Customer service ain’t for me…


After working my job for long enough, I think I’m at a point where I can make a judgement on it. What I have to say is pretty simple. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NOT FOR ME! Am I about to go on a rant? I might. Am I sorry for that? Well of course not, if it’s not a rant then it’s not my blog.

I don’t know how people manage to do it for so long if I’m honest. I really underestimated the amount of patience that people possess because this shit is grating. The fact that people can do a customer service role on a weekly basis, go home and come back for more is a talent in itself. Certain times I haven’t even been given a reason to think ‘fuck this shit!’ and yet I find myself thinking this (it’s a good thing that jobs pay).

It’s not all bad because there are some people that will come up to me to start a conversation and that stuff really helps the time pass by as well as making the day better.  I take that as a W (which this job doesn’t give many of) given that so many people have cold stares on their faces or have questions where they literally expect a one word answer.

One of my co-workers told me that it’s just the times that we live in but it’s so crazy how self-centred people are. The amount of times that I’ve been in the middle of helping someone only to be interrupted by someone else who has something else to say is ridiculous. The craziest thing about it is that they can see that I’m in the middle of a conversation, trying to get to the bottom of one issue yet they still want to have a me first mentality. Seriously, that shit needs to be sorted out.

2L3n28y - Imgur
What the fuck is that!?

People really love to throw the blame about as well. It’s as if most adults aren’t aware that shit happens and things aren’t always going to go to plan. The minute that somebody is about to be late home or they have a diverted route then it’s my fault?

My brain to the rest of my body when I’m getting blamed one of many unforeseen circumstances

I’m not allowed to give a smart arse reply either (I’m sighing as I write this and I’ll probably be sighing when you read this). I really envy those millionaires who can talk to people however they want and get away with it.

I don’t think people realise the release that is needed for some, some people release by smoking a little of the drugs and see why because the frustration is real. Sometimes playing games or listening to music doesn’t give the same satisfaction. I remember one guy calling me a cunt and it irked me to my core that I couldn’t knock him out. I wasn’t even allowed to say anything back. Not even a ‘yeah I’m a cunt that’s getting paid but you’re still late!’ (Or ‘come here and say that you prick!’ whichever you’d imagine me saying)

I mean, I knew that some humans really didn’t have much regard for others but I definitely underestimated it (I need to get out more). The amount of times I’ve seen this TfL advert and thought ‘lol ok.’ But it’s honestly a thing.


I’m no angel, especially considering that every day I give less of a fuck about people being late home or out and really just want to blog, watch wrestling, anime or something else. The amount of people that I see in customer service roles who look tired of life, I think I can sympathise with, because it’s not their fault that people are annoying. The people who still have a smile on their face after so many years, I hope they keep on smiling (they’re definitely the stronger ones).

Thinking about this stuff, I hope that I can use this blog to make something of myself and move forward to happier days.

I’ve definitely gained way more respect for those in customer service.


Do you believe in God?


I think this is one question that I could have asked earlier and as usual, I have no idea why I didn’t. Do you believe in God?

If you do believe in God, then how do you see God? Are you religious? Do you subscribe to a different deity? (Like a personal one?) Is all of this God stuff nonsense to you? Is there a completely different viewpoint that you have on God?

A lot of people that I’ve met either fully believe in God or they don’t, there are very few people that I’ve met who have a different reasoning and it’s interesting to me. I was brought up in a Christian household and spent many years going to church on a weekly basis before I stopped (these days, I go when I want and to be honest, I’m probably going to completely stop one day) but with that being said I still believe that God exists and has played a role in my life.

Continuing from what I said earlier, I believe that God exists and that’s because there have been too many personal moments in which it’s seemed as if somebody was listening to me and making things that I wanted to happen, happen (unless I’m kind of like Forge from X-Men). There have also been times where it feels as if someone is looking out for me because no matter how bad my thoughts get, there’s something that gets me up as I continue to realise that things have not reached rock bottom for me and it’s a long way before it does.

