Favourite anime moments

I’ve asked so many questions about anime, so I might as well ask another one. What’s your favourite anime moment? I have to admit that I’ve got many so this kind of post will be continuous and if you’ve got many then I’d like to see them (I’m always looking for new anime to watch).

One anime moment that immediately comes to mind for me is Rock Lee vs. Gaara in Naruto, to this day I still get excited watching that fight. When Lee was first introduced, he faced off against Sasuke and I didn’t expect him to win because he looked like a gag character but when he won, he made things interesting given that it was obvious that he hadn’t shown his full potential and he admitted that there was someone stronger than him.

In my opinion Rock Lee vs. Gaara was easily the best match of the chuunin exams (even better than Shikamaru’s match with Kin Tsuchi), during this match, Lee showed more of his potential and I don’t think I’d seen so much action in Naruto up until that point, in fact the show had been kind of emotional (not to say that the end of this fight wasn’t emotional) so seeing that change really caught my attention and the music could have gotten my blood pumping if I was more excitable.

I love seeing fights in anime (that’s probably part of why I love watching it) and this will forever stand out as a memorable one.


3 thoughts on “Favourite anime moments

  1. I remember I watched that in elementary school on TV! I felt so bad for Rock Lee. A memorable fight for me is the one between Neji and Hinata. I love all fights that include Shikamaru.

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    1. I was in my feelings when I watched Neji face off against Hinata but it was a great fight. I felt bad for Rock Lee as well but this fight proved that he’s badass, and I feel the same way about Shikamaru. I feel like not enough people talk about him though.

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      1. Yeah, I miss those old Naruto days. I do like Shippuden more but those were my childhood haha. Shikamaru is so chill and I love that about him.

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