Personal thoughts on controversy


Whenever I’m on Twitter and I see people getting into an uproar over something really controversial, sometimes I wonder about it. I used to be that guy who would get angry at that stuff but I’d also stay interested and keep tabs on it because I secretly enjoyed it, like a lot of people (I assume) I’m a hypocrite. As time has moved on, I’ve come to terms with controversial shit and for the most part I have to admit that I like it.

I feel like we all enjoy a little bit of controversy, after all it does make life a little more interesting and it gives us tales to tell to others if it’s not already the subject of conversation. Not all controversial people/events/viewpoints are to be enjoyed, some of them cause anger and it’s completely justified. If I’m honest when I look at stuff that causes a lot of arguments especially with regards to social media, I literally sit back (with my metaphorical popcorn) and watch everything unfold. It brings a lot questions to mind with some of my main ones being: what was going through this person’s head? And why do people care so much, knowing that in a few days they’ll be over it looking for some new controversy to absorb?

Controversy has an immediate impact, it’s just the way that it is. I think it’s a good thing, sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes it gives me ideas for blog posts or it sometimes just gives me something to digest for a couple of hours. With social media having its take on things, you can see all kind of viewpoints and it can and will breed new controversies. I think this is part of why I enjoy it, because I’ll always have some kind of entertainment from it and when I don’t, it can help me to have some really deep thoughts.

Think of some really controversial people that you know/have heard of, how do you feel about them? When they come up, do you have something to say?

Would I say that controversy is necessary? No, absolutely not, it’s like ice cream or fast food, it tastes good, it’s not really good for you but you enjoy it whilst some people don’t because they’re super healthy and want to avoid it completely, in the same way that some people try to steer away from that stuff. To be honest, that kind of stuff is mostly (if not fully) destructive, but then again as humans, one thing I’ve noticed is that we can’t help but pay attention to things that are negative.

I don’t think that there’s a deeper meaning to controversy, however I’d be wrong in saying that it can’t be used to the advantage of people. Kanye West and Donald Trump are two examples that come to mind, maybe when I figure out the secret, you might see me with some coverage (or not).


One thought on “Personal thoughts on controversy

  1. It’s silly what some people get riled about online. Many sites however court controversy because drama equals more hits. No one cares about an article praising how wonderful life is, but if you write about what religious fanatics preach you’ll get loads of people on both sides of the fence reading.

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