Song of the week 23/5/16 – 29/5/16

Seriously, is it me or does it seem like Sunday comes quickly? I feel like the only blog posts that I write are song of the week ones, anyway with all of that being said I have another song for all of you this week. The song is ‘Shouldn’t of’ by Danny Brown and I’ll admit I’m not sure how much you will appreciate this one (then again, I’m not sure how much you appreciate any of the songs that I post). This song sounds so ignorant and I love ignorant sounding music, it’s hard to explain but you need days where you’re listening to this type of music because it will make you feel unobtainable levels of confidence.

Favourite Line(s):

“Drunk as fuck, high as shit, bitch suck my dick!”

“I’m all up in your liquor cabinet, drinking whatever up in the bitch”

“I’m in the house of hip-hop, with my motherfuckin’ feet on the table, ran the phone bill up on the phone sex line and I even ordered porn on the cable”

In this song Danny Brown goes to somebody’s house and delivers Rick James levels of violations to the house as some of my favourite lines will tell you. It could be taken that way but I also think that he’s talking about hip-hop and how he’s made his mark on the scene without giving a fuck. It’s more common nowadays for people to talk about taking drugs as well as selling them and although I’m not giving full credit to Danny Brown for that, I see how he’s played his part. Danny Brown definitely represents a goal of mine, which is doing anything you want with the confidence to tell anyone who doesn’t agree to fuck off. I’m not sure if I can do the song the justice that it deserves from an explanation so give a listen and see what you think.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: When you’re feeling like nobody can tell you any bullshit!


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