What’s your favourite anime?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, my favourite anime

Given the amount of people that there are on wordpress (and in the world) who love anime, I find it weird that I haven’t asked the most basic (and maybe essential) question. What is your favourite anime? (and why?) I’ve read about so many different anime series and even given some a watch purely based of what the review said, but I don’t think that any of the anime I’ve read about comes across as the favourite anime of those bloggers. Everybody in the anime blogging community has got a deep love for anime which is what makes me wonder which anime it is that stands above others for them.

My favourite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I feel that it did everything right from the beginning to the end. I loved the story and how every part of it made complete sense and when I finished watching it, I had no questions left to ask because I felt that they were all answered. The show had the right amount of comedy, seriousness and emotion and nothing seemed out of place or forced. Whenever characters were drawn differently for comedic effect, I always laughed which is something I don’t do too often when watching anime.

There were a fair amount of fights but it felt like fighting didn’t form a huge part of this anime and on top of that I was still hooked on every fight, I also loved the dialogue (Edward’s words to Rose about finding her own path are probably some of the most profound words I’ve heard from a show). To this day, it’s the only anime that’s made me shed a tear which I find amazing considering that it was one of the first anime that I watched and I’ve watched a lot more since. I didn’t feel a connection with every character but I still felt like I had a reason to care about every character and despite the fact that not all of the homunculi were killed in cold blood, it was still so satisfying to see them defeated (Even Envy).

To be honest there’s a lot that I could go on about but I wanted to make this post short, so I’ll leave you with this scene that I always think about when it comes to this anime.

One of the benefits of reading posts of the anime blogging community is the exposure that I’ve had to different anime and the views that people have towards them and it’s something I look forward to reading more of!



Facade, I wish had something deep to say about this word like how it’s the human theatre curtain (or something else along those lines) but I don’t. The reason that I wish I had a deep way to describe it is because of how much I feel that I can relate to it. We’ve all seen it, we’ve been a part of it and it’s completely normal.

I’ve found myself saying things and acting in ways that weren’t anything like me and I couldn’t even realise it, even when it was pointed out in front of my face. I remember having someone ask me ‘why do you always change when you’re around ***?’  I couldn’t believe that I was asked that but when I think about it, it was like I wanted to be accepted by everyone so I always changed depending on who I was around.

I don’t think facades are necessarily a bad thing, it sometimes helps us get things that we want like a woman because we pretend to be confident around them despite the fair of not interesting her. It can help with getting friends or just making you more confident with a situation that you’re not used to.

Living behind the façade is the true problem because then it becomes easy to put on a face for situations that you have trouble with without providing an actual answer. It’s what can push confidence into arrogance and sometimes it’s painfully transparent.

In a way a façade is like a tool, like training wheels to help you get more comfortable with a situation but after that it’s best to shed it, something that I’m learning more every day.

Daily Prompt – Facade

Another quick thought (and feeling kind of)

Lately I’ve been feeling some kind of way if I’m honest and I can’t say that it’s positive. I’d like to think that I’m positive on this blog but at times I can’t help but feel like a hypocrite (something that I will blog about when the right time comes). It’s only human to feel down and get negative about your prospects, especially when you compare yourself to others and mix that in with people who have constantly given (shit) opinions that you haven’t asked for and tried to brand it as advice/guidance.

Despite all of this, one thing that has been preached to me over and over is patience and consistency. Life isn’t the kind of thing that wants cooperate because it enjoys being difficult (and kind of why I understand that if life is being a bitch then you’ve got to give it a bitch slap). Despite the fact that we are in control of our lives and decisions (most of the time) we can’t help but still blame ourselves for things that we don’t have but feel we deserve, even if we’ve worked towards achieving it. At times I’ve felt like I was in the right position to do a lot of things but being in a good position doesn’t mean anything if the mindstate isn’t there to match.

The mind is weird because it adds pressure to so many situations and even if you don’t care for the opinions of someone else, if they talk nonsense to you for long enough then you’ll consider it. The thing is that consistency and belief is key so whatever the case is, you’ll achieve what you set out to do. If it’s praying to God, keep doing it, if it’s telling yourself that you’ll get to where you want, keep doing it, whatever it is that you do to keep yourself going keep doing it. I want a lot of people to succeed (I can’t lie, I want to succeed and rub it in some people’s faces) and one thing I definitely want people who read this to know is that you should blame yourself (unnecessarily) for somewhere that you haven’t reached quite yet.

Yet another quick question


The other day I was watching a documentary on insanely rich people called Born Rich (LINK HERE) and they were talking about what it’s like to be born into a rich family where your whole life has practically been set out for you; It was more insightful than I thought it would be and I learned some things from it (things that you probably know already).

One was that rich people are exempt from a LOT of rules, as in they can do whatever they want and they probably won’t feel the side effects of it if it involves money. I also learned that having hundreds of millions at your disposal means that you’ll live in a completely different reality, what the real world means to us in nothing like what the real world means to them. The third but not the final thing (I’m not going to list anymore after this) I learnt was that rich people are honestly more human than we let ourselves believe. To be born into a situation that you didn’t ask to be in is something that we all experience but we aren’t all extremely privileged, rather a lot of us are average (can’t think of a better word). There aren’t too many people in the world that are extremely rich, it’s a small circle and because they’re out of touch with “normal folk” it’s a lot easier for them to feel isolated. Imagine someone who’s extremely rich and has nothing in common with other extremely rich people life must be hell for them.

