Questionable lyrics

Me trying to figure out if the artist really just said what they said

We all have those songs that we listen to where we hear a certain bar that makes us pause the track and say “hold up!” Lyrics that have been sprayed by the artist but give you the feeling that it wasn’t approved by everybody who was around at the time the artist said it in the studio. It’s kind of normal to be honest and I don’t know if that’s weird or not because some of the lyrics come with questions that need to be answered.

Not long ago I decided to listen to ‘Family Tree’ by Ramz, a divisive artist from the UK. The song itself sounds pretty nice, he’s got the kind of music that looks like it can appeal to people from the ages of 7-14 so I can see why he gets a lot of views on his songs, but not to stray too far from the point, he has line that goes “If I eat then my people are eating too, If it’s beef then my people are beefing too, If I’m dying my people are dying too.” Hold up, wait a minute? If I’m dying my people are dying too? Like as in if he’s getting shot in the head then so are his friends. I don’t even know the guy and I’m asking why he signed up his friends to this scheme. Why did he do it on a song? I want to ask if his friends are fine with this but his friends are singing it as well (fuck, one even has his hands making a prayer sign).

The song is a nice way to say that there’s a strong sense of loyalty between himself and those around him but this sounds like some cult (or blackmail) shit. I’m not letting this one go, because this guy confidently said he’s taking his friends to the afterlife with him regardless of whether they feel like dying that day or not. Not a single person walked up to him after he recorded that line to say “it sounds nice bro, I’m not even down for that dying stuff.” If I was personally in Ramz’s position and said that, it would have meant that I’ve been buying my friends stuff they can’t afford. Taking ownership of all of my friend’s date of death is serious claim.

I know it’s just lyrics but some of these lyrics are just asking for problems, I’m just saying if my friend and I are in a fight with some other people and my friend has told me if they die, I die then this is me.

Not dying bro.gif

Let me show another visual representation of me if my friend says I die when they die just to make it clear.

Not dying bro 2

If there’s something that I’ve learned from this, it’s what I’m not letting any musicians I know associate me with.

Some thoughts on body positivity


I’ve noticed a trend in recent years where people have started becoming more “body positive” and are supposedly less afraid to post pictures of themselves online. This mostly applies to fat people who in this day and age have the confidence to skin out and embrace everything about their bodies instead of wearing larger tops to hide how big they are. That seems like a good thing to me because growing up, fat people used to be on the end of jokes just for being fat, even chubby people could catch those jokes and it built character but it was demoralising at the same time. It’s not as if people don’t want to cuss fat people anymore, it’s more that people are scared because of the online backlash that comes with it, political correctness protects a lot of groups and fat people are one of those groups. Given that people are afraid to offend, I have a few thoughts on this body positivity stuff I want to share.

The idea of cussing fat people for being fat has never truly made sense to me (if I’m being honest, some of the stuff said is very creative and funny) but I guess that it sucks because it’s not what many would consider to be the ideal body on a man or woman. I don’t think that’s changed at all despite the times that we’re in. The real difference is that people can now speak up on it without feeling like they’re not being backed up however, that won’t stop people from feeling what they feel towards fatness if the thoughts are negative. People have always joked on the features of others, whether it’s height, acne, hairstyle or anything else, it’s just what people do; sometimes, I feel these aren’t things we should look into too much because it never really leads anywhere productive and on top of that, it says a lot about someone who goes at another person’s appearance just to make them feel bad.

The whole body positivity thing is nice but I have to ask if the pictures are being posted out of true confidence or because people know that with pc culture in place, they’re very likely to get nice comments. Sometimes I look at people hashtagging body positivity and the caption that they put shows me that they’re after retweets and validation rather than proving a point. The captions always go something like “I’m so confident in my body now #bodypositivity” or “I weigh this much and I don’t care #bodypositivity.” It’s nice to show confidence in your body but I feel the purpose is defeated if you claim you don’t care what others feel or your confidence is undying only for you to attach a hashtag which will protect your feelings. Honestly, if anything I feel that the caption wouldn’t have any relation to the person’s weight or confidence if they were really trying to display confidence.

One last thing I see about the body positive movement is how dangerous it can be. Supporting people and trying to show them that their insecurities don’t matter is great but there are levels to this shit. The thing about pc culture is that if you say something that’s true but could be even slightly offensive then you’re painted as the villain and it doesn’t make sense. There are people who are dangerously overweight that like to post body positivity photos however, if someone points it out then they start getting cussed by people who are trying too hard to be politically correct and it leads nowhere. Some people are happy with their weight and that’s fine but if someone’s health is at risk then the body positivity movement needs to be ignored, if we’re thinking about things with logic then I’m sure everyone can agree that being healthy is more important than being told you’re “slaying.” Encouraging someone to stay a certain weight won’t help when said person runs into weight related health issues and it starts making life difficult for them.



You’re at a gathering in the park, the sun is beaming on a 27 degree day (this is very hot for the UK) and everybody there is doing the drugs, dancing to music or talking to each other. The vibe is calm and you’re most likely wondering why there’s no BBQ, well guess what? There is. The social atmosphere surrounding the park has got you talking to everybody so you strike up a conversation with an interesting looking person and who could imagine that the passion that they have for their dreams matches yours, there’s a connection which signals the makings of a long lasting friendship. You ask them “what do you with yourself?” anxiously waiting for the answer so the conversation can continue for you to find out more about them and 5,4,3,2,1 “I’m a creative…”, you blatantly mouth out “what the fuck!?” and they see you do it as the situation begins to grow awkward because you have nowhere to go from that point.

It probably doesn’t go like that for most but when it comes to me, I have to ask what is a creative? I see so many people around my age group branding themselves as creatives and I don’t get it. I’ve always believed that creative is a quality, not a job title so when people do things, even if they’re hobbies, the term creative simply doesn’t work. It almost seems like someone who brands themselves as a creative does so because they don’t want to say what exactly it is they do but the thing is, nobody is obligated to share what they do with others and there are more effective ways of dancing past that subject in my opinion. What I’ve just wrote may not be the case but if somebody does something in the creative field, surely it makes more sense to just say what it is, if you write, then you’re a writer, if you draw then you’re an artist not this business of using an umbrella term that just about means something.

There are a lot of things that make me wonder about people my age. When I look on social media it looks like we’re all trying to be a part of something, we’re all trying to make ourselves seem grander than we are so we start giving ourselves titles. I can’t say how many people there are who sell shirts and call themselves CEO’s, the amount of people who make YouTube videos and start referring to themselves as social media influencers, the amount of people who start writing raps and calling themselves executive lyricists (I made the last one up). The title sounds cool but it doesn’t really add anything, I can’t think of an upside of referring to yourself that way.

Me when I see someone calling themselves a “creative”

There’s a side to this “I’m a creative” stuff that I’m not seeing and I would like to understand it. No matter how much I’ve thought about it from my point of view, I can’t help but feel that it’s a pompous way for someone to describe themselves. I’m not going to lie, I really don’t like the term and when someone describes themselves as a creative, I just want to switch off. If being a creative means something beyond the quality then I’d like to know so that I can make sense of it. Truth be told, even if I do ever understand what that term means, I know for a fact that I’ll never refer to anybody as one, but still that doesn’t stop from wanting to know what it means.