Praise us now!

Me when you criticise this post

Sometimes I don’t understand people in creative industries. If you’re someone doing something creative, there’s a chance that you’ll have to sell your product to the masses and when that time comes, it’s also possible that your product will get criticised because there’s nothing in the world that everybody collectively likes. It’s just part of what happens, when people experience something that’s on the market, they’ll form an opinion which they are allowed to have, it’s not offensive or anything it’s just an assessment of the experience. That being said, I’ve noticed that when some people hear feedback on their work and it’s criticism, they get emotional and start complaining as if it’s the consumer’s fault for not liking it and if that’s your attitude, why sell your stuff to begin with?

A lot of things in the world require people to have thick skin and selling any kind of product is one of them, you can’t take the good without taking the bad (unless there is no bad). Nobody likes criticism which is fair but, I get seriously confused when people get upset about others not liking their products as if it’s by force that people have to like whatever is marketed to them. If you sell something to someone and they don’t like it, it’s okay, YOU WILL LIVE! It makes me question what people expect when they get into this kind of field because it when people get angry over their product not being received well, it shows a degree of cluelessness.

It happens often enough for me to believe that within most if not all creative industries, there’s a mentality amongst those involved that they can’t be criticised and that isn’t right. I can’t say for sure but it feels like people tend approach things with this mentality and become shocked when they learn that others don’t abide by the same rules. Personally, I think it’s good to show passion and stand by your creations but it doesn’t look good for your character when you try to justify why your specific creation shouldn’t get criticised only to go and criticise those who didn’t like your project, now they probably don’t like you either (and that’s probably bad for business.)

Criticism isn’t the end of the world. There are times where responding to it negatively makes sense, like if the criticism is disrespectful and turns into an attack on your character but in most cases it just makes sense to accept the criticism and keep it moving. There’s an audience for everything and if a creator has found their audience, they just need to focus on developing that and making sure they continue to receive love from those they are trying to appeal to. It’s really a non issue in most cases which makes it so confusing as to why people get upset when their work is criticised.

4 thoughts on “Praise us now!

  1. It honestly feels like some creative types have gotten soft. I feel like a good artist, writer, musician, etc actually appreciate criticism because it can help them find an area of weakness and strengthen it. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the people who complain about actual criticism end up being lowkey narcissist. Personally, I like criticism, it’s a good way to find out what you need to improve.

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    1. I agree, a lot of people are soft. I really want to know what’s behind the mentality because it doesn’t promote growth. Criticism definitely helps you find weak points, especially because a lot of people probably don’t know all of their weak points. The main thing people need to understand is that criticism is not a bad thing.


  2. I am losing count of the directors and actors who attack audiences when their films get a bad review. Like you say, they should have a thicker skin if they intend to survive in the entertainment industry. Maybe social media is to blame? In the past actors were sheltered from negative opinions, but these days they get direct messages that don’t sugar coat what a fan thinks.


    1. Social media might have a part to play in people reacting so badly to criticism however, given how present social media is in society, I thought that people would be able to grow and adapt to the things they see. Sometimes it feels like people who take a creative path get arrogant and it hurts them when they get reminded that they’re not above things they thought they were above.

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