Song of the week 2/5/16 – 8/5/16

This week, I think I could only post one song and you know what? I’m angry with myself for not having discovered this song earlier. Anyway the song this week is ‘FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)’ by YG & Nipsey Hussle. This is an anti-trump song, describing why Donald Trump is (obviously) the wrong choice for the president of the USA, in all honesty that sentence probably wasn’t needed because the name of the song speaks for itself.

Favourite line(s):

YG & Nipsey Hussle – “Fuck Donald Trump!”

Nipsey Hussle – “Nigga am I tripping? Let me know, I thought all that Donald Trump bullshit was a joke”

Nipsey Hussle – “You build walls, we gon probably dig holes and if your ass still wins you gon probably get smoked nigga”

It’s not a secret in the slightest that there are a lot of racist people in America, something that I hope gets eliminated one day, I guess I could say that’s the case for a lot of places. Songs like this give me a bit of hope because people with a voice that are in a position to make a noticeable impact are doing so. I personally don’t expect Donald Trump to win the Presidential election (not that Hilary Clinton is a much better choice) but it’s still nice to see people standing against him, especially in a way that fuses the art form that they love with something that they truly believe.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Throughout the election period and some more after Donald Trump loses/a lot more after he wins.


5 thoughts on “Song of the week 2/5/16 – 8/5/16

    1. If I’m honest with you, I’m surprised that his campaign has managed to get this far. I guess he speaks for a lot of people who are scared to get backlash for their true thoughts.


  1. Trump is a buffoon, although Clinton is no better. Trump is disliked because he isn’t shy about spouting off his crazy views. Clinton on the other hand just lies to attract voters. Honest idiot versus sneaky liar – I worry for the US.

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