Facade, I wish had something deep to say about this word like how it’s the human theatre curtain (or something else along those lines) but I don’t. The reason that I wish I had a deep way to describe it is because of how much I feel that I can relate to it. We’ve all seen it, we’ve been a part of it and it’s completely normal.

I’ve found myself saying things and acting in ways that weren’t anything like me and I couldn’t even realise it, even when it was pointed out in front of my face. I remember having someone ask me ‘why do you always change when you’re around ***?’  I couldn’t believe that I was asked that but when I think about it, it was like I wanted to be accepted by everyone so I always changed depending on who I was around.

I don’t think facades are necessarily a bad thing, it sometimes helps us get things that we want like a woman because we pretend to be confident around them despite the fair of not interesting her. It can help with getting friends or just making you more confident with a situation that you’re not used to.

Living behind the façade is the true problem because then it becomes easy to put on a face for situations that you have trouble with without providing an actual answer. It’s what can push confidence into arrogance and sometimes it’s painfully transparent.

In a way a façade is like a tool, like training wheels to help you get more comfortable with a situation but after that it’s best to shed it, something that I’m learning more every day.

Daily Prompt – Facade

6 thoughts on “Facade

  1. I used to listen to this person talk and tell me stories. I tried to just smile and nod hoping he would soon stop, but he never would. By the end, my face would hurt from the pretend smile. Strangely, some of the things he said ended up being useful.

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  2. Another post that shows thinking and self-analysis. I chuckle every time I read one of your posts and realize you have just introduced me, your elder by many, many years, to a new thought or way of looking at things. Yup, you just did it again.

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