Song of the week 18/7/16 – 24/7/16

My song this week is an honorary song of the week recommended by a friend of mine, it’s the first time I’ve done one of these but I had to put this song up, anyway enough of trying to make you guess what the song is; the song is ‘Addicted to My Ex’ by M-City Jr. The song might sound like a guy who’s missing his ex but it’s far from it, in fact it’s the complete opposite. This song more or describes what people might want to do to their ex’s but can’t out of the fear of still seeming interested (what a life).

Favourite line(s): ‘I brought her a gift, didn’t return it I took it right back from her, I ain’t gon never get back with her unless she suck me like Dracula, listen I’m telling you’

I’m sure you’ll add some more context because I’ve got nothing (sorry).

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Break up with your partner and see if this relates (or more sensibly when you’re feeling untouchable).


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