A fourth quick question

Last time you caught me blogging (if you did) then you might have seen my rant (or kind of rant) about working but today I’m better and all of that good stuff. I have a (you guessed it, another) quick question. Do you think out your blog posts? Do you plan every little detail of your blog post or are you the fuck it! I’m gonna write type. I see this often on Twitter which is a completely different place to here and it looks as if some people actually think about what they’re going to tweet. Some people steal tweets and some even delete and repost tweets just because it didn’t get the reaction that they wanted the first time.

That stuff never really made sense to me in terms of social media accounts but with blogs it does make sense. Most likely because the way that I look at sites like Twitter and Instagram aren’t the same way that I look at wordpress and this is something that I’ve wrote about before. Moving on, it’s something that I’ve wondered for a little while and once again, I’m not sure why I didn’t ask this question earlier (this is going to become a running theme on this blog).

Personally, I’ve never really been one to think out blog posts. If I want to write something then I’ll write it. If I know what the subject that I want to write about is, then I have the main thought and write around that which is probably why my blog posts can seem as if they’re rambling on about God knows what (I’m grateful that everybody who reads still understands what I’m trying to say). I’ll admit that I do think out certain lines because I feel that they help to drive home my point but that’s as far as it goes. The thing about my writing is that when I try to structure it, I’ll always think of other things that I want to say and it just becomes a huge cluster of things and ultimately I end up scrapping it for something else.

With blogs, I assume that thinking out the blog post and planning it carefully before writing helps bloggers put their points forward in a clearer way but then again I can’t be too sure because I don’t do this. There are definitely a lot of different reasons as to why planning out blog posts works for some which I’m interested in finding out.

If you’re wondering why I’m wondering, it kind of goes back a post that I wrote a while back where I said that I wanted to master the universe and one of those ways is asking questions and understanding ways that people do things. It’s definitely going to be a long journey (that will take the rest of my life).

Are you like me in the sense that you just go with the flow or do you plan out your posts? Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “A fourth quick question

  1. I kind of do both. If I have an idea but I can’t write it right away then I find myself planning it in my head. Or planning the start of it at least. But if I do have a general idea and I have a way to type it out at that moment then I just go with the flow.
    Most of my writing is going with the flow, which is good because it’s less stressful but I usually like what flow happens so any editing is pointless.

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