Favourite anime moments 2


Last time that I wrote about anime moments, I talked about Rock Lee’s fight with Gaara being a standout moment for me and now I think about it, maybe that’s what I should be writing about today. I say this because one moment came to my head and I feel like I’ve disrespected my favourite anime series by not starting the series of posts of with this.

Anybody who’s watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood knows what it’s about and if you haven’t then go and look at a synopsis on Wikipedia, I’ll even give you the link. Moving on, one of my favourite moments from FMAB is the scene where Alphonse sacrifices his body so that Edward can get his arm back. This scene is so emotional because there’s a lot to consider; Alphonse sacrifices himself for the greater good as you’d expect from a hero but so much more is added to it because Edward sacrificed his arm to put Alphonse in a metal body otherwise he would have lost his brother for good. It seems like the sacrifice is made for nothing when Edward kind of ends up back at square one but at least he’s got someone to take his anger out on.

The music really gets you in your feels as well because it’s so depressing, not to mention Edward’s background. I don’t know how I would have felt if this was how the story ended, because there are a lot of things that I like about the characters in FMAB that I don’t really see of other characters in the same genre. For a story that I feel really played up its emotional moments, I’ve got to say that this really hit the nail on the head.


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