We don’t know…

You know one thing that’s really weird about life? I mean as in it’s really, really weird. We don’t know!


Oh no! Jeffrey’s trying to be metaphorical here…


I mean, yeah we know things and we know stuff too but that’s all in regards to we’ve learned and experienced. We don’t know anything about the future, we can only speculate based on what we see now and to an extent what we know from the past; it shouldn’t be weird at all that I don’t know whether I’m going to eat a chicken and bacon sandwich exactly four days after posting this or that some life altering event is on its way maybe, possibly.

But for some reason it’s still weird

I don’t even think that the word weird fully describes it if I’m being honest with you; it’s beautiful in a way (it’s also ugly too but I don’t want to talk about that). The kind of things that not knowing about the future can do to your mind is just too interesting. Personally, there are the times that I feel scared because I feel that I might not end up where I want to and there are the other times where I feel extremely empowered because if you shoot for the moon, you’ll land on it and if you miss then the stars aren’t exactly what I’d call a bad consolation prize. The kind of effects that these thoughts have are… You know what, I don’t think I can describe it.

Not knowing what the future holds makes us take precautions and it helps us to do things that we might not have even thought we were capable of just because we want to make sure that things turn out well for us in the long run, like finding innovative ways to study for a test in order to avoid failing it. To me it’s a mindfuck, an amazing one but still a mindfuck nonetheless that we can work to develop ourselves personally based on what we don’t know and a strong will.

It might actually be fair to say that development might have actually been slower for us if we knew what things were going to turn out like because we would have got complacent (the butterfly effect might have something else to say on that but that’s a different story). Actually think about that!

I think this goes to show our potential as a race but at the same time I’m not advocating not knowing things because that leads to ignorance and we all know where that can go. I think this might actually be stuck on my mind for a while, to think that there’s some benefit to not knowing how things can work out. The way that we live is truly weird.


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