Song of the week 18/7/16 – 24/7/16

My song this week is an honorary song of the week recommended by a friend of mine, it’s the first time I’ve done one of these but I had to put this song up, anyway enough of trying to make you guess what the song is; the song is ‘Addicted to My Ex’ by M-City […]

Song of the week 11/7/16 – 17/7/16

In all honesty, I almost didn’t do a song of the week. Why you might ask? Well that’s because I’m showing the songs that I’ve been listening to this week less love than the ones I’ve listened to in previous weeks. There is one song though, so song of the week is saved but moving […]

Song of the week 4/7/16 – 10/7/16

Sunday comes too quickly, I can just feel the days of my life passing by but this isn’t about how old I’m feeling or getting, it’s actually about the song of the week and this time I’ve chosen ‘Mystical Forest’ from Tekken 6. I wrote about how people shouldn’t sleep on vgm a while back […]

Song of the week 28/6/16 -3/7/16

Ok, this time I’m back and there’ll be no cop outs like last week! My song is ‘Trumpet Boom’ by Treble Clef. It’s a grime instrumental and it’s so fucking catchy (I really had to swear), I’ve seen a couple of people dropping bars to this on Twitter and YouTube. Seeing that  brought out the […]

Song of the week 20/6/16 – 27/6/16

It’s one of those occasions again! I don’t have a song this week because I really couldn’t choose this time around. You know those situations where you listen to so many songs and you’re like “Jesus Christ Daz! I’ve got really good taste in music” so you start to appreciate your ears more and no […]

Song of the week 13/6/16 – 19/6/16

I’m feeling lazy so I’m just going to get to the point this week, this week my song is ‘U Can’t Afford to Build’ by Terminator. This song is just full of truth, Terminator tells things how it is. Let me explain that better (so much for getting to the point), Terminator talks about UK […]

Song of the week 6/6/2016 -12/6/2016

Song of the week, let’s get on with this. This week my song is ‘THat Part’ by ScHoolboy Q featuring Kanye West. I actually have no idea what this song is about, if it even has a subject. When I listened to it, it didn’t seem like there happened to be a subject, just a […]

Song of the week 30/5/16 – 5/6/16

Another week, another song and the song is ‘Battle Riddim’ by Tempa T. If you remember my last song of the week post that had a Tempz song then you’ll have an idea of what this song is about and if not then here’s a link to refresh your memory (HERE!). Battle Riddim is more […]

Song of the week 23/5/16 – 29/5/16

Seriously, is it me or does it seem like Sunday comes quickly? I feel like the only blog posts that I write are song of the week ones, anyway with all of that being said I have another song for all of you this week. The song is ‘Shouldn’t of’ by Danny Brown and I’ll […]

Song of the week 16/5/15 – 22/5/16

I feel like I should post two songs of the week because I’m happy that Manchester United won the FA cup yesterday (for those of you who care). I won’t though since they owed it to all their fans for the disaster of a season all of us were forced to witness. Alright no more […]