Song of the week 25/4/16 – 1/5/16

I very nearly forgot about posting a song today (sorry about that) and that could have been a problem. This week my song is a relaxing instrumental called ‘Please’ by Kali Mount. This is one of those songs that you have to listen to in order understand the feels that you’ll get from it. If you’re a fan of music like me then you’ll probably find that you’ve got this song on repeat.

Favourite line(s): …

Usually I write something after favourite line(s) so let me just give you a little more information. This is part of DEM LOT’s discography, DEM LOT are an upcoming group of creatives and music is just one of the avenues. There will definitely be more so if you’re interested then subscribe to DEM LOT or follow on social media.






Recommendation on how/when to listen: Anytime that you’re relaxed.

I don’t really do plugging on my blog, which is a testament to how worth it pay attention to these guys are!


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