Ok. I’ve calmed down from the rant that I had in a previous post and I feel that I can write clearly. When I wrote about the EU referendum I was pissed off because I thought that the main reason Britain voted to leave was based on xenophobia and I still think that, having said that I have a few thoughts on the subject that I want to share.

The idea that you could dislike/hate someone based on their nationality has never made sense to me in the slightest. I mean let’s actually think about it, you have a problem with somebody because they were born in a different country?

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What the fuck is that?

As if that’s something that people have any kind of power over; people don’t say to their parents during development ‘Hey mum, give birth to me in Switzerland alright. Cool!’ It’s literally a circumstance that people are put in and sometimes to make the best of it the answer might be moving to another country for better opportunities.

In my opinion, there’s so much to gain from accepting people from other countries (acceptance of most things in general as long as they’re not bad). Taking in different cultures and gaining knowledge on different ways of life or even learning about a country from somebody who’s experienced it firsthand don’t seem like bad things to me. It also helps to make the society multicultural so it’s basically having some exposure to a foreign country whilst being in your own home (you can sample food, clothing, customs and add them to your way of life, what’s not to love?) Unfortunately there are misguided people (idiots) led by some unreasonable belief that countries should be kept pure (ignoring the possibility that some of their ancestors were immigrants).

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How people should be with each other

I won’t act like it doesn’t skew the population but at the same time it looks to me as if people really love to look at immigration with supreme tunnel vision. It’s as if some people really feel that they can tell me they’re fine with immigrants staying in their country of origin, having to deal with what may be crappy conditions just to keep them out. How can people honestly not see a problem with this?

For me I honestly feel like people should work together, cancers like xenophobia and racism keep us divided. They block us from having a greater understanding of each other, the words live and let live have never been more appropriate (especially when you see the fuckery that’s going on in America. It’s not xenophobia but it’s still unacceptable). I find it almost indescribable how stupid a reason xenophobia is to justify anything because it just causes unnecessary negativity and nobody needs that.

Everybody has their differences, it’s part of what makes us human but I think that it’s forgotten we’re all human at the end of the day. Take away the beliefs, nationalities, skin colour and physical appearances then we’re all the same.


2 thoughts on “Xenophobia…

  1. I think island nations like the UK tend to be a little xenophobic, because historically they wouldn’t get many visitors (most people making landfall would end up being invaders.) Australia for example is very strict with immigration and I have some some anime from Japan were foreigners are painted in a less than glowing light.

    A mix of cultures sharing ideas should theoretically be great. Some people get paranoid however when they have a bad experience with someone from abroad. It also doesn’t help when the news shows immigrant communities in a bad light (those that refuse to socialize with locals and some of them demand that natives adopt their beliefs.)

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    1. Fair enough, I get that historically people may not like outsiders and that’s something that I hope will change with time. The media definitely doesn’t help, they like to put a negative spin on a lot of things. It’s one of the things I hate about the media. I do feel as if people should be able to think for themselves and not quickly jump to conclusions, with some consideration people might find that they stand to benefit a lot.

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