A weird thought


I’ve had such a random thought for a while now and I thought that I might as well share it today (I was meant to share this ages ago). Since God knows when, I’ve imagined that life might actually be a game but not in the sense that, that’s how you should look at it but as in that’s what it actually is, kind of like a Grand Theft Auto game. I’m not sure why this thought came around and I’m not even sure of when it came but sometimes I just sit there and ask myself if God is playing some kind of game where we’re all characters (or just someone random, if you don’t believe in a God).

There’re a lot of reasons to think that what I’m saying is stupid and ridiculous and to be honest, I’m not even going to try and convince you that it isn’t because it’s up to you how you want take it. When I look at some of the events that happen during the course of a lifetime, I think to myself that it just can’t be written because they’re literally so mad. It’s really weird because they’re things that we just accept shouldn’t happen in real life even though any and everything can happen, you’ll never know what you’ll experience. Not knowing what you’ll come across is something that makes me wonder if life is a game as well because when you buy a game you don’t know what to expect from it (there are some exceptions like FIFA, Assassin’s Creed and others but you’ll be reading for too long if I name all of them) and for some games, you’ll be given choices that can alter the story much like how every choice we make has an impact on our future.

I know that some games are based on aspects of life which probably explains the similarities that I find between the two but at the same time there’s a further something that fuels this thought and I can’t explain it. If I’m honest I think it might honestly just be the randomness of life, the way that everybody has their own thoughts and opinions (or lack of) on everything, especially when it comes to religion and how people can tend to believe that the being they put all of their faith into controls everything and it’s so easy to relate that to a someone playing a game and improving the stats of a particular character to move further or just coming across a character with a quirky personality.

Just because life is so random, I think it’s possible that we could be entertainment for somebody else and we don’t even know it. This is something that I’ll think about and develop more and when I do, I’ll be back to properly explain this thought. On another note, I think I might have to share more weird thoughts on here.

What do you reckon on this thought? What are some of the weird thoughts you’ve had? I’d love to read some.


9 thoughts on “A weird thought

  1. It’s too early in the morning for thoughts like that….
    I just think of that Stephen King book Under The Dome where the dome was put down by baby aliens who just wanted to watch the humans inside it for fun.

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    1. Weird thoughts always come to me at weird times 😆 It would be scary stuff if we were ever in a situation where a dome was placed over us by aliens, they could do anything they wanted.


      1. Hmm..They pop in and out but sometimes, I tie movies together or see a unsearched character. Then, I create a narrative of them. I honestly couldn’t tell you the exact thought because they usually are just that…a thought. lol

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  2. See but where’s the evidence for that? It is an entertaining theory, but there is nothing that can prove that life is a video game or simulation. I used to be a die-hard atheist, and I learned most of all that it takes much more faith to believe in those kind of assumptions than the truth that God gives. I promise that I have no ill-will towards you: I just wanted to insert my outlook and perspective.

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    1. I appreciate your view on this and don’t feel any disrespect from your comment. I’m not sure how I’ve come across in this post but I’m not trying to prove that life is a game, I’ll admit that I think it’s a possibility but for the most part it was just something that came to mind and I thought that I’d write about it so that I could read some of the weird thoughts that people in the blogging community had.


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