Yet some more music feels

Have you ever listened to a tune so good that when it comes on and you hear the first three seconds you stop it and put it on repeat whilst whispering to yourself “fuck off”? (because doing it loudly on public transport isn’t a good idea). This is how I feel whenever I listen to ‘Killing Moon’ from the Street fighter 3: Third Strike OST. If I’m honest, the game itself has a great OST which is part of why in my opinion people should consider music from games if they’re ever looking for anything new to listen to.

I can tell you this, I’ve never been so gassed (hyped up) by a set of drums ever in my life. This might be my favourite video game song ever (until I hear something better). Whenever I hear this song I just want to close my eyes and say ‘oh my days!’ but most of time that I hear it, I’m travelling so that doesn’t let me do it but quietly appreciating the song is also good. To listen to a song and feel amped isn’t anything new, there are a few songs that do that for me but back to the super important question at the beginning of the post, does it make you repeat it and whisper “fuck off”?


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