My first time doing a daily prompt and it happens to be for the word tourist.

Tourist is an interesting word to me, I know that it’s thought of as being on holiday in a place that want (or don’t want) to go but for me, I think of it as just being in an undiscovered space where you can take things in. I’m not trying to be one of those guys who looks at things on a “deeper” level and pulls out meanings that aren’t really there but that’s how the word comes across to me. You can be physical a tourist overseas but you can really be a tourist in your home city/town and in your own mind.

To feel like a stranger in a place that you’ve lived in for so long is an amazing feeling because it tells you that there’s so much more to learn and it gives you some perspective. For example, discovering a new part of your city that looks appealing and what it tells you about your aspirations and what you might do to move towards them. Tourism can honestly be one of the deepest learning experiences because just being in a position where you pick up information from a familiar but unfamiliar source can give some you of the wildest thoughts (it does for me at least) and these are things will surprise you.

It also lets you go with the flow and get away from the pressures of life, something that I feel we don’t get to much time to do for various reasons.


Brexit thoughts, take it how you will…

I know that the referendum is done and we’re a few days past it but I still thought that I’d write about it because I have some thoughts that I want to get out (I guess this is obvious since I’m blogging it). Most of Britain voted to leave the European Union and I’ll be honest I’m not very happy about that at all, hopefully if the world is good then Britain’s exit will be vetoed. When it comes down to it, I don’t think I should be surprised that Britain voted out but there’s one thing about it that really irks the fuck out of me, the xenophobic nature of the result.

There are a lot of valid reasons which people used to come to the conclusion that Britain should leave the EU (although a lot of out voters realised that they fucked up) but that’s not what won the day. Brexit proved two things, Britain’s so xenophobic that it’s actually stupid and things like this shouldn’t be left in the hands of the public. I’m not politically inclined and I’ll always be the first to admit this but at the same time, I’m aware of the things that the EU does (or did at this rate) for Britain and this is something that a lot of people weren’t aware of when they voted, as the many reports of people searching Google for answers in relation to what the EU does after voting closed.

The more I think about it, the more confused I get because so many people here are so happy to say that immigrants will no longer be coming to Britain (even though that’s not the case) and in all of that, they’ve got immigrants upset and worried because they’re not sure of their future (immigrants aren’t just going to get deported, I reckon they’re safe but I don’t know about their businesses). I’m from London so obviously, I’ve lived in a multicultural bubble for the majority of my life and I’ve never really seen British xenophobia anywhere near its peak however outside London it’s rampant. There have already been incidents where British people have started getting the balls to talk shit to those who aren’t British and this is the stupidity that also gets to me.

You can tell who the leave campaign targeted when you look at it, it’s really not hard to see (I won’t say because I feel like I can’t say it without coming across as rude). A lot of people who voted out talked so much nonsense about immigrants stealing jobs and I don’t even know where to start with this. They talked as if every immigrant comes to the UK and immediately becomes a doctor, lawyer, journalist or something as respected as that when in reality they willingly take the jobs that British people think they’re above doing, I couldn’t believe the bullshit I heard when people were casually saying that there would be more job opportunities. What makes it even worse is because the angle was spun in such a way that it made it seem as if immigrants give nothing when they pay taxes and contribute to the economy, those same taxes that are taken out of their pay are given to people who don’t even try to search from jobs and get comfortable living off benefits (not all of these people voted out but the ones who voted out, you could imagine were vocal).

To be honest, both campaigns didn’t always have the right statistics but you could see that the leave campaign was built on a hell of a lot of lies. Within 24 hours of Britain voting to leave Nigel Farage practically backtracked on the promise to spend £350million on the NHS (keep in mind that Britain spends way more on that on the NHS). That’s not even the worst thing, the worst thing is that it looked as if Britain had no plan upon leaving the EU, look at this clip from Boris Johnson and ask yourself if that’s someone who looks as if they know what to about Britain’s situation.

The negative effects of Brexit were immediately felt and it’s not looking like it’s going to get any better; with Britain definitely preparing for price inflation thanks to the weakened economy (you know the same ones that immigrants contributed to), the future of students British students studying in EU and vice versa in doubt, the partnerships forged with many countries heading towards new deals which might not be as good and more. It’s unbelievable to think that this was done mostly to spite immigrants.

I feel that I have more to write so I’ll follow it up later on because I got angry as I wrote this.

