Fans and ownership (before they got famous fans)…


I’ve been wondering about something, I want to know about feelings of ownership, if that’s the way that I should be putting it (I’m not really sure how to refer to it). These days whenever I see someone on the path to success and they’ve had some support from the beginning, the minute that they start to realise success, the people who supported from the beginning begin to change their view.

I’m not sure if I wrote that properly so let me use musicians as an example, a lot of music fans/listeners love artists when they have an underground buzz until they make that one song that brings them to attention of the wider public. From that point, some music listeners start to complain about the said act, how they’ve turned commercial and how their tunes are no longer good, what’s even weirder is that these guys will say things like ‘I listened to … before they got popular’ as if that’s really meant to mean something.

When I look at it, it’s almost as if some people feel betrayed by the person that they were supporting when they see major success maybe because that person is accessible to everyone else. Some even turn into haters and I really don’t get it, when you really think about it, didn’t the person set off in their career with the intention of being very successful maybe even legendary? For that it only makes sense that they’d need the support of everyone who pays attention from when they’re unknown as well as the people who pay attention when they have a bit of a name for themselves.

People who feel as if they own a successful person act like they’re stepping stones, when in reality they’re a huge part of the success. Really you’d think that people would be happy for others to see them reaching new heights rather than having attitude that implies that they’re bitter, especially when there’s little to no reason.

There are probably understandable reasons, such as the person is doing what they do for the money rather than the love or that the direction that they’ve gone in is different to when they started but that’s life. We need money to keep up a standard of living and what you think in a year will probably not be what you think today. There are more reasons and I’m genuinely interested in hearing them.

I refuse to believe that people love you until you’re doing well, it just seems like a nonsense concept especially given that we all need each other to succeed in life.

If you have a theory on this or could explain the attitude behind people who lose interest in someone once they’re successful then could you explain it in the comments? This is something that I’ve wanted to understand properly for a while.


5 thoughts on “Fans and ownership (before they got famous fans)…

  1. That feeling when musicians become famous and you not wanting to support them anymore is very weird. Sometimes an artist will become famous and their sound changes when they try to hook a larger audience. That is when I lose interest in a band, if the music is still good I will listen to it, but if they are doing things because everyone else is then I lose interest. I also think people need to keep up their persona’s, so if their favourite band goes mainstream they instinctively have to give them up.

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    1. Fair enough, I can see where you’re coming from. You’re point of view makes things a lot clearer for me. Would you say that it’s never really a true case of fans disliking an artist but rather the artist and the fans no longer have a connection?

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      1. Yes, sometimes. And other times it is just people really disliking an artist because they are liked by a lot of people, they are just being stubborn. I sometimes dislike an artist because when they start attaining fame the music changes to suit more people, but it is rare for me.

        An example would be YUI (my favourite artist) her last two albums as a solo artist started moving towards more mainstream and you could really tell, they didn’t have the same feel as her old albums. I still enjoyed them, but they were very different from her earliest ones.

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  2. Some people hate certain artist when they get successful becasue the artist becomes a “sellout” and doesn’t career as much for his music or his fanbase as much as he used to, essentially forgetting where he came from. Another reason is that the fan could be jealous.

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