Another quick thought (and feeling kind of)

Lately I’ve been feeling some kind of way if I’m honest and I can’t say that it’s positive. I’d like to think that I’m positive on this blog but at times I can’t help but feel like a hypocrite (something that I will blog about when the right time comes). It’s only human to feel down and get negative about your prospects, especially when you compare yourself to others and mix that in with people who have constantly given (shit) opinions that you haven’t asked for and tried to brand it as advice/guidance.

Despite all of this, one thing that has been preached to me over and over is patience and consistency. Life isn’t the kind of thing that wants cooperate because it enjoys being difficult (and kind of why I understand that if life is being a bitch then you’ve got to give it a bitch slap). Despite the fact that we are in control of our lives and decisions (most of the time) we can’t help but still blame ourselves for things that we don’t have but feel we deserve, even if we’ve worked towards achieving it. At times I’ve felt like I was in the right position to do a lot of things but being in a good position doesn’t mean anything if the mindstate isn’t there to match.

The mind is weird because it adds pressure to so many situations and even if you don’t care for the opinions of someone else, if they talk nonsense to you for long enough then you’ll consider it. The thing is that consistency and belief is key so whatever the case is, you’ll achieve what you set out to do. If it’s praying to God, keep doing it, if it’s telling yourself that you’ll get to where you want, keep doing it, whatever it is that you do to keep yourself going keep doing it. I want a lot of people to succeed (I can’t lie, I want to succeed and rub it in some people’s faces) and one thing I definitely want people who read this to know is that you should blame yourself (unnecessarily) for somewhere that you haven’t reached quite yet.


2 thoughts on “Another quick thought (and feeling kind of)

  1. You seem to be going through a rough patch, Jeffrey, but I’m not worried about you because I think you analyze things well, judge yourself fairly, and offer clear-headed advice in your posts — all good things that will help you get where you’re going.

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