A feeling…

The other day I met up with a couple of friends and did friend stuff. During the meet up one of my friends showed me some of the beats he’d been making since he’s a producer and it gave me the weirdest feeling (even weirder than not having a laptop). This could technically be a music feels but I can’t find the song online; anyway, let me continue.

The beats had such a 90’s feel to them and it reminded me of the kind of beats you’d hear on an album from A Tribe Called Quest where they find a jazzy sample, add some drums and change it into something completely new. When I hear beats like this, they always give me such a warm feeling especially when the conditions are right.

The sky was kind of like this and it really fit the mood

The beats made me realise that I’m around some people who could do some really powerful things in the future. That made me think even more and the truth is that it’s not just the people around me, it’s everybody, but I don’t know if people realise what they’re capable of (I don’t know if I realise what I’m capable of). In all honesty when I read blogs and I see the way that people write, I see that there’s a real talent behind it and I’d be happy to see people setting out to achieve everything that they want to with their blogs.

It seemed like I was going to talk about music but nope, music just helps me realise some important thing and one of those things is that everybody is powerful in their own way and I wish more success on everybody reading this (well everybody in general).


4 thoughts on “A feeling…

    1. Thanks! it’s much appreciated. I would write some positive cliche stuff like the power in you can overcome the negativity (which it can) but it happens to me when I’m writing posts. Sometimes I have to start from scratch.


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