be willing to subscribe?

Quick Question time!

Question time

Let me ask a question, do you allow the negative thoughts that others publicly have of you to motivate you to do better? I know that some people use it as motivation in order to prove the ‘haters’ wrong or maybe it just makes it feel that much sweeter when they’ve done well in the future and the ones who didn’t believe find out. I believe that it’s a good way to rationalise things, changing the negative into positive and pushing further with it but that doesn’t work for me, I have a hard time letting go of things.

I’ve said that I’m petty in the past and the truth is that when somebody is overly negative towards me I think “fuck you and everything that you stand for…Bitch!” Depending on how harsh the words are will depend on how long I hold on to the negativity. I want to do well and I can see why it would count as a way of telling the negative people that they’re wrong but I know that if I succeed because of the negativity then it wouldn’t satisfy me. It’s hard to describe but I’m not the type of person that wants to give someone who was negative towards me the satisfaction of knowing that they contributed to me doing better, I’m more the type of person who wants to achieve things in spite of negativity not because of it.

I feel that those who are negative towards you and don’t believe in you don’t deserve anything from you. Not even your insults, at the same time I know that everyone is responsible for their own lives and the paths that they take.

Not to get too far from the point, let me ask the question again, do you allow the negative thoughts that others publicly have of you to motivate you to do better?

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When you do well in life and the negative ones see you


  • I feel like I’ve said torture people with success at some point on this blog, but disregard those words from me

Like WOW!

Thinking face

The other day, I was at the museum with a friend of mine and I only realised something that I think I should have realised a while ago. How quickly the world around us is changing and how we’re effortlessly adapting to it. I looked at what you could consider to be the history section and I saw things like a PlayStation 3, iPhone 3 (this really got to me because I have an iPhone 4… I know) and other things that I thought were fairly modern. That got me thinking back to a conversation I had with my brother a few years back where he told me that we’re at a point where things can be released and considered obsolete within a year or two.

I don’t know if this has been going on for ages or if it’s a more recent thing but it’s a scary thing to take in considering that we’re affected by it but because of how incremental the change is it just seems completely normal. I’d understand if I saw something like an old car there because they’ve come a hell of a long way in 200 years or so but a PS3 which is only 11 years old… Man that is crazy!

Me looking at the PS3

Like I said before, this is something that I should have noticed earlier and phones are the best example of this. The Nokia 3310 was released in 2000 and the first iPhone was released in 2007. It only took 7 seven years to go from having a phone with no internet capability to practically having a laptop that fits in our pockets, think about that. When looking at that, then it becomes easier to think about all of the other things that have made a crazy amount of progress.

I’ve got to admit that after I managed to stop being wowed it made me realise how much I take this stuff for granted. Technology is going to continue to get better, this is inevitable and where it is now is amazing especially considering that you can pretty much talk to anyone in the world on your phone. I don’t know what’s going to happen next and what’s going to completely disappear but I do know that whatever piece of technology disappears, most likely won’t be missed and whatever replaces it probably won’t even last that long as we continue to consume things. One thing that really got me is that at one point, it’s going to have to be explained to the future generations. I honestly can’t imagine telling my future children about the PS3 only to hear that it’s primitive (wireless controllers, internet connection, playing blu-rays… ALL OF THAT PRIMITIVE!? REALLY?)

New technology to old technology

I can’t say that noticing this is going to make me a better person and consider how amazing the technology around me is. If I’m honest with you, I have a PS4 that I don’t play, a PS3 that’s on standby in case I want to play it even though I won’t play it and a damn iPhone that I’ve been plotting on getting rid of for ages. I will say this; it’s really interesting to take in what we use because it gives us some perspective of how quickly things are advancing.

Quick question time!

Question time

Another question for anyone reading (I could get used to just making this a blog which asks loads of questions). If you had a problem with somebody, would you expect your friends not to have any contact with the person you don’t like due to association?

It happens sometimes, we all have or have had people that we don’t like who our friends happen to be fond of but for some people that’s a red flag. A lot of people are quick to cut others off and having a friend of yours be friends with somebody that you don’t like can be reason for that sometimes. Personally I don’t believe in all of that, I don’t have the ability to choose the people that my friends like and I do think it’s petty to an extent. What I’d hope is that if a friend of mine was friends with somebody that I didn’t like, I wouldn’t come up as the topic of conversation because there’s really no need to say anything about me in that kind of situation.

Once again I’ll ask. If you had a problem with somebody, would you expect your friends not to have any contact with the person you don’t like due to association?

Quick question time!

I have a question for anyone reading. I think it’s been a while since I last asked a question on here and if it hasn’t then let’s just act like it has.

If somebody disrespected you online, would you leave it or would you keep tabs on them until you found their location to punish them for the disrespect?

A lot of people, if not all people hate being disrespected and with good reason. It shows that you’re viewed as someone lesser in the moment, I’m not saying that people have to think highly of you but imagine what they must think of you to be comfortable enough with showing disrespect. Some people who have been disrespected on social media have gone as far to find out where their target lives whilst others have taken different paths.

Personally I don’t know what I’d do in this situation but I don’t think I’d ever condemn someone for showing another person that they’re not to be messed with (as long as it doesn’t go too far).

I like seeing progress

High five of progress

When it comes to people and the progress that they make, I enjoy seeing it. Watching somebody on the come up and seeing them achieve the things that they want to is one of the best things that life has to offer in my opinion. I find that in pretty much all cases I don’t personally know the people who I see gain notoriety but it doesn’t take away from the feeling at all. It serves as a reminder that it’s possible to do these things because at one point, they had little before getting into a great position and they had to work hard whilst having all the struggles that you’d expect of anyone who’s trying to achieve a goal (unless you’re Donald Trump who had a small loan of $1,000,000).

