Song of the week 16/5/15 – 22/5/16

I feel like I should post two songs of the week because I’m happy that Manchester United won the FA cup yesterday (for those of you who care). I won’t though since they owed it to all their fans for the disaster of a season all of us were forced to witness. Alright no more football talk, this week the song is, and has to be ‘Lions’ by Scamz featuring Mostack. I’ve been listening to this song for a while and although I liked it from when I first heard it, there were other songs that I was listening to that I liked more, it’s a good thing in a way because it gave the song a chance to grow on me even more.

Favourite line(s):

Scamz – “If you wanna diss man, you better be a sprinter”

Mostack – “Welcome to the concrete jungle, where you don’t wanna get wet when we’re thirsty”

Mostack – “I’d rather be rich not famous, rather have a whip not trainers, he don’t even know what his aim is, got kicks but no papers, here take the mic I can’t hear this oh whoa, whoa oh”

Usually I say what the song is about before my favourite line(s) but we can switch it up this week. There’s not really any deep meaning to this song, outside of the last lines, the first verse is Scamz talking about the things that he gets up to, practically the braggadocio rap that I love. The second verse is more or less the same but at the end Mostack highlights the difference between people like him other people which is really deep given that a lot of people in my generation love to put up a front for the internet.

You might not even care about what’s being said which is fine, but you can’t say anything bad about the instrumental that the song is done over if you ask me. I could listen to that instrumental for hours.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Whenever you’re in the mood to bump your head.


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