Random thought

Me when I’m about to watch porn

What is it about porn that makes it watchable? We’ve all done it, on an unsuspecting day where you’ve felt horny and it seems that porn is the only option and after, you’re filled with whatever emotion porn makes you feel.  The actual concept of porn is so disturbing when you think about it, paying (maybe, possibly, probably… not) to watch two (sometimes more) strangers have sex on the internet or watching one person do sexual acts. From what I understand but don’t quote me on this, only 4% of the internet is porn but most people prefer to spend their spare time on their computers watching it.

There are lots of genres of porn so there’s a little something for everybody out there, there are also a lot of good looking people in the porn industry as well. Those are the only pros I can think of when it comes to the viewer, everything else is just a little weird, I’ve had this thought loads of times about porn (not that it’s actually stopped me from watching it) and it seems like one of life’s greatest mysteries to me. I’ve heard that porn is a multibillion dollar industry which I kind of believe, I feel I shouldn’t but I know that sex sells. In terms of media, I always thought that the idea of sex sold more than the actual act because seeing somebody dressed so sensually leaves a lot to the imagination whereas watching it is something completely different.

I won’t even lie, sometimes I’ve viewed porn and thought ‘Damn! How are they pulling that off?’ but it’s not every time and I even ask of myself what makes it watchable when I’m viewing it out of boredom. I know there’s variety when it comes down to it but let’s be honest, with each genre that you watch, you know exactly what you’re getting. It ends up becoming repetitive, usually there are better things that can be done but it’s still a beloved pastime for many. For some it’s addictive and I don’t think I get it, it doesn’t make sense, I get people watching it regularly but when you really think about what it is, how does even get there?

For me, when it comes to porn my major sticking point is that it’s strangers having sex on the internet and we watch it for entertainment. Imagine, two random people having sex publicly and watching that, the reaction wouldn’t be the same. Watching porn almost seems so normal that people are able to talk and joke about it and only share disgust at the worst kind of videos (usually the ones involving two women and shit). I’m not saying that it’s completely wrong to watch porn (although I think some religions ban it) I’m just saying that the attitude towards it is surprisingly casual considering what the actual act involves (which I’ve not articulated too well). I’m never going to get my head around it and what makes it watchable, when it comes to porn, I’m a slave to the rhythm…


Quick question time

Question time

I’ve got another question and I’m not even sure why I’ve never asked it. If a man gets a woman pregnant and tells her that he’s not ready for the child and the woman chooses to keep the child, is the man wrong for walking away?

It’s a tricky situation to be honest, when it comes to pregnancy there are too many angles to look at the situation from. My personal opinion is that if the man has let the woman know what his stance is on the baby is and he’s explained to her why he’s not ready to be a father and the woman decides to keep it then there’s nothing more that he can do. I don’t think he’s at fault for leaving because from the very start he was clear about everything. You do have to flip it to see the woman’s point of view, if she wants a child then she wants a child and ultimately the choice is hers given that the child is going to grow inside her.

In the situation, both the man and woman are selfish so it depends on how you look at the situation as to which is more understandable.

So I ask again, If a man gets a woman pregnant and tells her that he’s not ready for the child and the woman chooses to keep the child, is the man wrong for walking away? Let me know what you think.

Life and people


Sometimes I want to say that people can never be uninteresting, now we know what a fucking lie this is but there are a lot of people out there who are interesting. Meeting people and getting to know them is one reason that I’ll always say this is because of the different viewpoints that people have on life and what it is that fuels them (if it’s racists they can fuck off). There is so much information in this world and so many different experiences so when you meet someone you honestly never know what they could come up with (even if you feel that you’re a good judge of character).

I like to be agreeable and a lot of times when people talk to me, I feel like I can see the point of view that they’re coming from (was going to abbreviate part of that sentence but that doesn’t look so good thinking about it). One thing that I tend to talk to people about is money and the value of it and people will either say that it’s everything or it’s nothing but when going further into it, the reasons vary so much. The other day, I had a conversation with someone who told me that being a billionaire comes at a very huge price, one that he doesn’t believe is worth it. He told me that if I ever wanted to be a billionaire, I might as well get it out of my head or proceed at my own risk. Usually, when I talk about money, the people that I speak with will make the conversation lean towards the evils of the government, I personally don’t focus on that stuff because regards of what I do, the government will continue to commit its evils.

