I feel like I understand people who hustle more than I did before. I’m not too sure why but I feel like I just do and when I mean hustle, I’m not talking about the dictionary definition, I’m talking about those who think of ways to get ahead. You’ve got to hustle to get to where you want to be in life, that’s probably part of why it’s so fucking hard to progress at times (or at least in the case of what you want to do with yourself). When I think about it, I feel like people who have a hustle show ambition and the earlier you do it from the better.

During my first year in secondary school, there was someone who decided make a little bit of business for himself. He decided to innocently sell some chocolates for a good price (and the bars were pretty big), he managed to make a decent amount of sales and I’ll admit, he managed to get a sale out of me. In the end, it turned out that he didn’t get too far with his business because the chocolate was expired (I should have checked the date but I didn’t and it tasted good). To be honest, I was there when he got figured out and I’ve never seen somebody disappear so quickly in my life.

When he got caught out

The guy had some questionable morals for making money off expired chocolate bars (but I have to respect an eleven year-old for being so crafty) but he somehow knew that he wouldn’t be caught out immediately, or he was just feeling brave. I don’t really know far you have to go in order to get what you want but clearly you’ve got to be willing to take a risk (even if it’s other people’s health) and it seems like those who are willing to risk more gain more because I know for a FACT that the person selling the expired chocolate didn’t give any refunds.

Obviously, I don’t respect every hustle, some things aren’t explainable like dealing arms and things on that level. If it’s something relatively harmless then I’m all for it because for me it shows the willingness to take risks and get something that you didn’t have before. Until a few days ago, this wasn’t in my head but I thought back to that situation and asked myself why I didn’t think of that.


4 thoughts on “Hustling…

  1. People who tend to hustle are pretty smart in my opinion. They usually aren’t happy with where they’re at or they just want to start something and instead of just going with the flow they take a chance.

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