After university…

Me wondering what I was going to do with my life

You might remember my last post about working and blogging or you might not and just in case you don’t, let me just post the link….. here (still not good at plugging but you know…) Since getting a job, a lot has changed, I’ve become a lot smarter, a lot better and whole load of other cliché things that’s going to make you think “WOW! Jeffrey’s really got his life on track!” Actually I’m lying, it’s been three weeks and in that time the only thing that’s changed is that I’m bored, really, really bored. I don’t need to go into the details of my job and I hope my employers don’t ever come across this post because I can’t make money from being fired.

I’ve gone off track so I’m going to get on with the point and my point is this, that phase of not having a job is so incredibly underrated. Coming out of university, a lot of people I talked to were saying that they were going to get jobs (some even had jobs by that point) and I was in that boat where I felt like I needed to get a job as well. I saw a lot of videos which basically said not to worry about getting a job and instead go and fulfil goals because there isn’t always going to be time for that and I brought into it, but a part of me said ‘BULLSHIT!’ How was I meant to go and achieve goals without money? Was I meant to ask my mum for an allowance at my age? I don’t think I fully understood what those videos were saying though.

Basically my response to the videos.

Apparently, university is an incubation period between being a child and an adult; I guess that’s because you get to do a lot of shit that you wouldn’t usually do at home and there really isn’t anyone to put you in trouble. There’s a lot of shit that goes down when you’re away from home and it could possibly be one of the most insightful periods of your life but for me, I feel like the real incubation period starts after you leave university.

It’s not always guaranteed that you’re going to get a job straight after university so it means that you have a lot of free time to think and in that time there will probably (almost certainly in my case) be regrets over a lot of useless shit. The thing is, when you’re not feeling sorry for yourself you can take time to think about what you want to do in the near or far future and start formulating a plan. It’s not to say that you can’t do this at any other time but this is a concentrated period of time where you don’t really have any obligations and you’re also old enough to have an idea of what you want from your life.

You’d be surprised at the things you could think of whilst actively searching for a job and another great thing is that you’ll have the time and energy to make a start even if you don’t have the money. People might look down on not having a job but the thing about having a job is that it’s time consuming and it’s worse if it’s something that you don’t want to do because there will come a point where it was seen as a waste of time. I’m not trying to praise not having a job (even though I kind of am) what I’m trying to say is that the jobless period can really aid in personal development.

I’m not too sure that I’ve made myself clear so just to make sure, I’m saying to embrace that blank period after university and before getting a job.


2 thoughts on “After university…

  1. My job sucks so I certainly miss the peaceful days between school and work. Lots of my friends who went to uni ended up getting employed in fields that had nothing to do with what they studied. Oh well, at least they had fun getting drunk for a few years.

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    1. Same here, getting paid is good but it’s probably the biggest pro over being unemployed. When I think more about uni I want to say, the actual purpose of uni sucks but getting drunk does not!

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