Most important life lesson

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned during life? Everybody knows that life is about learning as well as other things and in a way, I feel like what we learn is understated. If there’s one thing that I’ve seen, it’s that people love to give out life advice, especially on social media (which is weird because I’m willing to bet my whole bank account that a fair number of people aren’t really qualified to be giving out lessons). I’ve said more than a few times on this blog that I have a lot to learn, as well as not being the person that I feel I could be which is why I can’t answer the question that I’m asking; at the same time, I want to know what anybody reading this would say is their most important life lesson (I reckon it could be something that impacts me as well).

Part of me feels that I should know that there can’t be one most important lesson, given the amount of life changing experiences that we go through on a yearly basis. We’re always picking up valuable information and what might seem important today won’t be so profoundly important tomorrow. If I’m honest, I have a lot of thoughts and questions that stem from this one question but that’s not the point. Let me know what you think is the most important lesson you’ve learnt or generally your thoughts on the subject.


Learning during education…

For a while now (I feel like I’ve started a few of my posts like this) I’ve had this thought about school and education, it’s definitely not revolutionary in any sense but I’ve not seen people say this as much they could. I don’t think I learnt anything in school! OK I’m exaggerating, I did learn some stuff in school but I feel that what I took out of school wasn’t what I was supposed to take out of it. I’m not trying to be deep here or anything (I feel like I say this on a few of my posts too) but hear (or read) me out.

Me being artsy
Does this really look like a guy who’s trying to be deep?

During education we’re meant to learn a lot of things that will help us in the future, we all know that education is key! I assume that’s why we study so many subjects like Maths, English, Science, Religious Studies and even those gimmick ones like History. So much information that we’re loaded with, so much knowledge that we gain, so many options for us in the future and it sounds so good when you’ve got knowledge of a subject if you see it as a career path until you realise that the information isn’t very useful.

From my experience of things, what is learnt in Primary School just about carries over to Secondary School, the teachings from Secondary School just about carry over into Sixth Form/College and those teachings don’t even carry over into University. So what the fuck is going on?! I can’t really answer that question, it will forever be a conundrum to me knowing that you can study journalism and the law behind it only to write that Kylie Jenner decided to go to the beach or some stupid shit along those lines (some people casually break the code of ethics and the publications don’t care).

Realising that what you learnt in education isn’t as useful as you thought it would be

There are things that are learnt in school, school is a foundation for something else which I believe is the way that we function. This is something that we keep learning over the course of life but the development is so rapid during school. Socialisation is the biggest lesson that comes to mind, being in education is where you really learn how to make friends, talk to the opposite gender and how to talk to people in general as well as keeping in contact. I feel like this is what we really take out of education, the lessons learnt from the subjects studied will be forgotten but you don’t forget how to interact because it’s such a necessary tool in life and you never know what it will make the difference with.

There are so many situations that really test your common sense; in school there are many different types of people, some are serious and some aren’t and you’re able to gauge which people you should be allowing to really influence you. I can’t say that I did too well in the socialisation aspect of school, I had my friends but I was very poor keeping in contact, something which I’m still shit with today (I have good set of friends who check up on me to make sure that I’m not dead) but I will say that I learnt what and what not to say (something that I can’t say for a lot of people that I went to school with). Generally being able to compose yourself is another situation in school that is picked up given that the alpha male attitude comes into play and some people like to bully others.

Human interaction is what I think the main lesson of school is, obviously we can’t spend six and a half hours talking because boredom will kick in but for me I do think that there is more to gain out of an hour and half of talking than five hours of the other stuff.

A quick thought

I hate education, I really do (as I’ve mentioned previously on this blog) however I must admit that it’s not without its benefits, the social benefits that is. During the years of education we’re taught all the academic subjects which can be very boring but the saving grace is the social links that are formed. Friendships formed from school can go a long way in life and lead towards so much, and that’s all thanks to education which is pretty weird.

