Just gonna sit there and dislike shit because…


Once upon a time I was called a hipster and I thought ‘fuck you and everything you stand for!’ because I’m not a hipster. Admittedly, I do that thing where I don’t pay attention to popular things just because, I don’t do it often. At times I feel that things which are popular are kind of shit. When it comes to hating popular stuff or at the very least, disliking things that people are meant to like I think it can be a lifestyle for some but for others it’s just fun and that I respect. It’s not even about negativity, sometimes you just need those people who serve the purpose of opposing and antagonising.

I can’t mention any super personal experiences with these kind of people and the value that they have brought upon my life because of my power to retcon nonsense from my existence however, I can say that being an antagonist is fun (as fuck). Sometime this year or last, not that it matters, I went to a Monday Night Raw show with a friend of mine and when Roman Reigns came out we all started booing him. My friend, being the kind of person who actually understands the things he does turned around and asked me why we were booing him; it makes sense since we’ve had loads of conversations about how Roman Reigns isn’t as bad everybody wants to believe he is but anyway I told him to shut the fuck up and not ruin the moment! In all seriousness, I told him that booing Reigns is fun and we continued to boo him for the rest of the segment.

I used to put on my fake deep cap and wonder what kind of empty existence causes people to hate things (especially pop culture… GASP!) but now that I’ve grown up and realised that I don’t have time for pretending to be deep, I been able to really understand how fun it is to dislike shit at times. Watching people get upset about the fact that you dislike the shit that they like or joining forces with other people who don’t fuck with shit can bring an enjoyment that only comes from seeing the fun in not conforming.

It’s good for me to know that I’m aware I’m going to dislike shit just because. I originally wanted to write something very self-reflective showing how I’d grow as a person and stop being the guy who dislikes shit because it’s funny at times but now I’m thinking about the amount of times that I’ve been called a troll. It’s happened LOADS of time actually, I’m thinking that what I’ve described is along the lines of trolling but whatever, fuck it! I’m not a troll.


4 thoughts on “Just gonna sit there and dislike shit because…

  1. I honestly don’t get how some people have to hate everything that anyone else likes, and since you mentioned reigns I think I might have to use him as the example. It seems like so many people hate him simply because many like him, others hate him just because, and some hate him because they see others hate him and they have no reason why. When people tend to do that it seems that at some point they end up believing it regardless of facts or anything else.

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    1. In my opinion some people try so hard to be an individual and rebel so the best way for them to do that is to hate on everything which becomes a problem because some people forget why they hate stuff. Others might be legitimately troubled. In all honesty, I don’t even think people hate Roman Reigns, it’s just cool to boo him because of his position.


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