Some more music feels

Just another quick post about the feels! This one is one that I wanted to write about for a while, I should have done this as a song of the week but life is weird like that. I guess what matters is that we get to destination, am I right?

The song I’m putting up this time is ‘Come Again’ by Section Boyz and it’s a simple reason. This song constantly gives me life, anytime that I listen to it. This became really obvious to me when I was on my way to a shift at 5 in the morning and I could barely keep my eyes open, and as soon as the instrumental hit, I was awake and bumping my head. It’s a shame that the song is only three minutes long because after it finished, I had about 40 more minutes to go until I got to work.

When I think about this group and the moves that they’ve made in the past two years, it gives me a good feeling for a number of reasons, one they’re putting South London on the map (even if I’m from a different part), they show that having a high work rate pays off and these guys aren’t too far apart from me in terms of age which makes me feel like now is the right time to try and make an impact on anything I do.


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