Chronicles of no laptop 3?

I had a dream the other night, it was so glorious! I felt like there was a light, a really intense light (not like one of those ones in the born again Christian stories where people see God but more one of those lights where I cautiously say to somebody, “what kind of batteries are powering this light?”) and for whatever reason I was in a field, then a party then a whole bunch of other random places (Trafalgar square comes to mind) which really had nothing to do with anything.

I felt like I was trying to find something, or maybe something was trying to find its way to me and as glorious as this dream was it was very fucking confusing. Let’s back up a bit and I’ll throw this at you, how do you find something when you’re going places that have no correlation and you have no idea of what’s going on? It doesn’t make any sense does it? But then again it felt like this dream of mine was oddly making sense.

Me reading the question I just asked

Now what followed was pitch darkness and it wasn’t scary, maybe it’s because I felt like I was going to be alright (word to Kendrick Lamar and Pharrell). I didn’t say any words, in fact I didn’t even move, I stood still and I don’t know why but I just knew that it was the right thing to do at the time. There was legitimately no feeling, it wasn’t cold or anything, it actually seemed as if the darkness was there just as a background for the sake of having a background. I guess having some kind of ominous background is always cool, even if it doesn’t contribute to the situation but like all other things in this dream of mine not making sense was normal (A paragraph after I said this dream was making sense, I can’t decide).

Head done fucked up

For whatever reason, the light appeared once again, maybe this is what I was trying to find (or what was trying to find me) but would it make sense that a light was trying to find me when it already shone on me? If I was trying to find the light then why was I standing still all entitled and shit? So many questions and absolutely no answers. The light was so dim, it was as if somebody was slowly pushing open a door and then they just stopped. All I did was stare at the light, or maybe I was just looking up and the light happened to be in the direction that I was looking in, either way the light was there and it was in my eyes.

Where is this going you might ask? (You shouldn’t really be asking because the title of the post gave it away) The light was my laptop because I finally got it back!!!

How you may or may not have reacted to yet another laptop post

I promise no more chronicles from this point on.



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