Song of the week 20/6/16 – 27/6/16

It’s one of those occasions again! I don’t have a song this week because I really couldn’t choose this time around. You know those situations where you listen to so many songs and you’re like “Jesus Christ Daz! I’ve got really good taste in music” so you start to appreciate your ears more and no song really stands out to you? It was one of those situations. Now that’s all been said, you can always listen to what I put as my song last week (here) and feel free send me a suggestion and I’ll put that as an honorary song of the week. Enjoy your week!


A weird thought


I’ve had such a random thought for a while now and I thought that I might as well share it today (I was meant to share this ages ago). Since God knows when, I’ve imagined that life might actually be a game but not in the sense that, that’s how you should look at it but as in that’s what it actually is, kind of like a Grand Theft Auto game. I’m not sure why this thought came around and I’m not even sure of when it came but sometimes I just sit there and ask myself if God is playing some kind of game where we’re all characters (or just someone random, if you don’t believe in a God).

There’re a lot of reasons to think that what I’m saying is stupid and ridiculous and to be honest, I’m not even going to try and convince you that it isn’t because it’s up to you how you want take it. When I look at some of the events that happen during the course of a lifetime, I think to myself that it just can’t be written because they’re literally so mad. It’s really weird because they’re things that we just accept shouldn’t happen in real life even though any and everything can happen, you’ll never know what you’ll experience. Not knowing what you’ll come across is something that makes me wonder if life is a game as well because when you buy a game you don’t know what to expect from it (there are some exceptions like FIFA, Assassin’s Creed and others but you’ll be reading for too long if I name all of them) and for some games, you’ll be given choices that can alter the story much like how every choice we make has an impact on our future.

I know that some games are based on aspects of life which probably explains the similarities that I find between the two but at the same time there’s a further something that fuels this thought and I can’t explain it. If I’m honest I think it might honestly just be the randomness of life, the way that everybody has their own thoughts and opinions (or lack of) on everything, especially when it comes to religion and how people can tend to believe that the being they put all of their faith into controls everything and it’s so easy to relate that to a someone playing a game and improving the stats of a particular character to move further or just coming across a character with a quirky personality.

Just because life is so random, I think it’s possible that we could be entertainment for somebody else and we don’t even know it. This is something that I’ll think about and develop more and when I do, I’ll be back to properly explain this thought. On another note, I think I might have to share more weird thoughts on here.

What do you reckon on this thought? What are some of the weird thoughts you’ve had? I’d love to read some.

Song of the week 13/6/16 – 19/6/16

I’m feeling lazy so I’m just going to get to the point this week, this week my song is ‘U Can’t Afford to Build’ by Terminator. This song is just full of truth, Terminator tells things how it is. Let me explain that better (so much for getting to the point), Terminator talks about UK trap rappers who brag about having a lot of money and how they really have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to making money on a large scale. He practically lays out the thought process for these rappers who pretend to have money and why he’s so further up the food chain than they are.

Favourite line(s):

“Man didn’t wanna go too ham, but you man are just talking too much trash”

“Your life’s like a yo-yo, one year whip’s cold, you cop mad clothes, next year your money’s low and you got dumb clothes, year after you’ve got clothes but your re-up money’s a no show, sold whip, sold watch, now you’ve got re-up for the blow, blow, new link ‘cause your old one thinks you’re a no show, you got food, nothing’s smooth, so things don’t flow cold, your income’s moving slow-mo so you dip in your re-up dough, next thing your re-up dough is mad low, see how your life’s gone from sky high to mad low.”

There’s always been a culture of showing off in rap which really doesn’t do much for anybody. A lot of people lie about it and for a good number of those that don’t lie, they’ll plateau at a certain amount of money. Those rappers that Terminator calls out are the same ones that have an influence on and get teenagers excited to be stupid with their money as well as making it questionably. This song is refreshing because Terminator is a guy that’s actually rich and doesn’t feel the need to brag about it and that’s how it should be, make your moves in silence.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Anytime is perfect to listen to Terminator.

Song of the week 6/6/2016 -12/6/2016

Song of the week, let’s get on with this. This week my song is ‘THat Part’ by ScHoolboy Q featuring Kanye West. I actually have no idea what this song is about, if it even has a subject. When I listened to it, it didn’t seem like there happened to be a subject, just a bunch of references which is always cool. If I’m really, really honest with you it was the instrumental that hooked me and it’s still the instrumental that’s making me feel this song.

Favourite line(s):

ScHoolboy Q – “Me no conversate with the fake, that part”

Kanye West – “Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay!”

I’m not as open to ScHoolboy Q’s music as much as other people that I’ve met but based off this song alone, I feel like I might have to get the album. Listen to this song and enjoy your week (even if you don’t enjoy the song, enjoy your week!)

