What’s your favourite anime?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, my favourite anime

Given the amount of people that there are on wordpress (and in the world) who love anime, I find it weird that I haven’t asked the most basic (and maybe essential) question. What is your favourite anime? (and why?) I’ve read about so many different anime series and even given some a watch purely based of what the review said, but I don’t think that any of the anime I’ve read about comes across as the favourite anime of those bloggers. Everybody in the anime blogging community has got a deep love for anime which is what makes me wonder which anime it is that stands above others for them.

My favourite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I feel that it did everything right from the beginning to the end. I loved the story and how every part of it made complete sense and when I finished watching it, I had no questions left to ask because I felt that they were all answered. The show had the right amount of comedy, seriousness and emotion and nothing seemed out of place or forced. Whenever characters were drawn differently for comedic effect, I always laughed which is something I don’t do too often when watching anime.

There were a fair amount of fights but it felt like fighting didn’t form a huge part of this anime and on top of that I was still hooked on every fight, I also loved the dialogue (Edward’s words to Rose about finding her own path are probably some of the most profound words I’ve heard from a show). To this day, it’s the only anime that’s made me shed a tear which I find amazing considering that it was one of the first anime that I watched and I’ve watched a lot more since. I didn’t feel a connection with every character but I still felt like I had a reason to care about every character and despite the fact that not all of the homunculi were killed in cold blood, it was still so satisfying to see them defeated (Even Envy).

To be honest there’s a lot that I could go on about but I wanted to make this post short, so I’ll leave you with this scene that I always think about when it comes to this anime.

One of the benefits of reading posts of the anime blogging community is the exposure that I’ve had to different anime and the views that people have towards them and it’s something I look forward to reading more of!


20 thoughts on “What’s your favourite anime?

  1. Code Geass is cool because of the mechs and the manner in which the main character tries to bring down an Empire using the special power he acquires In a way it is like Death Note with giant robots.

    Parasyte has some entertaining monster action and I dug the banter between the main character and his mutant hand.

    Psycho Pass has a thought provoking sci-fi story line. Lots of shocking moments that make you think if living in a utopia is worth the danger of government monitoring what you think/feel.

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  2. I’ve got to agree with you on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood! Although you explained that it made complete sense when you finished the series, I was throughly confused! There are so many ways to interpret certain points of the plot and there are a lot of different ways to see what unfolded on the screen.

    Most importantly, I see my past self personally in Edward Elric while he falls deep into atheism and science. I was burnt out by the church because of hypocrisy and judgement, and was angry at God like Edward was.

    Anyways, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has a lot of personal connections to me and also was marvelous to watch for general criteria such as plot, characters, animation, etc. it was a joy to watch and is my favorite to this day!

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    1. I like that you’ve got a personal connection to series, I’m even a little jealous because I’ve yet to find a series that I feel that way about. It’s as you say that there are a lot different way to interpret events. My first time watching the show, I felt like father got what he deserved in the end but upon later viewings I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him because he said that he just wanted to be free and his methods made me think that he was just lost.

      If you don’t mind me asking, what about the series left you confused?

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      1. Well, the plot in general I wasn’t catching on to at the end. I just didn’t understand what was happening; all I knew was that Father was defeated and the Elric’s had a happily ever after. Honestly, it got to the last three episodes and I had no clue what was happening!

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  3. Traditionally I’d say, Rurouni Kenshin as it’s what got me into anime in the first place. But in truth, my fondness for it goes mostly to the Manga. The Anime is alright, and is at it’s best in the Kyoto arc which is fantastic on both Anime and Manga. Unfortunately Rurouni Kenshins 3rd season is all filler and can be entirely skipped and ignored. But you know what? I’m sticking to it now that I thought of the Trust & Betrayal OVA which covers Kenshins past.

    The story of an assassin turned peace keeper in the historical setting of the Meiji era of Japan just rings all the right bells for me.

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  4. Full Metal Alchemist is fantastic! My favorite started with DBZ, but these days I think One Piece and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure tie for it. Also, the idea behind your blog reminds me of my own.. I’ve been wanting to write about what I want, creating a written mosaic of my inner self if that makes sense.

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    1. My favourite started out with DBZ as well! I think that anime will have a special place in most people hearts. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is something that I hear more and more about and it’s the same with One Piece although I don’t think I can get into it. What is it about those shows that makes them your favourite?

      What you said fully makes sense, I was hoping that this blog would be seen that way. I really love reading blogs where I can find out about the owner.

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      1. I guess it’s because they have everything I love in an anime in them. Exotic, creative powers, excellent storyelling, unique art styles, both series have good anime adaptations, the list goes on. JoJo is more accesible than One Piece is, partially due to there being 8 different series with loose relationships to one another. (Not to mention the English dub underway!)

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  5. FMA!!! Wohoo! One of my favourites. I must remind myself to write a post about this one of these days. Well, mine is ONE PIECE! I write a LOT of posts about it. It’s the series that I write the most about on my blog.

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      1. There are so many thing. First of all is it’s constantly expanding world. A lot of other anime has worlds that are constant, but in ONE PIECE, it has almost everything. Great storytelling is another thing. Oda-sensei, the manga artist, loves throwing plot curveballs. You’ll never know when he’ll make a seemingling minor or insignificant thing or character into a major twist later on. It’s also so funny and the battles are awesome. I know that the sheer amount of chapters and episodes can really intimidate a newbie, but I think it’s worth a try to start watching it. Ahaha! Can you feel my obsession through my words? I just love ONE PIECE!

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  6. I’m a huge fan of Yoshitoshi Abe; Serial Experiments Lain is a thematical masterpiece, and Haibane Renmei is one of the most subtle and naturally emotional works in the medium. Anything by the old Gainax staff is great; Hideaki Anno, Hiroyuki Imaishi, Kazuya Tsurumaki, so many talented people.

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  7. FMA is one of my favourites too! It was so good~ My other favourites include Death Note and One Piece. I agree with the comments – Code Geass is amazing. As for One Piece, I love everything about it. From the graphics to the characters to the music – EVERYTHING.

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