What I’m not sure about is religion and its relationship with God. Personally I feel that mixing God and religion is a tricky subject to tackle and in most cases I prefer not to focus on it and instead try to do things to better myself as I feel that being the best version of yourself is something that God would want and could also help to discover a way to forge a closer connection.

God has always been an interesting subject to me, God can’t really be proved but at the same time God can’t be disproved. It makes for the best interpretation and although some people say things that I don’t necessarily agree, I’d be lying if I said that they didn’t make some points that made me think twice.

Is there a deeper meaning to DBZ?


A while ago, I had a conversation with somebody who had just finished re-watching the Dragon Ball series and this person in all of their super infinite, absolutely undying, eternally present wisdom said that they could see deeper into meaning of the Dragon Ball series (this person said this for every anime series that they watched) and so I decided to bite and asked what the meaning behind Dragon Ball Z was.

Me waiting for the answer

I was told that Dragon Ball Z is about more than just finding the dragon balls (which is true because it’s also about guys getting beaten up), DBZ is a deeper story which is meant to represent the inherent greed in human beings because of how the dragon balls are (occasionally) fought over and the lengths that characters go to, to find the balls shows what humans are like in terms of benefitting themselves…


Now when I heard this, I won’t lie, I thought ‘WOW! How did you come up with that!?’ it sounded deep and it kind of made sense until I started thinking about it. When I gave it some thought and applied what I knew of the DB series to what I heard from Profound-Sama-Sensei, I thought ‘wow, how did you come up with THAT?’ (Read this sentence in a confused voice). All of a sudden it just sounded so stupid and it felt like Doctor Deep was trying too hard to sound smart. I have my thoughts on trying to sound smart but that’s for another post (I say this but never follow up).

If I’m correct, I’m pretty sure that the only characters who knew about the dragon balls were the Z fighters, Frieza (and all those associated), the Kai’s, the Namekians and I think Babidi (really not too sure on that), there were a few others but not any that would prove this point.

From what I remember, the characters who were the most relentless in their pursuit of the dragon balls were Frieza and Vegeta and they weren’t even good guys so of course they were going to play dirty to get them. I’m also pretty sure that when the Dragon Balls were used in DBZ, they were used to perform selfless acts (restoring Namek, bringing back dead allies, etc.) Is there more that’s being said here? Are most humans evil with the capacity to care for others and perform extreme acts of kindness? It’s really confusing to me. Despite the series being named after the dragon balls, I thought that as the series progressed, they continued to take more of a backseat until they came back as the (ugh!) Black Star Dragon Balls (You know what, I’m sorry for bringing that up, it wasn’t even DBZ).

Head done fucked up

Maybe it’s me, because I didn’t see much to Dragon Ball Z other than beating bad guys up, friendship and more beating bad guys up (you know, typical shonen shit).

Is there a deeper message that you can see? Can you see the message that Johnny Insight claimed to see? Or am I paying this more attention than I should be? Let me know your thoughts.

Some more music feels

Just another quick post about the feels! This one is one that I wanted to write about for a while, I should have done this as a song of the week but life is weird like that. I guess what matters is that we get to destination, am I right?

The song I’m putting up this time is ‘Come Again’ by Section Boyz and it’s a simple reason. This song constantly gives me life, anytime that I listen to it. This became really obvious to me when I was on my way to a shift at 5 in the morning and I could barely keep my eyes open, and as soon as the instrumental hit, I was awake and bumping my head. It’s a shame that the song is only three minutes long because after it finished, I had about 40 more minutes to go until I got to work.

When I think about this group and the moves that they’ve made in the past two years, it gives me a good feeling for a number of reasons, one they’re putting South London on the map (even if I’m from a different part), they show that having a high work rate pays off and these guys aren’t too far apart from me in terms of age which makes me feel like now is the right time to try and make an impact on anything I do.