First post in a while (why I’ve been missing)

It’s been a while since I was on this thing and if you were wondering (even if you weren’t wondering) I’m going to tell you why… I just had to take a little pause there because the reason I’ve been off my blog was that I was arrested (OH NO!)

Warning: This post is going to be longer than my usual ones!

There it’s done! I’ve finally managed to get it out there! So by now, you might be wondering how I got arrested (I am too). It’s hard to explain, to be honest it’s hard for me to imagine it despite it happening and all, anyway I’m waffling too much so let me get back to the story. Do you remember my last post about not getting a job because I was late to the interview? (IF NOT THEN CLICK THIS) It continues from there; I came back and wrote a blog post a week later (I’m not sure now that I think about it) and it caught the attention of some of my good friends.

This is practically where everything starts. I go through the usuals, as you do when you’re talking to your friends, describing the job situation in detail and how I got talked down to, pretty much feeling like a loser for about ten minutes and then some time after the whole thing. Being the unemployed graduate that I am who’s currently living off jobseekers allowance, I can tell you that it fucking sucks when I lose a chance to make money (and a lot of other jobseekers will tell you this as well).

Me when I lose out on a job

Back to the story, my friends and I had an uplifting conversation about goals, hustles and the struggle(s) that everybody has go through in life in order to get to where they want to be and unfortunately that involves a couple of bumps in the form of creatures specifically designed to put you down (DON’T LET PEOPLE THAT DON’T KNOW YOU TELL YOU ABOUT YOURSELF).

To those who try to tell you who you are

If you’re wondering what all of this has to do with me getting arrested then you’ve got to wait; a wise person (not sure who) once said that patience is a virtue. Having finished the conversation in which my friends and I decided that we were going to follow our goals and be remembered for being great (something that I kind of alluded to in a previous post) we decided that we would go out and celebrate because fuck negativity. It’s always great to go outside because you never know what’s going to happen but that also a reason to be weary. It’s not hard to tell that we were in an excitable mood when going out which meant that literally anything happening could escalate quickly.

My friends and I got to the pub and entered with so much authority that it would have made any bystander ask who are these pricks? (maybe they did) Not that we cared because after getting our drinks and sitting down, we were heard by everyone which was obvious because of the amount of people looking at us (or maybe everybody in the pub was staring in our direction because the wall design was nice, who knows). We’ve all been there, where some of us are just trying to enjoy a fine evening (or afternoon) and soak in the atmosphere until a bunch of obnoxious guys completely ruin everything by having absolutely no awareness of the vibe surrounding the area and for once I was part of the disruption. One particular man, I’d say maybe a few years older than my group asked us to be quiet which was understandable but in my defence I don’t think he really understood the vibe that we were sharing at the moment. To be an excited young adult is a good feeling because in my experience I’ve found that there are a lot things that will get you down and quickly too!

What being an excited young adult feels like

We all stood up at once yelling different things, it was synchronised yet unsynchronised at the same time, you would have thought we were speaking made up rubbish if you were there. The shouting match continued and people opted not to get involved (which to be fair is typically British) until I suggested that we go and sit outside (which we should have done to begin with). Just because we went outside, it didn’t mean that things had ended, it was actually the rest before round 2. The positive vibe was pretty much gone at this point as my friends waited patiently for the man we were arguing with to come outside. I pretty much resigned myself to the belief that shit was going down, so I pretty much took out my rolling materials (I brought weed by the way) and started rolling it up.

How my friends were staring at the pub door

For the record, I’m not a rebel (not that you said or thought that I was) it was a decision fuelled by a shit moment. I rolled up quickly because I thought that I could smoke and finish with enough time to go home and I did manage to finish rolling up. What followed was the man from earlier, exiting with a young woman, he was spotted instantly which lead to one of my friends sprinting out of his seat (literally the best way that I can describe it) and headbutting the man in chest, dropping him to the floor. Needless to say, a fight broke out right in front of the pub so I decided to go around the corner and get lifted.

Meanwhile the spliff sent me here

I can tell you now that I wasn’t needed in this fight, not even in the slightest. I can also tell you that I enjoyed my spliff a little too much and I can also tell you that I’m running out words because I’m sure where to take this…

Did I mention that I got arrested and tell you a story after? I meant to say that the hard drive on my laptop died and I’ve had to relocate to my local library… This is what happens when I’m bored with no laptop, I make up stories. Until next time where I’ll talk about life without a laptop.

On a side note, let me know if you found the story interesting or not and what made you feel so.