It’s almost a vicarious living thing for me. I like to imagine myself in a situation where I’ve gotten to the place that I want to be; it helps when some of the people I see doing well are local because it sets off the thought that there isn’t a limit (something that I have to remind myself of at times). If I haven’t said it before on this blog then I’ll say it now, everybody deserves success in whatever area of life that they’re looking, except the people in life that I dislike (they deserve success but I’ll be indifferent to it).

I think whenever somebody does well in one area, it can be considered a win for everybody involved e.g Krept & Konan and Stormzy. They’re musicians from South London who in recent years have elevated the UK music scene and been recognised for the hard work that they put in and I see as a win for UK rap and grime music, South London and everybody who are fans of the culture.

Personally I don’t plan to continue watching people achieve what they want without doing something myself and hopefully it’s the same for everyone reading this.

A few words

Personal thoughts on controversy


Whenever I’m on Twitter and I see people getting into an uproar over something really controversial, sometimes I wonder about it. I used to be that guy who would get angry at that stuff but I’d also stay interested and keep tabs on it because I secretly enjoyed it, like a lot of people (I assume) I’m a hypocrite. As time has moved on, I’ve come to terms with controversial shit and for the most part I have to admit that I like it.

I feel like we all enjoy a little bit of controversy, after all it does make life a little more interesting and it gives us tales to tell to others if it’s not already the subject of conversation. Not all controversial people/events/viewpoints are to be enjoyed, some of them cause anger and it’s completely justified. If I’m honest when I look at stuff that causes a lot of arguments especially with regards to social media, I literally sit back (with my metaphorical popcorn) and watch everything unfold. It brings a lot questions to mind with some of my main ones being: what was going through this person’s head? And why do people care so much, knowing that in a few days they’ll be over it looking for some new controversy to absorb?

Controversy has an immediate impact, it’s just the way that it is. I think it’s a good thing, sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes it gives me ideas for blog posts or it sometimes just gives me something to digest for a couple of hours. With social media having its take on things, you can see all kind of viewpoints and it can and will breed new controversies. I think this is part of why I enjoy it, because I’ll always have some kind of entertainment from it and when I don’t, it can help me to have some really deep thoughts.

Think of some really controversial people that you know/have heard of, how do you feel about them? When they come up, do you have something to say?

Would I say that controversy is necessary? No, absolutely not, it’s like ice cream or fast food, it tastes good, it’s not really good for you but you enjoy it whilst some people don’t because they’re super healthy and want to avoid it completely, in the same way that some people try to steer away from that stuff. To be honest, that kind of stuff is mostly (if not fully) destructive, but then again as humans, one thing I’ve noticed is that we can’t help but pay attention to things that are negative.

I don’t think that there’s a deeper meaning to controversy, however I’d be wrong in saying that it can’t be used to the advantage of people. Kanye West and Donald Trump are two examples that come to mind, maybe when I figure out the secret, you might see me with some coverage (or not).

A few words

Just a very short post but it’s been in my head for a while. I want to wish anybody reading this success in any area of life that you feel it’s needed. On certain days I just stare blankly into space because I’m not allowed to do much else and I constantly find myself asking if this is what I want for my life. I’m grateful for the position that I’m in now but I don’t believe that it’s enough and I know that there are many who feel the same way. It might not be much but if my words help then I’m happy.

Acting Black…

Having seen the ‘cash me ousside girl’ become famous for disrespecting her mum on live television and the reaction to it, I’ve slowly become more annoyed because there are some people who keep saying that she’s famous for ‘acting Black.’ This annoys me a lot, especially considering that I’m Black and I can tell you that in Black households children are not brought up to disrespect their parents, let alone do it publicly.

Just like any other race, respect is huge amongst Black people. You’ll see that children raised in African households usually tend to refer to their elders as uncle and auntie as a sign of respect, given that as a child it’s disrespectful to address an adult by their first name and this carries on into adulthood. I’ve noticed that there’s a conception that all Black people seem to carry an attitude (especially women) or are threatening in some kind of way and I don’t know where it comes from. The truth is that whatever negativity is feared in Black people should be feared in all other races as well because we’re not the only ones capable of harm.

What does ‘acting Black’ even mean? How do you act a race? Not all Black people are the same, we may share the same range of tones that form our skin colour but there are so many different cultures and traditions when it comes to Black people. There’s no way that people can’t notice this, people can’t be that ignorant. For some reason trash like behaviour is equated with being Black and I don’t know if it’s because of television but if it is then you need to realise that it’s DRAMATISED. Think about some of the prejudices that there are towards Black people and the Black people that you know, can you honestly tell me that they act in a way that justifies them?

I think what’s worse is that I’ve never seen people talk about acting White, acting Hispanic or acting Asian so why is this exception made for Black people. I’m sure that every race has their problems and their own battles that they fight every day, but I won’t act as if there isn’t a special negative emphasis placed on those who are Black. For every Black person who has managed to make a successful business, become a journalist, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher or anything else positive, did they just stop ‘acting Black?’ It seriously confuses me how being sensible is seen as a quality that Black people can’t possess, that when people become rappers and talk about spending stupid amounts of money and having sex with infinite women, or when people are loud annoying that is what’s expected of us.

The ‘cash me ousside girl’ might be influenced by shows like Love and Hip-Hop whatever edition and Real housewives of wherever but those are actors who do what they have to (which includes acting like a stereotype), to get people to watch their shows (which are shit by the way). I know that people wouldn’t use the Kardashian’s or teenagers like Dylan Roof as the basis for judging White people because that shit would be unfair and extremely offensive and it should be the same for Black people.