Journeying into politics


Politics is a headache! I’m not saying anything new here but I still feel like I have to say it. I decided recently that I’m going to try and get into politics because it seems important (I’m not educated on this subject). I paid some attention to the EU referendum as well as the general election but I think I had to pay attention to those because the whole future of Britain was at stake and what not. I think it’s fair to say that if I’m going to get fucked over then it’s my responsibility to make that it’s happening as softly as possible. My knowledge of politics is way too limited and the other day I asked myself why I don’t know as much about politics as I do about certain dark arts (but that’s for another day). That’s worrying for someone of my age, even if my vote doesn’t do much, I should still know about the rules that the country I live in sets right?

I read my first piece of political news in a while and I saw that Donald Trump wanted to ban terrorists from using the internet. We’ve come a long way from David Cameron doing beastiality, I don’t think I’m politically inclined enough to comment on this in depth but this did give me a couple of thoughts. I thought that if this was basically politics then it means that politics is easy and I shouldn’t have tricked myself into thinking that, I mean politics probably isn’t hard to understand, I think I’m right in calling it a headache. Back to what Trump said, I don’t know how political banning the net is but Trump is president so it must be related; I’d be surprised if banning the internet worked to be honest, the internet looks hard enough to stop itself and I’ve heard LOADS about the dark web, which is basically the true internet. The dark web isn’t easy to track for many reasons and the kind of stuff that happens to be on the dark web is practically terrorist shit. In fact a friend of mine told me that he found a blog dedicated to terrorism here on WordPress (gasp!) and when he told them, they told him to mind his own business (maybe not like that but they weren’t bothered).

I still have yet to talk about politics

Trump wanting to ban the internet is something that isn’t hard to grasp, no political terms or any of that stuff involved and it’s funny because he said it on twitter. Websites can ban certain things like child porn, murder and other disturbing things but it all seems like piracy to me in the sense that you can’t keep it down. If a permanent solution for banning terrorism on the internet is found, I’m not going to act like it’s coming any time soon.

If all things were like Trump wanting to ban the internet then this stuff would be easy as… I can’t think of anything. The point is that all things aren’t like that, I read an article about the brexit negotiations and immediately saw that Britain is fucked (which everybody probably knows). The only way I could describe the difference in understanding both articles is to say that it’s like completing a game on easy and playing the sequel on very hard. Britain looks like it’s going to lose out on plenty of jobs (I wonder if this relates to uber losing its London licence) and Theresa May is willing to have Britain pay the EU £18bn to be subject to the same rules that the country voted to opt out of whilst having no power to decide how the EU moves forward, which is meant to be completely offset by Britain wanting to stay in the single market. Personally, I’m wondering why Theresa May didn’t turn around to the public and say “yeah, fuck brexit” but I can’t shake my head at anyone who voted leave because we’re all in this shit together. I can’t say much on this but I’ll say this, realising that I’m really fucked once 2019 comes around is not the way that I wanted to start my journey into politics.

ahh yes! it feels good to be fucked

At this point, if you ask me about politics then I’ll just waffle and change the subject and I don’t think I can be blamed. The Daily Show lied, politics isn’t all about making fun of Trump! I can’t even remember the amount of jargon that I didn’t understand when reading that article but I guess I didn’t need it to find out that the EU is going to have fun bending Britain over. It’s scary how much of this stuff hits closer to home than I acknowledge and here I was thinking that not being awesome enough was my biggest life problem. The thoughts of what I could find out are completely filling my head and I can feel my future tears coming. This is going to be a long journey.


5 thoughts on “Journeying into politics

  1. Politics is a real shit storm bruh, most people don’t really care for it and listen to whatever mainstream media tells them to believe. For me being in the US I see this way too much people believe the false stat that shows that me as a black man has a high chance of letting killed by a cop.

    Funny thing about politics is that it usually goes you either don’t care, or are on one of the extremes or are a centrist. If you want a look at how many don’t know how their country works just look at us Americans and our last election people didn’t know how the votes worked

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    1. Shit storm is the perfect way to describe politics, most of the time I don’t even know what to think. I’ve noticed that people usually pay attention to whatever narrative suits them, I’ve seen LOADS of questionable statistics and political opinions on social media and people run with it. Honestly, I think Americans and Brits are in the same boat when it comes to the public vote, only politically savvy people (or people with common sense) care about doing research but with everybody else, you can say some patriotic bs and they’ll eat it up.

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      1. Yea, most people don’t know (or rather don’t care too much about politics). They usually vote for whichever party their family usually votes for then hate the other parties and it’s supporters. Here in the states we got the Democrats and Republicans, nowadays the Democrats (liberals) see Republicans (conservatives)as a bunch of racist because news sites feed them that narrative. Then there’s people like me that don’t allign with either party and don’t fit cleanly into the liberal and conservative classifications and man do we get shitted on.

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  2. You don’t have to look as far as the US for internet censorship. May’s manifesto is full of ideas to effectively ban porn and have the state decide what can be viewed online.

    Loads of countries aren’t in the EU and still prosper. It’s going to be tough, but I think Britain can pull through if they stay strong. Pay the EU a ton of cash weakens the country’s position. Yes the EU can fuck the UK over, but the EU also needs to keep the UK on board. It’s practically Germany and UK’s cash that is propping up poor nations like Spain.

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    1. I feel like I’ve heard the conservative party wanting to ban internet porn before but I’m not too sure. When you put it like that, it gives me hope that Britain can get something good out of the brexit talks but from what I’ve read, a lot of progress isn’t being made.

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