Customer service ain’t for me…


After working my job for long enough, I think I’m at a point where I can make a judgement on it. What I have to say is pretty simple. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NOT FOR ME! Am I about to go on a rant? I might. Am I sorry for that? Well of course not, if it’s not a rant then it’s not my blog.

I don’t know how people manage to do it for so long if I’m honest. I really underestimated the amount of patience that people possess because this shit is grating. The fact that people can do a customer service role on a weekly basis, go home and come back for more is a talent in itself. Certain times I haven’t even been given a reason to think ‘fuck this shit!’ and yet I find myself thinking this (it’s a good thing that jobs pay).

It’s not all bad because there are some people that will come up to me to start a conversation and that stuff really helps the time pass by as well as making the day better.  I take that as a W (which this job doesn’t give many of) given that so many people have cold stares on their faces or have questions where they literally expect a one word answer.

One of my co-workers told me that it’s just the times that we live in but it’s so crazy how self-centred people are. The amount of times that I’ve been in the middle of helping someone only to be interrupted by someone else who has something else to say is ridiculous. The craziest thing about it is that they can see that I’m in the middle of a conversation, trying to get to the bottom of one issue yet they still want to have a me first mentality. Seriously, that shit needs to be sorted out.

2L3n28y - Imgur
What the fuck is that!?

People really love to throw the blame about as well. It’s as if most adults aren’t aware that shit happens and things aren’t always going to go to plan. The minute that somebody is about to be late home or they have a diverted route then it’s my fault?

My brain to the rest of my body when I’m getting blamed one of many unforeseen circumstances

I’m not allowed to give a smart arse reply either (I’m sighing as I write this and I’ll probably be sighing when you read this). I really envy those millionaires who can talk to people however they want and get away with it.

I don’t think people realise the release that is needed for some, some people release by smoking a little of the drugs and see why because the frustration is real. Sometimes playing games or listening to music doesn’t give the same satisfaction. I remember one guy calling me a cunt and it irked me to my core that I couldn’t knock him out. I wasn’t even allowed to say anything back. Not even a ‘yeah I’m a cunt that’s getting paid but you’re still late!’ (Or ‘come here and say that you prick!’ whichever you’d imagine me saying)

I mean, I knew that some humans really didn’t have much regard for others but I definitely underestimated it (I need to get out more). The amount of times I’ve seen this TfL advert and thought ‘lol ok.’ But it’s honestly a thing.


I’m no angel, especially considering that every day I give less of a fuck about people being late home or out and really just want to blog, watch wrestling, anime or something else. The amount of people that I see in customer service roles who look tired of life, I think I can sympathise with, because it’s not their fault that people are annoying. The people who still have a smile on their face after so many years, I hope they keep on smiling (they’re definitely the stronger ones).

Thinking about this stuff, I hope that I can use this blog to make something of myself and move forward to happier days.

I’ve definitely gained way more respect for those in customer service.


6 thoughts on “Customer service ain’t for me…

  1. Yeah, it takes a bit of thick skin to handle it. I had to develop it over years of dealing with characters like this, though. I try to do some meditating and destressing to balance it out when I’m off the job.

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  2. Customer service can be tough when dealing with difficult clients. Some can be inconsiderate and very rude but it also teaches tolerance. I try to be nice to such persons knowing how stressed out they can be. Hang in there, Jeff.

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  3. I work for an online casino and our customer service team has a very high turnover of employees. I can’t blame many new starters for quitting within a few months to be honest. People can be so rude, unreasonable and down right insane.

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