Not being able to write (what a fuckery)

Me not being able to write

I have to admit, having a blog and not knowing what to write is a special type of fuckery! I’ve been sitting (at home and work) for a couple of days wondering what to write and don’t get me wrong I’ve had ideas but they seem forced. If there’s one thing that I know about maintaining a blog, it’s not to write for the sake writing but then what about those precious views, how will they come? Even generally, contributing to a blog is such a great feeling so it’s really shit when I don’t know what to write especially when there’s no intention of taking a break.

I74P6Qu - Imgur
My potential views to my blog

I always had questions to ask when I started and it’s not that I found the answer to them, but as I’ve grown older I’ve just started asking less. I’ve never really been one to talk about personal shit on a regular basis either (trust me, you don’t really want to know about my mindset over the past year). Blog segments are good but I’ve found that I enjoy reading people posting things every week rather than doing it myself and to be honest it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be (then again, so is maintaining a blog in general). It’s crazy, as I write this I’m thinking of new blog posts (which will probably go away in a few hours). Can you see what I mean about this being a fuckery?

I reckon this is weird to me because it’s the first time that I’ve gone through such a phase and the blogs that I follow always write with consistency which is key for anything good (or maybe it’s because I catch up with posts like once every six days). The weirdest part of this, is the fact that not blogging hasn’t exactly freed up time for me to do anything else (maybe it has but I find it would be inappropriate to talk about those things here). Getting caught up in a blog is so easy to do, I don’t know if this makes much sense but for me it’s like I forget that the blog is mine and whilst I think that there’s a greater purpose for this blog, the truth is that I’ve got to allow it to naturally develop whether I’m writing or not.

I don’t even know what to say here, having read back what I’ve just wrote. I’m just waffling (even more so than usual) so I’m going to stop. To be honest this is just what I’ve been thinking in the time that I haven’t blogged but it begs an interesting question; what do you do when you feel you can’t write?


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