Music feels

Do you remember song of the week? That series of weekly posts I did talking about the songs that I was feeling every week until my laptop decided that it would quit working for me and fulfill its dream of destroying its hard drive and being useless (it’s doing a really good job if you were wondering). If you do then this is for you.


I thought that I’d write about some songs and the feelings that I get from them because they made a lasting impression on me and it’s stuff that I feel won’t change even when I reach the age of 50 or further. You could say that this is the spiritual successor to song of the week but I’m definitely not doing this every week because fuck that.

I decided to put ‘Return of the Tres’ by Delinquent Habits and I’m not sure why because how it makes me feel isn’t great. I used to play this song all the time until I went to meet a girl (I should really say woman), I thought that we were going to bond over music since I talked to her a lot about it and she showed me a couple of decent tunes. I can’t say that things went well which sucks because this is one of the songs I showed her. I had a love for this song but these days I can’t play it too much because it reminds of her for some odd reason.

Is it only me that music does this to or have you had that kind of experience as well?


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