Most important life lesson

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned during life? Everybody knows that life is about learning as well as other things and in a way, I feel like what we learn is understated. If there’s one thing that I’ve seen, it’s that people love to give out life advice, especially on social media (which is weird because I’m willing to bet my whole bank account that a fair number of people aren’t really qualified to be giving out lessons). I’ve said more than a few times on this blog that I have a lot to learn, as well as not being the person that I feel I could be which is why I can’t answer the question that I’m asking; at the same time, I want to know what anybody reading this would say is their most important life lesson (I reckon it could be something that impacts me as well).

Part of me feels that I should know that there can’t be one most important lesson, given the amount of life changing experiences that we go through on a yearly basis. We’re always picking up valuable information and what might seem important today won’t be so profoundly important tomorrow. If I’m honest, I have a lot of thoughts and questions that stem from this one question but that’s not the point. Let me know what you think is the most important lesson you’ve learnt or generally your thoughts on the subject.


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