Life and school

Life is the best teacher. The statement makes sense but at the same time there are some flaws with it, well actually there aren’t but it would be cool if that saying could be used to get around a lot of things, with the main thing being school. From the education related posts on this blog, it’s pretty obvious that I don’t like school but then again who does?

School is obviously an important part of life as it teaches some life skills but as stated before life is the better teacher. Since life is the best teacher, shouldn’t that mean that people should be given more time to live life, gain experiences and keep learning? Some would say that going to school and working a job help to constitute that but school and work are routine whilst life is unpredictable and it’s not possible to learn a lot of things if you do the same thing every day.

There are a lot of people who have been successful without school but even more so, there are a lot of people that have learnt a lot through life (probably why they’re called life lessons). Life lessons are valuable and if it’s possible to learn them through living from day to day, then in with life and out with school (this is why I’ll never be in a position of high power).

Either way this is just another way of saying school isn’t as necessary as it seems (I just don’t like school).

School ranking systems are BS!

School ranking systems are very confusing. Every country (not too sure about this) has a system in which they rank their schools, colleges and universities but that has always been very confusing. Some schools produce students that get better grades than others which helps with determining the rankings, but it implies that the schools ranked lower on the league table are unable to produce students that get good grades which is untrue.

Every student wants to go to the highest ranking academic institutions but only because it implies that the institution will guarantee them the best grades, but the truth is that the grade depends on the student more than it does the institution. The ranking on the league table is a nice badge of honour but that isn’t always the way forward when it comes to choosing where to be educated (in my opinion).

If a student goes to an institution that isn’t ranked very highly does that make them stupid? It doesn’t but there’s no doubt that there are a number of students who end up at schools, colleges and universities with bad academic reputations that believe that they’re stupid for that reason. (I think) Some students that end up at bad academic institutions do end up getting bad grades but this is due to them thinking that it’s what they’re destined for.

It’s more than possible for students to achieve something great without going to the best schools but ranking systems have a lot of students thinking the opposite which is a shame.

It seems (to me) like ranking systems are there to build and protect reputations of certain academic institutions which they do well, but in doing so they have an undesired side effect. Of course it could be part of a government conspiracy that leads to something unbelievable (obviously not).

Students just have to believe in themselves and remember that ranking systems only mean as much as they allow it to mean.

Is school necessary to be successful?

Is school necessary for somebody to be successful? Is it? School is important without a doubt however there are so many successful people in this world who seemed to do it without the stress of school. This seems like it goes against an earlier post on this blog about university but that isn’t case. It’s just an interesting question to ask.

School is the place where children are educated and basic academic skills are learnt and developed in order for children to succeed but when thinking about it, you have to ask yourself a serious question. Does school groom children to be successful or does it just groom children to be adequate workers? At school children are told to follow the rules, not to piss off those in power and get work done in time and an orderly fashion. These rules are important but they also seem like guidelines to get and keep a job before being successful.

There are a lot of quotes about being successful and most of them (the ones that I’ve read anyway) talk about self belief, confidence and hard work, they talk about pushing boundaries and going to any length to achieve your goal, even if that means break set rules. Throughout all of my years in school, I was never once told that I needed to believe in myself to succeed, I was told that I only needed to follow the rules. I’ll admit I was told that I needed to work hard but that’s generally something most people hear from their parents before entering school so it doesn’t count as much.

One thing that life shows is that it’s possible to be successful in anything and still make a good living, some examples include gaming, rapping and making YouTube videos yet none of these things are taught in school, they’re dismissed as things that take away from your education and ultimately lead to failure. This doesn’t mean to say school shouldn’t be attended as it does provide important lessons, such as social skills and the academics are useful to an extent but the keyword is extent.

While school can prepare you for life it seems as if its main purpose is to take children and slowly guide them into adults who can work but not necessarily be successful which begs the question: Is school necessary to be successful?