Do you believe in God?


I think this is one question that I could have asked earlier and as usual, I have no idea why I didn’t. Do you believe in God?

If you do believe in God, then how do you see God? Are you religious? Do you subscribe to a different deity? (Like a personal one?) Is all of this God stuff nonsense to you? Is there a completely different viewpoint that you have on God?

A lot of people that I’ve met either fully believe in God or they don’t, there are very few people that I’ve met who have a different reasoning and it’s interesting to me. I was brought up in a Christian household and spent many years going to church on a weekly basis before I stopped (these days, I go when I want and to be honest, I’m probably going to completely stop one day) but with that being said I still believe that God exists and has played a role in my life.

Continuing from what I said earlier, I believe that God exists and that’s because there have been too many personal moments in which it’s seemed as if somebody was listening to me and making things that I wanted to happen, happen (unless I’m kind of like Forge from X-Men). There have also been times where it feels as if someone is looking out for me because no matter how bad my thoughts get, there’s something that gets me up as I continue to realise that things have not reached rock bottom for me and it’s a long way before it does.

What I’m not sure about is religion and its relationship with God. Personally I feel that mixing God and religion is a tricky subject to tackle and in most cases I prefer not to focus on it and instead try to do things to better myself as I feel that being the best version of yourself is something that God would want and could also help to discover a way to forge a closer connection.

God has always been an interesting subject to me, God can’t really be proved but at the same time God can’t be disproved. It makes for the best interpretation and although some people say things that I don’t necessarily agree, I’d be lying if I said that they didn’t make some points that made me think twice.


10 thoughts on “Do you believe in God?

  1. I follow a similar mindset to you; I believe in God, but it’s impossible to confirm one way or the other if he’s real or not, and I think that even the Bible itself is aware of this. There’s a reason why it makes a point to show that Thomas stuck his finger into Jesus’s wounds after the resurrection. Also, I feel like there’s someone/thing keeping me in line when things go south.. I’d probably be dead if life was just left to pure luck… but that’s just my personal beliefs.

    I also don’t go to church very often, for reasons. I’m not going into specifics with that here, but you’re more than welcome to message me privately if you want my reasoning.

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    1. That’s pretty cool, I didn’t even think to consider if the bible debated God’s existence if I’m honest with you. I’d definitely like to know more about why you don’t go to church. I’m not sure how to private message on wordpress though :/

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      1. I’ll give a Cliffnotes version of why then.

        *I’ve found people there to be hit or miss (mostly miss) in whether or not they actually care about their faith. Maybe this is different for other denominations/other parts of the world? I’m not sure.

        *Too many Christians who are just sitting around, feeling good about themselves. We could do some awesome things if we just united and focused on the issues that matter, rather than trying to protest homosexuality at Chik-Fil-A. We have bigger problems to attend to.

        *Preachers are a gamble to me. I’m sure some mean well, but do either of us (me or the preacher) understand the Bible well? That’s a key factor in determining a church.. to listen to what he’s saying.

        *Despite all of this, I keep a degree of faith that a God exists, strangely enough. God knows what he’s doing, so I just need to keep that faith that he does and play it smart.

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      2. It’s weird, because I feel like these same things bother me. A lot of people definitely get comfortable with claiming to be religious and then leave it there and they don’t seem to realise that it makes the religion look worse especially given that a number of people will use the minority to judge the majority. I definitely agree with you that Christians could make some big moves if their focus was angled better, for a couple of years I’ve felt that some Christians will say and do what they want and then hide behind a quote that they’ve interpreted from the bible. I’m very wary of preachers, if I’m honest with you, unless I personally feel something from them then I’m not too inclined to listen to them because I’ve found that some are professional con artists and I definitely agree with your last point!

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  2. I’m not a believer. There are many different takes on God and they all come from times when people believed all manner of far fetched things that have since been discredited.

    If believing in a deity gives someone comfort that’s cool, but I dislike overly religious people who want to impose their beliefs on others. Look at all the wars and persecution that we have to suffer because of religions and don’t get me started on the church covering up abuses.

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    1. I can definitely agree with you on overly religious people, sometimes it seems like they’re trying to hard to follow the rules that have been set out for them. Things like that, along with the other things you mentioned are part of why I feel like I can’t subscribe to religion.

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  3. Though separated by years, Jeffrey, you and I aren’t that far apart on the question you ask. I don’t question God as much as I question religion and denominations, things invented by man for comfort, for the answers to difficult questions, and for rules of obedience we can use to judge our worth and, unfortunately, the worth of others. Once again, my friend, you tackled a difficult topic and made me think. I appreciate both.

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    1. I like that this is something that you’ve thought about. I’ve seen a lot of people say that these kind of questions are things that my generation ask but I now know that this is something that is asked by many. Religion is such a crazy concept, it does a lot of good for some but there are negatives which make it hard to subscribe to.

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