With all of that being said, that’s not even the main point of this blog post. There was one particular quotable in that documentary where one of the interviewees, Luke Weil said that losing all of his money would be on the level of losing a relative. That’s one hell of an attachment that he’s got to his money but what hit me most about it was that the money he was talking about was inherited money. It made me wonder for us who aren’t as rich, how would it feel to lose everything that you’ve earned (or not inherited)?

I’m pretty sure that in life we’re taught at some point that being attached to material possessions isn’t the way to go because they don’t last but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt. I’ll be the first to tell you that and my posts about not having a laptop can vouch for me.

Back to the point, what I want to know is if you can relate to that? What would the feeling of experiencing such a loss do for/to you?

On a side note, I find loss interesting for rich people because money might be the most valuable thing they have. It’s what sets them apart from us because in most cases anything they lose can easily be replaced whereas for us, that next paycheck might only be a small step.

Chronicles of no laptop

Not too long ago, I told a tale about how I got arrested for smoking weed or something along those lines before letting all of you know that my imagination went wild, I lost my laptop to destroyed hard drive disease (DHDD, it’s a real thing, check it out) and of course I had to take my meds to contain my imagination and stuff it back into that deep dark box even though I’m not sure where it came from (ok, I’m just waffling nonsense for the last part). This time around I thought I might as well talk about some of effects felt by not having a laptop at the moment.

I’m not even sure where to start to be honest with you. I’d say that the first thing that came along was part of my life feeling as if it had been put on indefinite hold because there were so many things that I couldn’t do. The most obvious thing was that I missed out on so many blog posts and catching up on posts is an absolute bitch! Whilst my blog withdrawal wasn’t being treated, I was missing posts from some of my favourite bloggers (posts which I think I’ve caught up on now!)

Me missing out on posts

The loss of my laptop was almost a sign from the earth saying ‘Jeffrey, for your sake and mine go outside!’ and of course my mental response was FUCK THAT! I want my laptop back!

I74P6Qu - Imgur
There’s no negotiation with the universe

Needless to say, the universe won as I took time to enter the sunlight and be blessed (or bombarded, depends on how you see it) by Maxi dresses EVERYWHERE and great weather which is always amazing because you’ve got to pray to every known deity all year round, sacrifice three sheep and your firstborn son to get that over here in the UK.

Me looking around at what was on offer

There are a few heart breaking things about the loss of my laptop, one being that I can’t watch my wrasslin like how I used to. I can’t watch anime like how I used to (have you seen the manga and anime section of this blog? It needs so much love) and of course I’m spending more time in my library where I only get two hours a day of computer access before I have to disappear (I refer you back to my FUCK THAT! I want my laptop back! Statement).

2L3n28y - Imgur
Two hours? Seriously

The most stunning and crippling loss is of course the loss of my access to the dark web a.k.a what is believed to be around 66% of the internet. I don’t need to go into specifics (at least I don’t think I do) but just know that it is an agonising setback for mankind!

If I don’t get my laptop back then I’ll eventually be back to tell more about not having a laptop.

We don’t know…

You know one thing that’s really weird about life? I mean as in it’s really, really weird. We don’t know!


Oh no! Jeffrey’s trying to be metaphorical here…


I mean, yeah we know things and we know stuff too but that’s all in regards to we’ve learned and experienced. We don’t know anything about the future, we can only speculate based on what we see now and to an extent what we know from the past; it shouldn’t be weird at all that I don’t know whether I’m going to eat a chicken and bacon sandwich exactly four days after posting this or that some life altering event is on its way maybe, possibly.

But for some reason it’s still weird

I don’t even think that the word weird fully describes it if I’m being honest with you; it’s beautiful in a way (it’s also ugly too but I don’t want to talk about that). The kind of things that not knowing about the future can do to your mind is just too interesting. Personally, there are the times that I feel scared because I feel that I might not end up where I want to and there are the other times where I feel extremely empowered because if you shoot for the moon, you’ll land on it and if you miss then the stars aren’t exactly what I’d call a bad consolation prize. The kind of effects that these thoughts have are… You know what, I don’t think I can describe it.

Not knowing what the future holds makes us take precautions and it helps us to do things that we might not have even thought we were capable of just because we want to make sure that things turn out well for us in the long run, like finding innovative ways to study for a test in order to avoid failing it. To me it’s a mindfuck, an amazing one but still a mindfuck nonetheless that we can work to develop ourselves personally based on what we don’t know and a strong will.

It might actually be fair to say that development might have actually been slower for us if we knew what things were going to turn out like because we would have got complacent (the butterfly effect might have something else to say on that but that’s a different story). Actually think about that!

I think this goes to show our potential as a race but at the same time I’m not advocating not knowing things because that leads to ignorance and we all know where that can go. I think this might actually be stuck on my mind for a while, to think that there’s some benefit to not knowing how things can work out. The way that we live is truly weird.