Recommendation on how/when to listen: When you’re really relaxed/waved

An important question on anime



I thought I’d just write a short post today on anime. When it comes to anime I have so many questions but I think that there’s one question that has to come before all of the other questions that I have. What makes it so amazing to watch? Everybody has something that they love about it but I assume that there must be a drawing point that everybody agrees on. For me this has been one of the biggest questions that I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten an answer to, anime can be one of those things that you’ll find yourself watching religiously if you’re not careful but that is also one of the most beautiful things about it, the fact that it’s so immersive. Just in general anime is an amazing thing and personally I’d love to have more to do with it in the future.

If there isn’t a definitive answer, I’d still like to know what makes people watch it as I find it interesting to try and see things like this from another perspective.


What I want to do to easily offended people

I thought I would do a blog post today because I’ve been getting very lazy with my posts lately and that’s fucking unacceptable! Well it is acceptable because it’s my blog I guess, but still I need to be getting myself into gear and delivering content. Anyway… The truth is that I’ve felt to write this one for a while because certain aspects of society have really been getting to me lately, you could even say they’ve been ‘grinding my gears’ word to Peter Griffin.

Let me just get to the point now. People are too fucking sensitive and I’m not even sure how to describe the way that it gets to me if I’m honest with you. I know that everybody tries to be politically correct (something I think is a cancer in some regards) but the more I look at it, the dumber it gets because people use this as excuse to be insanely offended by nothing. Just the other day, I came across an article where Rose McGowan was angry about the fact that the X-Men: Apocalypse poster had an image of Apocalypse strangling mystique. She then said that the poster was promoting violence against women. I don’t believe in hitting woman, that’s a big no-no, Hell to the Nizz-O! (Unless you’re sparring in a ring, brushing up on your techniques or unless she hits you first which is a post for another day) but there’s levels to this shit.

Me when people are screaming and being offended over nothing.

There are a number of reasons why mystique in particular was on that poster and it wasn’t exactly as if Apocalypse was going to give her a hug but that’s not the point. It really gets to me is that people like to force the idea that everything has a subtext and for some reason it tends to be more negative than positive. There are so many things that you can’t do nowadays without being accused of having an intention that you clearly don’t have. I honestly fear that this is going to get worse over time because this kind of thing is so consistent on the internet, if there isn’t outrage over one thing then there’s outrage over something else and the worst part is that outrage will grow as the things get less offensive.

What’s weird is that whilst people are ULTRA sensitive to practically everything, they’re willing to be offensive in their views towards the things that offend them and it’s so toxic. Political correctness seems to protect a lot of people and it allows people’s (in)sensitivity run rampant without getting G-checked. When you look at these things on the internet and in real life that cause outrage, pay attention to those who are most vocal and opinionated and after a while you’ll see that a lot of them aren’t really trying to make a point but rather draw comparisons that draw an irrelevant group into the argument or they’ll start spewing hatred.

I have no idea where things are going to go from here and I don’t want to make any statements that are too damning but I will say this, people need to get some thicker skin and stop bitching for the sake of bitching. It’s already bad how divisive people can be when airing their gripes about things that are truly offensive so we really shouldn’t be allowing room for all of this oversensitive nonsense. I think that the best way I can describe this is that it’s just a mess, a huge mess.

Song of the week 30/5/16 – 5/6/16

Another week, another song and the song is ‘Battle Riddim’ by Tempa T. If you remember my last song of the week post that had a Tempz song then you’ll have an idea of what this song is about and if not then here’s a link to refresh your memory (HERE!). Battle Riddim is more or less a song about beating people up with Tempa T giving us a few bars about somebody that he had to beat up (or at least what he would do).

Favourite line(s):

“Tempa’s lookin’ around for some bottles, Tempa’s lookin’ around for some bottles, I can see a glass bottle let me grab it, I can see a glass bottle let me grab it”

“Swing that bat to your face (PROPER!), you’ll get smashed (PROPER!), crack your head (PROPER!), stamp, stamp on your head, swing blows, killer combos, bust your nose (PROPER!), murk you (PROPER!), step back with the bat and swing (PROPER!)”

First things first, can we appreciate that this has an anime music video? I don’t see too many of those anymore. Remember what I said last week about songs just giving you confidence? This is one of those songs. I’m not a violent guy and you’ll never catch me doing the things said in this song but you’d be surprised at how these songs can get you moving around and make you feel like a different person if you give it a chance. Seriously just sing along with my favourite lines and you’ll see what I mean.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Days where you want to be hyped