Song of the week 23/5/16 – 29/5/16

Seriously, is it me or does it seem like Sunday comes quickly? I feel like the only blog posts that I write are song of the week ones, anyway with all of that being said I have another song for all of you this week. The song is ‘Shouldn’t of’ by Danny Brown and I’ll admit I’m not sure how much you will appreciate this one (then again, I’m not sure how much you appreciate any of the songs that I post). This song sounds so ignorant and I love ignorant sounding music, it’s hard to explain but you need days where you’re listening to this type of music because it will make you feel unobtainable levels of confidence.

Favourite Line(s):

“Drunk as fuck, high as shit, bitch suck my dick!”

“I’m all up in your liquor cabinet, drinking whatever up in the bitch”

“I’m in the house of hip-hop, with my motherfuckin’ feet on the table, ran the phone bill up on the phone sex line and I even ordered porn on the cable”

In this song Danny Brown goes to somebody’s house and delivers Rick James levels of violations to the house as some of my favourite lines will tell you. It could be taken that way but I also think that he’s talking about hip-hop and how he’s made his mark on the scene without giving a fuck. It’s more common nowadays for people to talk about taking drugs as well as selling them and although I’m not giving full credit to Danny Brown for that, I see how he’s played his part. Danny Brown definitely represents a goal of mine, which is doing anything you want with the confidence to tell anyone who doesn’t agree to fuck off. I’m not sure if I can do the song the justice that it deserves from an explanation so give a listen and see what you think.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: When you’re feeling like nobody can tell you any bullshit!


Fucked up shit on Twitter vol. Anniversary


It’s been exactly a year since I started Fucked up shit on Twitter. It was kind of topical at first (something that I’ve mentioned a few times) but then… You know what, I’m not sure myself what happened. Before I go off on a tangent and lose the plot, let me give you some weird shit to look at.

I’m not even sure where to start so here

If you know what this means then I don’t need to say anymore.

It’s just banter but still…

It’s only fair to leave you something funny after reading all of this weirdness so…

I’m gonna admit, that lately I’ve some really weird shit on Twitter. I think it’s too weird for me to handle, so the wait for the next volume of Fucked up shit on Twitter could be a long one, until the normalness returns. With that being said, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Fans and ownership (before they got famous fans)…


I’ve been wondering about something, I want to know about feelings of ownership, if that’s the way that I should be putting it (I’m not really sure how to refer to it). These days whenever I see someone on the path to success and they’ve had some support from the beginning, the minute that they start to realise success, the people who supported from the beginning begin to change their view.

I’m not sure if I wrote that properly so let me use musicians as an example, a lot of music fans/listeners love artists when they have an underground buzz until they make that one song that brings them to attention of the wider public. From that point, some music listeners start to complain about the said act, how they’ve turned commercial and how their tunes are no longer good, what’s even weirder is that these guys will say things like ‘I listened to … before they got popular’ as if that’s really meant to mean something.

When I look at it, it’s almost as if some people feel betrayed by the person that they were supporting when they see major success maybe because that person is accessible to everyone else. Some even turn into haters and I really don’t get it, when you really think about it, didn’t the person set off in their career with the intention of being very successful maybe even legendary? For that it only makes sense that they’d need the support of everyone who pays attention from when they’re unknown as well as the people who pay attention when they have a bit of a name for themselves.

People who feel as if they own a successful person act like they’re stepping stones, when in reality they’re a huge part of the success. Really you’d think that people would be happy for others to see them reaching new heights rather than having attitude that implies that they’re bitter, especially when there’s little to no reason.

There are probably understandable reasons, such as the person is doing what they do for the money rather than the love or that the direction that they’ve gone in is different to when they started but that’s life. We need money to keep up a standard of living and what you think in a year will probably not be what you think today. There are more reasons and I’m genuinely interested in hearing them.

I refuse to believe that people love you until you’re doing well, it just seems like a nonsense concept especially given that we all need each other to succeed in life.

If you have a theory on this or could explain the attitude behind people who lose interest in someone once they’re successful then could you explain it in the comments? This is something that I’ve wanted to understand properly for a while.

