Song of the week 9/5/16 – 15/5/16

You know what day it is today? It’s Song of the week day and with that being said I’ve got another song for all of you reading to take in. The song I’ve chosen this week is ‘Wifey Riddim’ by AJ Tracey. In this song AJ Tracey talks about how many women that he has and it turns out that he’s got a lot of them (of course that will happen when you’re a light skinned rapper). This song is good but I’m a hater because he’s got so many women to choose from and I don’t.

Favourite line(s): “My new ting’s just a weed head, strong like Mia Cortinez”

There’s not much to say if I’m honest. When you’re getting a lot of women and you rap, why not get in the studio and tell tales of the amount of things that you’ve dealt with, Jay Z did it and it was a top 20 song in the US.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Haven’t got anything for this.


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