Acting Black…

Having seen the ‘cash me ousside girl’ become famous for disrespecting her mum on live television and the reaction to it, I’ve slowly become more annoyed because there are some people who keep saying that she’s famous for ‘acting Black.’ This annoys me a lot, especially considering that I’m Black and I can tell you that in Black households children are not brought up to disrespect their parents, let alone do it publicly.

Just like any other race, respect is huge amongst Black people. You’ll see that children raised in African households usually tend to refer to their elders as uncle and auntie as a sign of respect, given that as a child it’s disrespectful to address an adult by their first name and this carries on into adulthood. I’ve noticed that there’s a conception that all Black people seem to carry an attitude (especially women) or are threatening in some kind of way and I don’t know where it comes from. The truth is that whatever negativity is feared in Black people should be feared in all other races as well because we’re not the only ones capable of harm.

What does ‘acting Black’ even mean? How do you act a race? Not all Black people are the same, we may share the same range of tones that form our skin colour but there are so many different cultures and traditions when it comes to Black people. There’s no way that people can’t notice this, people can’t be that ignorant. For some reason trash like behaviour is equated with being Black and I don’t know if it’s because of television but if it is then you need to realise that it’s DRAMATISED. Think about some of the prejudices that there are towards Black people and the Black people that you know, can you honestly tell me that they act in a way that justifies them?

I think what’s worse is that I’ve never seen people talk about acting White, acting Hispanic or acting Asian so why is this exception made for Black people. I’m sure that every race has their problems and their own battles that they fight every day, but I won’t act as if there isn’t a special negative emphasis placed on those who are Black. For every Black person who has managed to make a successful business, become a journalist, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher or anything else positive, did they just stop ‘acting Black?’ It seriously confuses me how being sensible is seen as a quality that Black people can’t possess, that when people become rappers and talk about spending stupid amounts of money and having sex with infinite women, or when people are loud annoying that is what’s expected of us.

The ‘cash me ousside girl’ might be influenced by shows like Love and Hip-Hop whatever edition and Real housewives of wherever but those are actors who do what they have to (which includes acting like a stereotype), to get people to watch their shows (which are shit by the way). I know that people wouldn’t use the Kardashian’s or teenagers like Dylan Roof as the basis for judging White people because that shit would be unfair and extremely offensive and it should be the same for Black people.


6 thoughts on “Acting Black…

  1. The whole acting black thing is pretty much something blacks in the hood came up with to sort of mock ghetto white people. They also say anyone who doesn’t act ghetto as hell is acting white they also call them a coon and other things.

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  2. This is just a stereotype that people have gotten into their heads because a lot of high profile rap stars aren’t exactly known for being polite. Gay people suffer from the same thing. A lot of folks believe that all homosexuals act camp.

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