Me being agreeable

Money is only one thing, I hear stories of people embracing their inner scumbag in ways that I could only dream of, I hear stories of people doing some of the craziest things on holiday and getting some serious shit out of their system and don’t even get me started on the amount of times people have talked to me about cheating. The best thing is that when people talk about these things, not everybody will agree with it which will lead to an interesting discussion (unless you’re on twitter). This is definitely one of the better features when it comes to humans.

Random thought

My face when I have this kind of thought

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what you want from life. Life honestly can give you a taste of the things that you want although it won’t ever openly do this, it will always have a catch which will eventually have you on a train of thought wondering about its intricacies and if you’d ever be able to successfully rob a bank like it’s a movie. I love the idea of making money in my sleep; it’s possible even if it’s not likely. Let’s be honest, if life allowed humans to live whilst only being worried our basest desires I think most would take it without a second thought. There are people who are pretty close to this and they are greatly admired especially by those around my age.

BCE (Before Current Employment) I was on Jobseeker’s Allowance not being worried about shit except for getting into employment and whilst I had 24 hours to do whatever I wanted in a sense, being there sucked. How could it suck when I was practically where I wanted to be minus the money? Leaving that stage of life made me think about how I don’t want to be on JSA ever again or ever be like what I was but the thing is that my end goal to eventually be in a similar situation. I can see how people would look down on someone on JSA who does whatever the fuck they want with their day and would look up to someone who has all the money in the world and does whatever the fuck they want with their day but I still find it weird. Think about it for a second, when somebody doesn’t have a job and might be trying to do something with their life, it’s easy to brand them as a loser whereas the person who has achieved what they want and lives the lifestyle where they do what they want and don’t care anything could be admired for finding an alternative way to live life when it seemed that there was none.

Some people want to be in that safe space between being a child and being an adult but only if it works in a certain way. I don’t ever want to be on JSA again but it’s weird in a way, I feel like I could say that I was winning and you could say that those who are on JSA in the position that I was in are winning even if some would describe them as being behind. Just a thought.

Edit: The winning for JSA is minimal, I’ve seen some people that are on JSA and they’re completely happy to stay there.

LGBT = Get out of jail free?


Is being gay a get out of jail free card? There’s no doubt that there have been a lot of strides made with regards to the respect that members of the LGBT community get. When I was growing up, I saw that a lot more people were willing to claim that being gay was a choice rather than a natural orientation (some people still argue that it’s a choice but that’s not for this blog). Before I get too far off topic, (starting a new year in my old ways) I want to know if claiming to be gay or part of the LGBT community can get you out trouble.

Not too long ago, Kevin Spacey came under fire for pedophilia, naturally the former President of the United States apologised but in doing so he kind of pinned it on his homosexuality. Personally, I didn’t see the correlation and I can’t see how the LGBT community will forgive him for this. The one thing that I saw which stands above all else is that a lot articles that covered the topic focused on Spacey’s decision to come out of the closet rather than preying on an underage child. Whenever there’s some kind of madness, social media will always be vocal on it (did you see H&M?) but with that, it just kind of got swept under the rug.

I don’t understand how things that you’ve done in your past get pardoned by admitting your sexuality but then again, he’s had a career of doing horrible things like killing Zoe Barnes and Pete Russo, making illegal deals with the Chinese and of course neglecting Claire (poor Claire). Actually NO! Spacey admitting that he’s gay shouldn’t make all those things go away and yet it has. I know that in recent times, the world has become very soft so it’s no surprise that if there’s an opportunity to take advantage of political correctness then some will do it. I think everyone knows that what happened is messed up but the world is scared to vilify marginalised groups of people (except one) and because of this, I feel like people don’t really have to acknowledge when they fuck up because they can just hide behind one of these groups.

Moving forward, I wouldn’t be surprised if people used being gay or generally being part of the LGBT community to get out of crazy shit that they’ve done. You can legitimately get a prison sentence and say something like how you identify as a trans person who’s going through personal problems and the sentence has a good chance of being reduced and it’s unfair on people who actually are in said position. It seems like it’s a good way to improve your reputation as well; last year, I saw news about how there were two gay footballers in the Premier League who were prepared to come out, they never did however, it did get people talking about how the Premier League and football had moved away from the time where it was unthinkable that you could be gay and in the sport and it makes me ask if that was the end game. In saying all of this, I don’t doubt Kevin Spacey’s homosexuality but I will say that he’s proved there’s an advantage to admitting it.

