Some of my core beliefs

A few days ago I read a great blog post by Janet on her blog Aunt Beulah which I highly recommend that you read (THE LINK IS HERE). She shared some of her core beliefs which I enjoyed reading and I found that I agreed with them as well because they really do promote a good quality of life. I have a few beliefs of my own that I’d like to share too, I’ll admit that sometimes I can slack with them but just generally these things that I think really help me through everyday life, especially those days where I get upset about things that I haven’t achieved (which happens more often then I’d like to admit).

Put things into perspective

One of my main beliefs is to always put everything into perspective, it really helps a lot when thoughts start rushing at you. I have a lot of phases where I ask myself why I haven’t done certain things and then I remind myself of my age before going on to compare myself to other people of the same age and the things that they’re doing; from there it just goes downhill for a short while. I try really hard not to get into my feelings about things by watching TED talks and constantly telling myself that life is a marathon not a sprint, it reminds me that I have time to achieve the things I want to achieve because when it comes to goals it’s not about when you achieve them, it’s just about making sure that you achieve them. This also helps me think straight because I’ve had people tell me what I should be doing with myself and these are usually things that I don’t care about but on the off chance that it is something I care about, I can ask myself if it’s a huge priority and if the person telling me what to do is relevant. Generally speaking, if you look at life with a brighter point of view you’ll find that it’s never the end of the world when you’re faced with a problem.

If it’s something you care about then do it to the best of your ability

Speaking of caring about things, I can’t say that there are a lot of things that I have really cared about in my life because I’m a guy that really likes to stay in his own bubble. I do pay attention to things but I don’t think much of them so I tend to coast (it’s pretty much how I got through education). This isn’t a great trait to have but for some reason I find it physically and mentally impossible to put my full effort into something that I don’t care about. When it comes to things that I do care about it’s the opposite. I’m always thinking and plotting on how to do better and if I could even be good enough to make a profit from it, with things I care about, I find that putting the effort is fun and because it’s something that could possibly contribute to my legacy, I want to do it justice. To put it simply, why not try your hardest if you’re doing something that you care about?

Laugh… A LOT

I like watching funny stuff, I don’t think I can remember the last time that I went a day without laughing. Laughing is a great for many reasons, it creates bonds, it makes you forget about bad things, when you’re bored it will cure it just to name a few. Laughing just sends good vibes and it can make people that you can’t stand bearable (although you shouldn’t be around those kind of people). There’s way too much to say about how much I value laughing but just know that it’s very important.

I have more but I think these have been the most relevant to me in recent times. What’s kept you going through life, values that you abide by that have really helped you?


4 thoughts on “Some of my core beliefs

  1. I didn’t know what a good read I would have when I suggested you write about your core beliefs. We already agree about laughter, but your other two beliefs caused me to think, to do some self examination, to commit to them. I don’t know that I would have put them in my list before reading your ideas about putting things into perspective and doing your best with things you care about, but I plan to try to incorporate them into my world view so eventually they belong to me. In both cases, your words convinced me, especially the final sentences in each. And thanks, Jeffrey, for your recommendation of my blog. I appreciate it.

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    1. I wish you well in adapting these views into your life, from what I know you already have strong core values which is more than anybody could ask for. I’m happy to know that my words convinced you, I now know that I’m doing my job and having an impact somewhere. I’m always happy to recommend your blog 🙂

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