An important question on anime



I thought I’d just write a short post today on anime. When it comes to anime I have so many questions but I think that there’s one question that has to come before all of the other questions that I have. What makes it so amazing to watch? Everybody has something that they love about it but I assume that there must be a drawing point that everybody agrees on. For me this has been one of the biggest questions that I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten an answer to, anime can be one of those things that you’ll find yourself watching religiously if you’re not careful but that is also one of the most beautiful things about it, the fact that it’s so immersive. Just in general anime is an amazing thing and personally I’d love to have more to do with it in the future.

If there isn’t a definitive answer, I’d still like to know what makes people watch it as I find it interesting to try and see things like this from another perspective.


10 thoughts on “An important question on anime

  1. I doubt there’s a definitive answer to that one. Personally, I watch anime because of the range of stories you can find and the fact that a lot of these stories are told fairly quickly (10 – 13 episodes). But that’s my reason for watching anime.

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  2. That’s such a great question. I wish I knew the answer. I mean, I love anime that’s cute and colorful. But my husband loves the action-style ones. So we try and find anime that has both, haha. Maybe it’s just the storylines that people love? Or it reminds everyone of watching cartoons as a kid? Or both.

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  3. What makes anime so appealing? I have so many different ways on how to answer this question. As a child, I just automatically watched anime because my own family watches it. Watching anime was a wonderful family bonding time. As a teenager, it was an instrument in helping me deal with my volatile emotional/hormonal changes. As a young adult, anime is a great inspiration in aiding me with my passion for writing and story-telling, and of course in helping me retain my “childhood heart”. I still have other ways on how to answer this question, but one thing I can say for sure is that anime is a big part of my life. It’s a part of who I am, my identity. Take anime away, and I’ll be a different me. Anyway, good topic of discussion. Thanks. Cheers!

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  4. Incredible art style and animation aside, I find anime to be one of the best mediums because its creators aren’t afraid to get down and dirty with what society would otherwise deem taboo. I hate it when people are afraid to talk about a certain topic just because it might taint their hands. Get gritty, people! Get anime!!

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    1. Really good points! I agree that anime is much more ballsy than other things. It’s defintely one of the reasons why anime is ahead of other forms of entertainment and should have more fans too.

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