Song of the week 16/5/15 – 22/5/16

I feel like I should post two songs of the week because I’m happy that Manchester United won the FA cup yesterday (for those of you who care). I won’t though since they owed it to all their fans for the disaster of a season all of us were forced to witness. Alright no more football talk, this week the song is, and has to be ‘Lions’ by Scamz featuring Mostack. I’ve been listening to this song for a while and although I liked it from when I first heard it, there were other songs that I was listening to that I liked more, it’s a good thing in a way because it gave the song a chance to grow on me even more.

Favourite line(s):

Scamz – “If you wanna diss man, you better be a sprinter”

Mostack – “Welcome to the concrete jungle, where you don’t wanna get wet when we’re thirsty”

Mostack – “I’d rather be rich not famous, rather have a whip not trainers, he don’t even know what his aim is, got kicks but no papers, here take the mic I can’t hear this oh whoa, whoa oh”

Usually I say what the song is about before my favourite line(s) but we can switch it up this week. There’s not really any deep meaning to this song, outside of the last lines, the first verse is Scamz talking about the things that he gets up to, practically the braggadocio rap that I love. The second verse is more or less the same but at the end Mostack highlights the difference between people like him other people which is really deep given that a lot of people in my generation love to put up a front for the internet.

You might not even care about what’s being said which is fine, but you can’t say anything bad about the instrumental that the song is done over if you ask me. I could listen to that instrumental for hours.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Whenever you’re in the mood to bump your head.

Song of the week 9/5/16 – 15/5/16

You know what day it is today? It’s Song of the week day and with that being said I’ve got another song for all of you reading to take in. The song I’ve chosen this week is ‘Wifey Riddim’ by AJ Tracey. In this song AJ Tracey talks about how many women that he has and it turns out that he’s got a lot of them (of course that will happen when you’re a light skinned rapper). This song is good but I’m a hater because he’s got so many women to choose from and I don’t.

Favourite line(s): “My new ting’s just a weed head, strong like Mia Cortinez”

There’s not much to say if I’m honest. When you’re getting a lot of women and you rap, why not get in the studio and tell tales of the amount of things that you’ve dealt with, Jay Z did it and it was a top 20 song in the US.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Haven’t got anything for this.

I haven’t got the answers… yet

Whenever I go through blog posts, it always amazes me just because of the amount of things I can come across that I never expected to. There are so many different viewpoints on subjects that I couldn’t even begin to think about but at the same time, I read some blog posts and it really seems that there are people in my position, having similar thoughts to me and it’s refreshing to know that I’m not the only person who feels like they might going through things (even though I kind of know that everyone does).

It lets me know that there’s a lot more to experience in this world. This is something that I should already know but for some reason there’s a really good feeling when you find that you don’t know as much as you think you do. I couldn’t imagine life being somebody who truly believes that he knows everything and refuses to accept correction. It slyly makes me a bit upset as well because I know that as knowledgeable as I’ll get in this lifetime, I’m not going know everything that there is to know which pretty much throws my wish of mastering the universe out of the window.

I know that life is a learning experience and it’s not really about how much you know but how you use what you know but even then I’m personally not sure if I do. I look at a lot of people who give things like ted talks, people who have pursued one goal and used it to build a life for themselves and a legacy that they can pass down to their children and it leaves wondering what I’m going to do. My last post, I said that people would know about the goals that I’m pursuing but even in writing that, there’s a part of me that worries about the future.

At my age, I’m not supposed to have the answers to every question I have and really I should be using what I learn from the blog posts that I read to help shape my view of the world. I want to say something cheesy like, I don’t have the answers and that’s okay but that’s not satisfying. If I’m honest, I’m not fully sure what I’m trying to say here, the fact that I don’t have the answers is definitely one of the points that I’m making here though.

The confusion in this posts shows a bit of the current confusion I have for life and why I want to learn more. A few months back I watched a documentary where the moral was to let life be, rather than forcing it, so until I find the answers to all of my questions I’ll probably do that. (Then maybe write a post about the answers).

I think this really shows that none of us have the answers.

I’ve had enough…

Me to everything bothering me right now

You know what? I sit down in my room as well as any other place that I can get to myself and I start thinking about life, not the deep mysteries of life like who created us (that’s a blog post for another time) but how we as humans are. The way that we’re so willing to be our own worst enemies when there are already people out there looking to bring us down. The way that we’re constantly paying attention to and looking for the negative in a situation when we have no reason to. I’m always wondering why we possess negative traits and why they have so much influence over who we are and how others see it.