A comprehensive guide to customer service

After a year and a month of being a customer servant, I have come up with a guide to customer service for those looking to make an impact on the industry or at least navigate it with purpose and efficiency. I’m not trying to suck myself off here, but I feel as if I may have captured the essence of what it is to be a customer servant in this day and age and I want to share some tips with you so that you can keep your wits about you when dealing with customers.

Before I fully start, I need you to understand that there are two kinds of people in the customer service industry. The Jeffrey and the customer and I want you to imagine life as the Jeffrey.

The Jeffrey: An always smiling customer servant who finds that he has to interact with people otherwise he’ll get reported which means that he won’t get paid. He’s often friendly with his colleagues but jaded by his job and is patiently waiting for his opportunity to move into a customer service role where he doesn’t actually have to communicate with people. The Jeffrey doesn’t always want to entertain customers but will be won over by any customer who understands his struggle or talks about the drugs.

Me being artsy
The Jeffrey

The customer: The customer refers to multiple people who unfortunately get merged into one entity. Most of the people who make up the customer are actually lovely people, who understand the Jeffrey’s desire to be left alone and will not be rude to the Jeffrey because they truly understand that most situations have nothing to do with him. The customer tends to say good morning and MAYBE even has an idea that that the Jeffrey wants out because he knows that his place of employment regularly plays at some bullshit. A small section of customers are pricks but their antics are transferred upon everyone else.

The customer

We all know customer service and how it works so with all of that being said, let me get into the steps which will make you a great customer servant:

Do NOT engage the customer:

This can’t be stressed enough! As a Jeffrey, it can be incredibly difficult not to engage a customer as they will see the uniform and instinctively flock to him. The customer tends to ask a lot of common sense questions which can drain the Jeffrey’s stamina as he has to open his mouth to say things that don’t need to be said. The customer may also get in some situations where they look at the Jeffrey expecting help. THIS IS DANGEROUS! Avoid helping customers at all costs as the situation has a 50/50 chance of being fixed and that is a risk that you literally can’t afford to take. Promotions aren’t easy to come by and your image needs to be squeaky clean if you’re even going to have a chance of getting one. If a customer has a question, ALWAYS direct them to a colleague or give them the shortest and bluntest answer possible then disappear once they take time to contemplate what you’ve said. Some of the most effective ways to deal with customers are to pretend to look busy, avoid eye contact and take regular toilet breaks as holding in bodily fluids can be very damaging in the long term.

Watch the energy that you give out:

This can be a hard one to understand, let alone master and let’s be honest here, it’s very possible for the Jeffrey to mess up and engage the customer. In order to have this possible confrontation go as smoothly as possible, some techniques are going to have to be utilised, most of which you’ll learn over time. Scowling is a very important technique to make use of! The scowl of a Jeffrey can be almost heart stopping because smiling is the default setting, even a customer who has never dealt with a Jeffrey before may think that they’re in the presence of a miserable fuck and avoid him which in turn reduces the amount of complaints that the Jeffrey receives. The scowl doesn’t always work which is life (some people just can’t pick up on social cues) and in this particular case it may be effective to dash some common sense at the customer e.g.

Customer: “the lift is broken.”

Jeffrey: “I know.”

Customer: “why is the lift broken?”

Jeffrey: “I don’t know, I didn’t break it.”

Examine this interaction and you’ll see how it makes the customer think about how the question they asked was completely useless. Customer servants have God like levels of common sense (because it’s not common to common people) and they should use it when it looks as if they’re about to have an interaction. Using this as Jeffrey makes customers realise that Jeffrey’s don’t have the answers (like Sway) and on top of that, the interaction frustrates the Jeffrey (or at least makes the customer feel like they’ve frustrated the Jeffrey because of the scowl) so out of fear of escalating the situation (especially in Britain because only Millwall and West Ham fans are confrontational here), the customer will now have to continue with their day.

