Chronicles of no laptop

Not too long ago, I told a tale about how I got arrested for smoking weed or something along those lines before letting all of you know that my imagination went wild, I lost my laptop to destroyed hard drive disease (DHDD, it’s a real thing, check it out) and of course I had to take my meds to contain my imagination and stuff it back into that deep dark box even though I’m not sure where it came from (ok, I’m just waffling nonsense for the last part). This time around I thought I might as well talk about some of effects felt by not having a laptop at the moment.

I’m not even sure where to start to be honest with you. I’d say that the first thing that came along was part of my life feeling as if it had been put on indefinite hold because there were so many things that I couldn’t do. The most obvious thing was that I missed out on so many blog posts and catching up on posts is an absolute bitch! Whilst my blog withdrawal wasn’t being treated, I was missing posts from some of my favourite bloggers (posts which I think I’ve caught up on now!)

Me missing out on posts

The loss of my laptop was almost a sign from the earth saying ‘Jeffrey, for your sake and mine go outside!’ and of course my mental response was FUCK THAT! I want my laptop back!

I74P6Qu - Imgur
There’s no negotiation with the universe

Needless to say, the universe won as I took time to enter the sunlight and be blessed (or bombarded, depends on how you see it) by Maxi dresses EVERYWHERE and great weather which is always amazing because you’ve got to pray to every known deity all year round, sacrifice three sheep and your firstborn son to get that over here in the UK.

Me looking around at what was on offer

There are a few heart breaking things about the loss of my laptop, one being that I can’t watch my wrasslin like how I used to. I can’t watch anime like how I used to (have you seen the manga and anime section of this blog? It needs so much love) and of course I’m spending more time in my library where I only get two hours a day of computer access before I have to disappear (I refer you back to my FUCK THAT! I want my laptop back! Statement).

2L3n28y - Imgur
Two hours? Seriously

The most stunning and crippling loss is of course the loss of my access to the dark web a.k.a what is believed to be around 66% of the internet. I don’t need to go into specifics (at least I don’t think I do) but just know that it is an agonising setback for mankind!

If I don’t get my laptop back then I’ll eventually be back to tell more about not having a laptop.


4 thoughts on “Chronicles of no laptop

    1. Thanks that’s much appreciated! The Internet really does give us a lot doesn’t it, hopefully you never have to go through the experience of losing a PC. I have to admit that not having a laptop at least gives me something to blog about so that’s good.

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  1. My favorite parts of this post: all of the visuals (You are so clever with them) and the entire paragraph beginning “Needless to say…” Very funny stuff. Even though you writing about to having a laptop made me laugh, I hope you get another soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a good thing that it made you laugh, the best thing about a bad situation is that there is always something good that can be made of it! Hopefully I will get another laptop soon.


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