Brexit thoughts, take it how you will…

I know that the referendum is done and we’re a few days past it but I still thought that I’d write about it because I have some thoughts that I want to get out (I guess this is obvious since I’m blogging it). Most of Britain voted to leave the European Union and I’ll be honest I’m not very happy about that at all, hopefully if the world is good then Britain’s exit will be vetoed. When it comes down to it, I don’t think I should be surprised that Britain voted out but there’s one thing about it that really irks the fuck out of me, the xenophobic nature of the result.

There are a lot of valid reasons which people used to come to the conclusion that Britain should leave the EU (although a lot of out voters realised that they fucked up) but that’s not what won the day. Brexit proved two things, Britain’s so xenophobic that it’s actually stupid and things like this shouldn’t be left in the hands of the public. I’m not politically inclined and I’ll always be the first to admit this but at the same time, I’m aware of the things that the EU does (or did at this rate) for Britain and this is something that a lot of people weren’t aware of when they voted, as the many reports of people searching Google for answers in relation to what the EU does after voting closed.

The more I think about it, the more confused I get because so many people here are so happy to say that immigrants will no longer be coming to Britain (even though that’s not the case) and in all of that, they’ve got immigrants upset and worried because they’re not sure of their future (immigrants aren’t just going to get deported, I reckon they’re safe but I don’t know about their businesses). I’m from London so obviously, I’ve lived in a multicultural bubble for the majority of my life and I’ve never really seen British xenophobia anywhere near its peak however outside London it’s rampant. There have already been incidents where British people have started getting the balls to talk shit to those who aren’t British and this is the stupidity that also gets to me.

You can tell who the leave campaign targeted when you look at it, it’s really not hard to see (I won’t say because I feel like I can’t say it without coming across as rude). A lot of people who voted out talked so much nonsense about immigrants stealing jobs and I don’t even know where to start with this. They talked as if every immigrant comes to the UK and immediately becomes a doctor, lawyer, journalist or something as respected as that when in reality they willingly take the jobs that British people think they’re above doing, I couldn’t believe the bullshit I heard when people were casually saying that there would be more job opportunities. What makes it even worse is because the angle was spun in such a way that it made it seem as if immigrants give nothing when they pay taxes and contribute to the economy, those same taxes that are taken out of their pay are given to people who don’t even try to search from jobs and get comfortable living off benefits (not all of these people voted out but the ones who voted out, you could imagine were vocal).

To be honest, both campaigns didn’t always have the right statistics but you could see that the leave campaign was built on a hell of a lot of lies. Within 24 hours of Britain voting to leave Nigel Farage practically backtracked on the promise to spend £350million on the NHS (keep in mind that Britain spends way more on that on the NHS). That’s not even the worst thing, the worst thing is that it looked as if Britain had no plan upon leaving the EU, look at this clip from Boris Johnson and ask yourself if that’s someone who looks as if they know what to about Britain’s situation.

The negative effects of Brexit were immediately felt and it’s not looking like it’s going to get any better; with Britain definitely preparing for price inflation thanks to the weakened economy (you know the same ones that immigrants contributed to), the future of students British students studying in EU and vice versa in doubt, the partnerships forged with many countries heading towards new deals which might not be as good and more. It’s unbelievable to think that this was done mostly to spite immigrants.

I feel that I have more to write so I’ll follow it up later on because I got angry as I wrote this.


Messi wins Ballon d’Or…

Messi wins
How many captions can you think of for this?

After all of the hype, Lionel Messi took home his fifth Ballon d’Or last night and as you might have suspected, water is still wet. Enjoy your day everyone.


I’m not able to do anything about it, other than show support by hashtagging #prayforparis which sucks but I do hope that this doesn’t escalate to an unnecessary level (which it probably will). To think that Paris was targeted and lives were lost, it’s definitely put a lot of Parisians on alert because they’re not sure what will follow, in fact no one will except for the attackers.

In all this, I will say that I feel really sorry for Muslims in Paris and worldwide since they’ll be getting a lot of hate for the actions of a few. I can’t really explain it myself but the tweet below explains what I’m trying to say better.

Paris fashion week

Why, just why?

Just look at the picture above! Please people just look at it. What the fuck is this, just what the fuck is this!!? Is this what fashion is about? I saw this picture and executed the most powerful face palm. I know it’s not a legitimate fashion style but I can’t buy that it’s making some kind of statement (If that’s what it’s meant to be doing). I haven’t looked at Paris fashion week to see what was on display but I feel like I’ll shake my head. I’m no fashionista which explains all the stupidity that I see in this photo; with all of that being said, there’s only one way that I see this being practical.

I have to tried to make sense of the picture but it only hurts my head (Hats off to Rick Owens for that).

Me if I ever have a conversation with Rick Owens about that picture
Me if I ever have a conversation with Rick Owens about that picture


#doilookdstrkt. It’s shameful when people have to protest their right to be allowed somewhere when they’ve done nothing wrong, yet lately some people have found themselves doing just that. DSTRKT London, a west end club has found itself in some shit (rightfully so) because a group of women were refused entry into the club due to the fact that they were ‘too dark’ and ‘overweight.’ I’m willing to bet that the overweight comment was made in order to take some attention away from the racism involved in the reasoning but even if it wasn’t, it doesn’t change the fact that the way that the club conducted itself was disgusting.

Getting ready for a night out with your friends, heading to the club and getting turned away on the basis of your skin colour shows that there are a lot of problems with London, especially given how multicultural it is.

A peaceful protest was staged outside the club and I have to take my hat off to those that organised it but the thing is that when someone has money to get into a club, there’s really no reason to turn them away. My understanding is that this is a common thing for west end clubs which is upsetting and it’s clear that this will continue for some time. It looks as if these clubs generally find black people unattractive (for what reason, I will never know) and may think because of that, they can’t make money off them. Whatever the case is something needs to change, I want to say that it’s 2015 now but even then it’s still obvious that a lot of the world doesn’t like black people.

With this situation, I find it crazy considering that clubs like DSTRKT London probably play hip-hop and R&B songs showing that they have no problem attracting people with music made by black people but they don’t want to let black people in.

Generally there are a lot of negative connotations surrounding black people and these connotations are defended by biased statistics, bigoted people, etc. It really makes little sense to me when there is so much evidence to show that black people are victimised and this is the latest in a long line of those events.

These are some of the things that have come out in light of the recent incident.