Be early, leave earlier:

This is purely for the benefit of the Jeffrey. Getting to work early gives a great impression to the superiors, who don’t have to go through anywhere near the level of crap that the Jeffrey goes through. Continuously getting to work early makes it easier in the long run for that moment where the Jeffrey begins to execute his plan to get the hell out of his job. Getting to work early doesn’t mean starting early, in fact the key objective here is to spend so much time telling jokes and making interesting conversation with colleagues that 20 minutes after the start of the shift, the Jeffrey is still in the mess room, delaying his and everyone else’s day (you can’t get in trouble for delaying the manager). Naturally, if one comes to work early then they should get to leave early. If a job can take liberties with a Jeffrey’s personal life then he can take liberties with the company’s regulations and more importantly, there aren’t many ways to ensure the safety of the Jeffrey like an early escape should something go wrong. In customer service, something is always bound to fuck up, that’s just how it is and if the Jeffrey isn’t there, it means he didn’t contribute. Maybe the situation might be even more dire where Jeffrey needs to watch Match of the Day and he forgot to put it on record AND it so happens that the only way to catch the show is to leave half an hour early. Don’t think of it as leaving early, think of it as forward planning.

How I sleep knowing that work didn’t make me miss Match of the Day highlights

Jeffrey is responsible for nothing:

There’s this myth in the customer service industry (especially the British) which has become a mainstream belief and it’s that the customer is always right. No. The customer is not always right, the customer is never right. The JEFFREY is always right. It’s terrible service to let the customer believe that they’re always right, if they come into a store and pick out hideous clothes (which the store shouldn’t be selling anyway) and you smile, letting them buy it and opening them up to a world of mockery, they WILL come back and be upset that the store could stock something so scandalous. This kind of forces the company to acknowledge that the customer was right about being wrong, when they were supposedly right that time. Not to move too far off the subject, there are a lot of complaints when it comes to customer service and unfortunately, the Jeffrey finds himself on the frontline more often than not. In this instance, it’s extremely important for the Jeffrey to assert that they are NOT involved in the situation. Being a visible presence has its downsides and being expected to correct problems is one of the biggest ones, by repeatedly asserting that the problem is not your fault and doesn’t concern you, the customer will feel inclined to ask who it does concern and that is where you direct them to a colleague in a higher position who will most likely not sort out the situation and lead he situation to be taken up with people who are of no relevance to the Jeffrey.

With this I’ve given you some of the most top tier advice you could receive on customer service. Take this knowledge, marinate in it, share it with other customer servants and prosper in this industry!

Some politics related thoughts…


Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be politician. I’ve heard that if you can lie then you’re pretty much a politician and just to make sure you understand me, I mean the government type of politician and not the Triple H type (I know you were aware, I just wanted to write that line). I watch House of Cards (which is a very good show by the way) which follows the political career and personal life of Frank Underwood (somebody who could get Donald Trump or any political leader that isn’t Putin out of power) and there’s so much backstabbing as well as other kinds of despicable behaviour. After the Brexit vote, the public found out that Michael Gove sent an email to some of his Conservative buddies about Boris Johnson (who has loads of charisma and I’m not sure how he does it) which completely backfired on him and it made me realise that maybe House of Cards is onto something here.

I have no true political insight to give on this, I’m just curious about the kind of conversations that take place behind the scenes. Who’s bantering Theresa May about the letter F (which is for friendship) falling off the stage, who’s calling who a pillock or whatever kind of insults they use and… I’m start to think that I’m writing like a tabloid journalist.

Over the past week, I’ve been reading about a supposed plot for Boris Johnson to usurp Theresa May as the leader of the Conservative party given that he set out his own Brexit guidelines (correct me if I’m wrong) and that supposedly shows some division within the party. This is part of what makes me have an interest in politics because on my end it’s all hearsay; Boris Johnson wouldn’t speak out against Theresa may even with how easy it is to target her with criticism given how she’s handling Brexit but then again he might just be playing his position properly. I’ve looked into a politics a little and it seems like a bunch of individuals with their own agendas which is probably obvious despite the whole parties running against each other thing and what not and it makes me wonder what each person has to gain.

Is leading a country a bragging right of some sort? Politics is a shit storm (I can’t even take credit for those words, that belongs to Valentino Senpai whose blog you should check out) of completely concealed intentions isn’t it? I can’t really shit on politicians here but there are questions that I want to ask because as I write this, I’m thinking that politicians are mostly concerned about the top spot in their respective parties so do any issues outside of leadership matter? Do they?

Maybe I need to think about politics on a more critical level rather than a conspiracy theorist but somehow I feel that the more I learn, the more I’ll understand where they’re coming from (except the ones who say world leaders are reptiles or some shit like that). Then again maybe I’m just asking too many questions and just like that I’ve realised that I stopped focusing on writing on the wonder of a politician’s day to day life.

