My first time doing a daily prompt and it happens to be for the word tourist.

Tourist is an interesting word to me, I know that it’s thought of as being on holiday in a place that want (or don’t want) to go but for me, I think of it as just being in an undiscovered space where you can take things in. I’m not trying to be one of those guys who looks at things on a “deeper” level and pulls out meanings that aren’t really there but that’s how the word comes across to me. You can be physical a tourist overseas but you can really be a tourist in your home city/town and in your own mind.

To feel like a stranger in a place that you’ve lived in for so long is an amazing feeling because it tells you that there’s so much more to learn and it gives you some perspective. For example, discovering a new part of your city that looks appealing and what it tells you about your aspirations and what you might do to move towards them. Tourism can honestly be one of the deepest learning experiences because just being in a position where you pick up information from a familiar but unfamiliar source can give some you of the wildest thoughts (it does for me at least) and these are things will surprise you.

It also lets you go with the flow and get away from the pressures of life, something that I feel we don’t get to much time to do for various reasons.


4 thoughts on “Tourist…

  1. Jeffrey, this is an excellent reflection on the word tourist. You mentioned things I hadn’t thought about and made me consider my thoughts about tourists — two characteristics of an interesting piece of writing.

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