Quick Question time!

Question time

Let me ask a question, do you allow the negative thoughts that others publicly have of you to motivate you to do better? I know that some people use it as motivation in order to prove the ‘haters’ wrong or maybe it just makes it feel that much sweeter when they’ve done well in the future and the ones who didn’t believe find out. I believe that it’s a good way to rationalise things, changing the negative into positive and pushing further with it but that doesn’t work for me, I have a hard time letting go of things.

I’ve said that I’m petty in the past and the truth is that when somebody is overly negative towards me I think “fuck you and everything that you stand for…Bitch!” Depending on how harsh the words are will depend on how long I hold on to the negativity. I want to do well and I can see why it would count as a way of telling the negative people that they’re wrong but I know that if I succeed because of the negativity then it wouldn’t satisfy me. It’s hard to describe but I’m not the type of person that wants to give someone who was negative towards me the satisfaction of knowing that they contributed to me doing better, I’m more the type of person who wants to achieve things in spite of negativity not because of it.

I feel that those who are negative towards you and don’t believe in you don’t deserve anything from you. Not even your insults, at the same time I know that everyone is responsible for their own lives and the paths that they take.

Not to get too far from the point, let me ask the question again, do you allow the negative thoughts that others publicly have of you to motivate you to do better?

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When you do well in life and the negative ones see you


  • I feel like I’ve said torture people with success at some point on this blog, but disregard those words from me

7 thoughts on “Quick Question time!

    1. I think generally people ignore compliments and other positive things, not too sure why it’s taken differently from negativity. It’s definitely good thing that you don’t let the negativity faze you, I wish I could say the same.

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      1. In my experience it seems like people hold on to compliments too much. It’s a somewhat easy mindset to get into, you just have to not care too much about people’s opinions and learn to separate hate from critiquing.


  1. During my youth I would take negative comments to heart. On more than one occasion the remarks would fire me up to do something and prove the naysayers wrong. These days however I care a lot less. If someone badmouths me I’ll just ignore them. What’s the point in investing energy into impressing a hater?

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  2. When someone speaks or writes of me negatively, I feel sorry for myself for a few hours, then learn from it if I honestly think there was truth in what they said, and if I can’t learn from it, I forget about it. I don’t like to let the opinions of others control me.

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    1. The opinions of others definitely aren’t relevant. It sounds like you have an easy time letting go of the negative, how do you manage to do it? If you don’t mind me asking.


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