The community…



After blogging for a couple of years, I’ve learned a few things about the blogging community. Most of what I’ve learned comes from the fact that the blogging community (or at least the wordpress community) is full of kind people, I’m sure I pointed this out when I was comparing the wordpress community and the twitter community. My favourite thing about the blogging community is that no matter how much nonsense is spewed in a blog post, there are always people willing to read the post and see the positives in it, giving a possible like and comment along the way. This is the kind of thing that definitely helps to give people confidence in their writing because they know that they can be themselves and they don’t have to write in a way to please others like how you might find on other forms of social media.

Sometimes, I look back through a couple of my blog posts and when it comes down to it I’ve definitely wrote some of that good bs. I have to wonder what people think at times when they’re reading my posts, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that my posts even receive views but sometimes I do wonder if people look at the title of the post and are wary. I can’t make too many assumptions about the people in the blogging community but I have nothing negative to say, I wouldn’t call blogging anti-social media but it’s probably the best way to describe it just based on the fact that the things I see when blogging aren’t like what I see on social media. If I read a post with lots of comments, the comments usually show support, respond to the points made in the post or have constructive criticism whereas on other social media, if there’s a post that gains a lot of attention it’s likely to be negative (I’m even guilty of saying some mean things… usually to racists though).

I’ve never been worried about writing a post on here, not that I’ve ever been worried about writing a post on other social media, just look at my twitter feed. The thing about other social media is that there can be the feeling of being a little on edge because it’s very pc and if you write something that could allow people to jump to conclusions based on something that you haven’t implied or said that you’ll find that a lot of people load up their internet confidence and come at you. I can get away with saying a lot of things on here, I don’t have to pretend to sound smart and write some well-articulated nonsense, I reckon that if I did then it would be noticed anyway.

I just have to appreciate that the people here will read through bs. I don’t know where the tolerance of the blogging community ends and I’m not trying to find out, considering how much shitness I see online, it can be hard to believe that wordpress powers so much of the internet. If a time ever does come where I have something to say about the wordpress community in particular, it means that Donald Trump is a great president.

I don’t really need to name a post like this


If you’re looking for a point to this post, there isn’t one.

Life is crazy, some may argue that’s the beauty of life but for me, I’ll tell you straight life is crazy. I haven’t been through it all and I’m saying it, sometimes I feel like I can take on the world and other days I feel like shit and when I get through it, life can’t even drop some tickets to a UEFA Champions League game. Do I have to rob someone at gunpoint or something?

My thoughts on life when I don’t get what I want after a long day of being a great guy.

I wanted to write something inspirational at first but as I wrote this on my phone at work, too many people came up to me asking questions and before I knew it, I’d typed in platform 4 on my phone. At that point I knew that this post was lost in the matrix. Sometimes I do wonder about negative thoughts, are they worse than positive because as humans we have a lot of pride? If I’m not speaking for all humans, I’m speaking for myself because when I have negative thoughts I just let them fester internally and I find that I can’t say anything to people about them, as if I’m meant to do everything by myself and it’s a sign of weakness if I take help yet when I have positive thoughts, they come and go. They both really have as much power as I let them and whilst I know it, I can’t grasp it. No matter how many TEDx talks or positive blog posts I read, I know that for the situation to change, it’s something that I have to acknowledge.

Back to life being crazy, a lot of this post was written at work so I’d like you to know that there were a lot of delays that have made me semi-hate people because the delays were my fault as they always are. I know I’ve wrote about delays happening but I was thinking about how many different ways someone’s day can be ruined before they get into work. I feel like life trolls, imagine being late to work because someone else was late to work, or because control was sending traffic signals to the train and took too long to operate one signal, or because there was a power failure, stink bomb or something else stupid. I’m come to a conclusion that life is a troll and I must have learned a lot because everybody that I know thinks that I’m a troll (even though, that’s not true… I don’t even know what trolling is, I just know what a troll is. You know what? Don’t question this).

There is a lot with life being crazy, I can think of many examples. I think the weirdest one for me is that weird warm feeling in the stomach. It always comes for me when I feel oddly confident, it’s a feeling where I know that I will conquer life (not in a villainous way). The feeling doesn’t stay for more than an hour in my day though and I feel like a feeling like that is important for my (and everyone in general’s) mindset. It’s the kind of feeling that can push someone into following their dreams or just doing something that they were scared to do. Thinking about it, I wonder how some people are full of confidence and how others aren’t. Too many questions and not enough time for me to even try and act like I’m making a point.