I haven’t got the answers… yet

Whenever I go through blog posts, it always amazes me just because of the amount of things I can come across that I never expected to. There are so many different viewpoints on subjects that I couldn’t even begin to think about but at the same time, I read some blog posts and it really seems that there are people in my position, having similar thoughts to me and it’s refreshing to know that I’m not the only person who feels like they might going through things (even though I kind of know that everyone does).

It lets me know that there’s a lot more to experience in this world. This is something that I should already know but for some reason there’s a really good feeling when you find that you don’t know as much as you think you do. I couldn’t imagine life being somebody who truly believes that he knows everything and refuses to accept correction. It slyly makes me a bit upset as well because I know that as knowledgeable as I’ll get in this lifetime, I’m not going know everything that there is to know which pretty much throws my wish of mastering the universe out of the window.

I know that life is a learning experience and it’s not really about how much you know but how you use what you know but even then I’m personally not sure if I do. I look at a lot of people who give things like ted talks, people who have pursued one goal and used it to build a life for themselves and a legacy that they can pass down to their children and it leaves wondering what I’m going to do. My last post, I said that people would know about the goals that I’m pursuing but even in writing that, there’s a part of me that worries about the future.

At my age, I’m not supposed to have the answers to every question I have and really I should be using what I learn from the blog posts that I read to help shape my view of the world. I want to say something cheesy like, I don’t have the answers and that’s okay but that’s not satisfying. If I’m honest, I’m not fully sure what I’m trying to say here, the fact that I don’t have the answers is definitely one of the points that I’m making here though.

The confusion in this posts shows a bit of the current confusion I have for life and why I want to learn more. A few months back I watched a documentary where the moral was to let life be, rather than forcing it, so until I find the answers to all of my questions I’ll probably do that. (Then maybe write a post about the answers).

I think this really shows that none of us have the answers.


2 thoughts on “I haven’t got the answers… yet

  1. Oh Jeffrey, believe me, no one has all the answers. I’ve been looking for them for 73 years, and though I have more answers than I did at 3 or 30 or 48 or 62, I still don’t have all of them. The difference is that the quest for all the answers no longer seems important. Do you think i’ve finally reached maturity?

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    1. That’s best thing that I’ve read in regards to having the answers, I definitely think you’ve reached maturity. It’s really easy to get caught in life and ask why at every situation but I guess at the end, we’re just winging it through life and we have to do our best. I’m really glad that you shared your thoughts 🙂


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