Personally I’ve had enough of all of that. I can’t say that I’m someone who doesn’t suffer from these things. In fact I suffer from these things massively and it gets to me so much which is a huge factor in why I’ve had enough. I think things like insecurities, worry, fears and other bad things are always going to be with us because it’s part of what makes us human but we do have a choice in how much it affects us. Every day I feel like I understand it more and more but at the same time, I know that I’m not mastering it.

I’ll give you an example, I sometimes wake up with nothing running through my mind and immediately a wave of negative thoughts, regrets and words from shit people hit me. The thing is that they hit my mind furiously and it literally stops me from moving forward with my day. I’ll spend hours with a solemn look on my face telling myself how things should be, rather than accepting things for how they are despite knowing that this shouldn’t be a part of my thought process.

Usually, I feel like thinking about these thoughts and even sometimes referring to them in my blog posts or social media will help clear my mind of them but it’s only a temporary cure. I personally hate these feelings and now I feel like I need to force a change in order to see a change so here goes.

I’ve had enough of feeling sorry for myself because it’s an easy option, I’ve had enough of being truly bothered by shit words from shit people, I’ve had enough of not doing enough to justify having the goals I have, I’ve had enough of focusing on negative aspects of my life, I’ve had enough of defining myself (and shit people defining me) by what I have and haven’t done rather than by who I am, I’ve had enough of not stepping forward. Generally I’ve had enough of too much self inflicted bullshit as a result of a lack of belief, or bullshit that’s come from another source.

If all things were right then humans wouldn’t have negative traits but all things aren’t right and in all honesty, there should never be time to hold negative feelings because, we always come across new things and holding onto that stuff doesn’t allow the newer things to have the right impact.

I’ve seen stories where so many people overcome issues because they knew that the things that bothered them weren’t important and didn’t have a place in their lives and you know what I want to be next. Within the next FIVE years, I’m going to be exactly where I want to be with all of my goals, one of those goals being that you’ll be able to google my name, get a Wikipedia style description of me (not written by me) and see every project that I’ve done up until that point! I’m making that declaration now and if you want, you can hold me to that as well.

I think this post has been more selfish then the things I usually write, but I really wanted to get this out. Thanks for reading 🙂

Song of the week 2/5/16 – 8/5/16

This week, I think I could only post one song and you know what? I’m angry with myself for not having discovered this song earlier. Anyway the song this week is ‘FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)’ by YG & Nipsey Hussle. This is an anti-trump song, describing why Donald Trump is (obviously) the wrong choice for the president of the USA, in all honesty that sentence probably wasn’t needed because the name of the song speaks for itself.

Favourite line(s):

YG & Nipsey Hussle – “Fuck Donald Trump!”

Nipsey Hussle – “Nigga am I tripping? Let me know, I thought all that Donald Trump bullshit was a joke”

Nipsey Hussle – “You build walls, we gon probably dig holes and if your ass still wins you gon probably get smoked nigga”

It’s not a secret in the slightest that there are a lot of racist people in America, something that I hope gets eliminated one day, I guess I could say that’s the case for a lot of places. Songs like this give me a bit of hope because people with a voice that are in a position to make a noticeable impact are doing so. I personally don’t expect Donald Trump to win the Presidential election (not that Hilary Clinton is a much better choice) but it’s still nice to see people standing against him, especially in a way that fuses the art form that they love with something that they truly believe.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Throughout the election period and some more after Donald Trump loses/a lot more after he wins.

Song of the week 25/4/16 – 1/5/16

I very nearly forgot about posting a song today (sorry about that) and that could have been a problem. This week my song is a relaxing instrumental called ‘Please’ by Kali Mount. This is one of those songs that you have to listen to in order understand the feels that you’ll get from it. If you’re a fan of music like me then you’ll probably find that you’ve got this song on repeat.

Favourite line(s): …

Usually I write something after favourite line(s) so let me just give you a little more information. This is part of DEM LOT’s discography, DEM LOT are an upcoming group of creatives and music is just one of the avenues. There will definitely be more so if you’re interested then subscribe to DEM LOT or follow on social media.






Recommendation on how/when to listen: Anytime that you’re relaxed.

I don’t really do plugging on my blog, which is a testament to how worth it pay attention to these guys are!