Sometimes relax

Me at work… A lot

If I haven’t said it before on this blog then I’ll say it now, I love work! The gloriousness of spending my most productive hours travelling and working, watching the day go by as I wonder what I could be doing with my time if I had the day off, telling myself that not all people who hurl abuse are shit humans and all of that jazz. You know what I mean? If not then you might know what I mean when I say that work can be rewarding when you go above and beyond the cause. This is something that I can legitimately appreciate…

What I could be doing during those hours

I know I’ve said that I’m lazy somewhere on this blog, really lazy, really, really lazy (depending on what’s at stake) but with that being said I really do appreciate hard work, without hard work it’s unlikely that you’re going to achieve much. I feel like people have to be mindful of what they’re investing their energy into because rewards differ based on the situation, I also feel that relaxing doesn’t get enough credit. One thing I’ve learned from working is that you’ve got to be in the best frame of mind if you’re going to have any chance of taking the day on and to do that rest is needed. I know that not every working situation is ideal and so not everybody is afforded the time that they deserve to relax (if you earn minimum wage living in London then you might have to embrace your inner Oliver Twist and beg for more work unfortunately). For me I feel that if you’re constantly working yourself, you may make money and gain compliments along the way but you’re killing yourself to do it.

I don’t think this would be my line of thinking after being in my job for a while but there’s a man who I used to work with, he told me that he’s been working since his early teens and at one point he was working five jobs. The kind of conversations that I used to have with this guy made it clear to me that the working lifestyle is what he knows and what he’s used to. He’s actually a very hard worker and he’s the type of guy who’ll happily spend 16 of his 24 hours working if he has to, basically he’s somebody that any company would find to be extremely reliable if they had a sticky situation. He admitted to me that he practically lost his back to work, which I have to admit is very obvious and he also admitted that he doesn’t get as much time to himself which has worn on him (luckily, he got a better job). I’ll admit that I tried to take on more shifts once upon a time, I worked from 6am – 10pm over the course of a couple of days and I told myself that I was a fucking champion when I took those shifts. The thing is that it didn’t take long to realise that strong headaches and lack of sleep aren’t a good combo.

My body when I took the extra shifts

So much time is spent working, I’m pretty sure that the retirement age for my generation is 71 so that’s an indication of how much more work the people around my age are going to have to do. If we lose or quit a job we have no choice but to find another one, money is a great perk but it shifts between going and coming. Time is more valuable and everybody has to look out for theirs, I’m not saying fuck work and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do your best when possible but there’s no denying that people put themselves second when they don’t always have to.

Since being in my job, I’ve met a decent amount of people who look as if they’re always refreshed even though they’ve been working from before I turned 10 and I’ve also met workers who look as if they’ve had enough of everything from when they step into work. There’s a difference between the way that these set of people are when I interact with them and I don’t think I need to say which group takes it easy.

Obviously, people can live life however they want, this is just my perspective. I know that I’m getting this one chance to live and I don’t want to sacrifice my wellbeing for shit. (You might think that I’m just ridiculously lazy reading this and I need to man up and if you do, I can’t on sight you so you can have this instead).


5 thoughts on “Sometimes relax

  1. My family think I am a slacker because I take things too easy during my free time. The thing is that I need to recharge my batteries because I run myself ragged when at work.


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